Aug 08, 2022
A Job From Hell
Posted by Jayde Scott

[PDF] A Job From Hell | by ✓ Jayde Scott, A Job From Hell, Jayde Scott, A Job From Hell The moment Amber starts her summer job in Scotland and sets eyes upon Aidan her fate is sealed Summoned by an ancient bond she can never love another Lost in the woods one night Amber enters Aidan s deadly world when she unknowingly participates in a paranormal race and promptly wins the first prizea prize worth killing for In a world of forbidden love ancient enemThe moment Amb [PDF] A Job From Hell | by ✓ Jayde Scott - A Job From Hell, A Job From Hell The moment Amber starts her summer job in Scotland and sets eyes upon Aidan her fate is sealed Summoned by an ancient bond she can never love another Lost in the woods one night Amber enters Aidan s

  • Title: A Job From Hell
  • Author: Jayde Scott
  • ISBN: 9781458183729
  • Page: 447
  • Format: ebook
[PDF] A Job From Hell | by ✓ Jayde Scott, A Job From Hell, Jayde Scott, A Job From Hell The moment Amber starts her summer job in Scotland and sets eyes upon Aidan her fate is sealed Summoned by an ancient bond she can never love another Lost in the woods one night Amber enters Aidan s deadly world when she unknowingly participates in a paranormal race and promptly wins the first prizea prize worth killing for In a world of forbidden love ancient enemThe moment Amb

[PDF] A Job From Hell | by ✓ Jayde Scott - A Job From Hell, A Job From Hell The moment Amber starts her summer job in Scotland and sets eyes upon Aidan her fate is sealed Summoned by an ancient bond she can never love another Lost in the woods one night Amber enters Aidan s


Omg, no I m not sure why I even bothered to start this, except for it was.99 and has like 8,000 five star reviews I can understand the.99 part, but the five star reviews Nope Must be from all those folks who love the Casts House of Night series Amber and Dallas are the absolute stupidest characters I ve come across in a very long while, and the whole set up is just badly done It reads very much like a first draft to me, like Scott was just sort of coming up with things as she went along and then [...]


Having just completed an epic fantasy series I have spent the past 3 hours trolling to find a new series to sink my teeth into That s right 3 hours of going though the lists, reading the reviews and deciding if I felt like sticking with the historical magical fantasy adventures or dipping back into the vampire genre of which there is a disgustingly high amount of seriously crappy reads that upset my inner hippy when I think about all the poor trees who gave their lives in the process There were [...]

Jess ❈Harbinger of Blood-Soaked Rainbows❈

Read a book written by an author who shares your initials.After a little bit of thinking and pondering, I actually decided to give this book 3 stars instead of 2 Which rarely happens But it just did.So basic plot in a nutshell, Amber comes to remote Scotland to be the maid of enigmatic and wealthy Aidan McCallister Though cooking and cleaning is not Amber s forte, she was selected from some pretty stiff competition, and she really needs money for college, so instead of having fun in London, she [...]

Miss Reviewer

Head over to yabookscentral for of my reviews.I was torn between 4 and 5 stars Everyone who knows me knows I don t give 5 stars easily In the end, I decided it deserved five stars rather than four because it truly stands out from the crowd and was one of the most entertaining, action packed and funny books I ve read in a long time I m not going to sum up the plot because others have done it before me Here s what I liked and what I didn t like so much.To begin with, the punctuation is British En [...]

Dani G

I read this book in less than 2 days after I stumbled across the free sample chapters I highly recommend it to everyone Once you start reading laughing, you will love it as much as me The book was full of twists turns I didn t expect and kept me hooked from the first pages I thought Twilight was good, but this book nearly threw me For one, all the characters were so diverse and likeable There is Amber, a normal teenage girl with wit and humor, her overconfident brother Dallas, who gets her to st [...]

Mercy Dragonslayer

This is one of those books one of the LEADING of those books where I just really can t say what I hated the most Was it the moronic Amber who can t make up her mind about anything and whines like a neglected teakettle stuck in a time loop Was it the dumb, dumb, DUMB Aidan who, throughout the entire book, is sticking his face in beehives, tripping over his own feet, or serenading a girl he shared all of three words with Was it the cardboard secondary characters, who sit around and twiddle their t [...]

ShannonD Duprey

Absolutely INCREDIBLE I mean WOW This book was amazing I m lost for words I wish I could write this review in red or gold because that s how much I loved it Seriously, when I started I didn t expect much Now I have an addiction It s called I lost my heart to A job from hell This book has hit home with me.To start When I got the book, I wanted to save it for a quiet weekend as I was supposed to learn for my exam, but lazy me, I had to start rather than learn and couldn t put it down after I gave [...]


