Jan 28, 2022
Accomplished In Murder
Posted by Dara England

Accomplished In Murder Best Read || [Dara England], Accomplished In Murder, Dara England, Accomplished In Murder Murder was never so refined When her holiday on the coast of Cornwall takes a deadly turn it is up to Drucilla Winterbourne to uncover the dangerous secrets the inhabitants of Blackridge House will do anything to conceal But can a proper young lady from London society comprehend the dark motives of a killer Accomplished In Murder is part of a series of historical mysteMurde Accomplished In Murder Best Read || [Dara England] - Accomplished In Murder, Accomplished In Murder Murder was never so refined When her holiday on the coast of Cornwall takes a deadly turn it is up to Drucilla Winterbourne to uncover the dangerous secrets the inhabitants of Blackridge House will d

  • Title: Accomplished In Murder
  • Author: Dara England
  • ISBN: 2940012675736
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Nook
Accomplished In Murder Best Read || [Dara England], Accomplished In Murder, Dara England, Accomplished In Murder Murder was never so refined When her holiday on the coast of Cornwall takes a deadly turn it is up to Drucilla Winterbourne to uncover the dangerous secrets the inhabitants of Blackridge House will do anything to conceal But can a proper young lady from London society comprehend the dark motives of a killer Accomplished In Murder is part of a series of historical mysteMurde

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Accomplished In Murder Best Read || [Dara England] - Accomplished In Murder, Accomplished In Murder Murder was never so refined When her holiday on the coast of Cornwall takes a deadly turn it is up to Drucilla Winterbourne to uncover the dangerous secrets the inhabitants of Blackridge House will d


The following quote seems fitting when considering how I d review this story It was delivered by the villain to the amateur sleuth You can be so clever at times and on other occasions so terribly unimaginative This is an understatement Cleverness would imply the sleuth hunted up clues but this is not really the case she overhears a significant conversation by chance, lucks into finding another clue which isn t shared with the reader and then the killer reveals himself to her while she still has [...]


I had some issues with this one The writing, in terms of putting words together to form coherent sentences