When I saw this book I instantly wanted to read it, I love all of J Scott s work because she fills each book with lots of plot and action, I m a big fan and I think this book is great It s funny, and if you can t laugh at it then maybe you re a little too uptight It was made to be funny and I think any paranormal fan would like it.

Jayde Scott

I m the author so, naturally, I m biased After a year of writing and editing 94,000 words, this is my baby Never felt about any other book this way before.


A word of warning before you read this book, this book is difficult to put down Just thought I should warn all potential readers and trust me you DO want to read this book.A job from Hell by Jayde Scott is an astounding book, it s not very often that a book grabs me from the first page and holds my attention till the very end but Jayde Scott did absolutely that The characters are well written, I especially like Amber s sarcastic personality, it made for some very enjoyable reading.Seventeen year [...]


Every now and then comes a book I wish it would never end This was one of them It was very funny, I ve no idea how many times I actually laughed, but it was a lot.Seventeen year old Amber s forced to take a work placement in Scotland as a housekeeper during the summer holidays before she starts college She needs the money and the job pays well.The house is eerie, dead Its inhabitants, sexy Aidan, his brother Kieran and beautiful Clare, are hardly ever there, always arriving at night, if ever Amb [...]


My thoughts The cover was definitly an eye catcher That s what lead me to A Job From Hell in the first place it was b c of the title too And when I read the summary I made up my mind Read it is Once I was through half the book I realized this wasn t what I expected in a good way The most lovable thing is what else the relationship Amber and Aidan are great together You have all the conflicts and humor Bonus Also the wonderful characters Cass and Kieran always getting on top of each other is enjo [...]

D.M. Dutcher

MY GOD, STOP WITH THE FRICKIN BANTERING deep breath Okay, with that out of the way, this is a book with some nice ideas that rubbed me entirely the wrong way Amber has just been dumped off at a castle in Scotland to work as a housekeeper It s clear she is out of her league, but that s okay because they are there to steal some diamonds from a hut I m not sure how Amber s brother even found that they were there, but okay Unfortunately those diamonds are part of a puzzle that confers the ability to [...]

Tee loves Kyle Jacobson

Warning This book is CONTAGIOUS This is the best supernatural book I have read OMG it kept me on the edge of my seat.My Rating 5 of 5 My Cover Thoughts I love the cover because it shows a girl dressed in a white dress running from the woods towards a house.My Thoughts Review okay, okay so where to start OMG I got this as a book recommendation and thought hey this sounds like an awesome read This is the BEST read I have had in a long time I was so entranced in this book I could not put it down.It [...]


This is a must Summer read A Job from Hell was a real page turner I could not put down If you re new to Jayde Scott, then hang on for a heart pounding author who knows how to get the blood pumping Jayde Scott has done a phenomenal job by taking us into the daily life of an intelligent woman stricken with a gift that she doesn t want to have but makes her the target of people who have real supernatural powers and want what she has I had so many questions with this book Can Amber trust Aidan since [...]


Gah.There are so many things that annoy me about this book So I m not going to go into it too much, otherwise it ll just turn into a rant.It has all the cliches of a paranormal romance, and all the characters are quite flat The lead Amber is supposed to be all strong willed and adjusts to the idea of vampires demons etc very quickly, yet gets talked into stealing some jewels in about 30 seconds flat She can t make up her mind about Aiden gorgeous vampire cliche check and seems to go from absolut [...]


OK so here goes.I never write reviews for books as I think books are like art, creatively written with everyone having their own interpretations so there is not really a best and worst out there Right I happened to find this book while searching for a good book to read and for 99 cent I don t think I had anything to lose But Wow A job from hell is amazing I am complete awestruck Everything fits perfectly The whole book was intense, loved especially page 308 till 398 when Amber descended into dar [...]


A job from hell blew my mind Non stop action from start to finish Lots of twists and an end I didn t expect Loved all of the characters especially Amber and Cass This book is the first series since Twilight and the Vampire Diaries that I really like and that says a lot There are many fiction books that show a weak protagonist, but this was the opposite Amber shows courage in the face of a deadly situation She doesn t allow her strong feelings to intervene or cloud her mind It s very well written [...]


I was sad to put this book down It was that kind of book that wormed its way into my heart and when I was finished I just felt like I have lost some special friend It tells the story of Amber who meets a vampire, both of which are kinda star crossed lovers that want to be together but due to various circumstances they can t And Amber sacrifices, giving up what is important to her And this way risks a lot This book is funny but it is also sad and thought provoking That she was dumped by her boyfr [...]


A job from Hell is a breathtaking story where there are no coincidences, only destiny All in all I can say that I have read A job from hell in threes sittings with over 400p it s not a short read and the chapters often end as cliffhanger prompting you to read There were plenty of pages where I had to laugh and got back to work with a huge smile on my face Her description of Amber, and her work situation is just a must read to get a good laugh during your breaks And if humor isn t enough for you [...]


I loved it It s one of my favourite books of all times because it s funny, has a great, original plot and lots of hot guys The writing s beautiful with lots of depth, witty dialogue and picturesque description It reminded me a bit of Sophie Kinsella s style but with action, better dialogue and lots of paranormal elements The romance part was sizzling hot And Lucifer s daughter Cassandra and Aidan s brother Kieran had me rolling on the floor with laughter.The paranormal elements were very invent [...]

Natalie (Never trust a duck)

No, just noH, why did I read this Moments of my life I will never get back No I don t want to read the sequels and no this book shouldn t have been published.No imagination went into this book It was like, hmmm what are people into these days The supernatural world I KNOW I ll write a completely generic book with a really annoying main character and a vampire who loves her Sound like something you know I ll give you a hint Edward and Bella Now I ve never read Twilight, but I know what it s abou [...]

Julie C

Amazing Amazing It s my all time favourite The writing is so captivating and every chapter left me clinging for It s the humour that I love The twists that took me by surprise The plot line that is just perfect The ending I didn t see coming Some complain that it is too fast paced For a book with almost 450 pages, I think this is the best part ok, so it is filled with lots of action but I don t think one can complain You feel like you take a world travel by reading it and Jayde scott could have [...]

Rachel S

Holy hell I was captured on the first page I don t do spoilers in my reviews and, in fact, I don t generally do lengthy reviews either Amber s humor and her way of dealing with a boring housekeeping job immediately pulled me in I was there with her, readily willing to fight alongside the heroine Her character is just refreshing Forget typical love romances where the heroine gets all wobbly and weak Forget long drawn out plots or uninteresting characters.A job from hell was a mystery Every time I [...]

Book Vixens Reviews

Got this for a Euro not expecting much and was really surprised how much I liked it It was a bit slow to begin with all the characters being introduced but once I got past chapter 4 I couldn t put it down There s something happening in every chapter I really liked how the Shadow world was created and the novelty of the characters with the vampires being able to teleport to places and the hint at all the things the Shadows do like shamanism and voodoo rituals I felt a bit sorry for the Shadow gir [...]

Vanessa Gerald

There is one thing I have to say about the ancient legends series you can t trust any of the characters There are so many twists in the books that it s best to read all of them in order and keep an open mind Really, don t judge too early Don t rate this book until you have read at least the second one too.A job from hell is sort of the beginning the prelude The REAL action starts with the next book and WOW it really picks up You really get sucked in.You think Kieran is hot Wait till you meet Thr [...]

Jaime Lester

A Job From Hell is a quick, fun read I really enjoyed all of the different immortals thrown into the book The story is told from two seperate POVs Amber, the first POV, is half good and half bad for me Not my favorite but definitely not the worst She has a tendancy toward bitching and whining and groaning and complaining that drives me up the wall, but she is also flippin funny and sarcastic and I love love that about her The other POV is Aidan, Ambers bond mate I don t really know yet how I fee [...]


I was really enthralled by this story and enjoyed it immensely So would I recommend it yes Would I reread it Yes, double yes The plot is fantastic, the writing beautiful, the characters very likable I loved Cassandra than Amber, but still i would not take stars off for that because i realize that that no two people are the same and what I find irresistible in one character, might not be someone s cup of tea However I laughed a lot and I loved this series, and I will sure buy all other books too [...]

Karina Halle

2.5 StarsOverall I wanted the book to go a certain way, it went another way, but it was still an entertaining infuriating ride at times.I heard about this book about a year ago and it had always been on my mind The cover was gorgeous, it was a fellow indie book and the description sounded awesome Oooh, snarky girl takes a job as a housekeeper in the Scottish Highlands and falls in love with her mysterious boss To me, this sounded like a wicked take on my fav book Jane Eyre and I was dying to see [...]


A Job From Hell is a fast paced, intriguing, paranormal thriller complete with richly developed conflict, a fantastic plot, romance, mystery, humor, and amazing characters, loaded with exciting twists and turns at every angle This author drew me into a completely different world of legend and myth, and I was completely fascinated and totally connected to every character, but especially Amber, a very likable, independent, and down to earth heroine She never thought taking a summer temp position a [...]

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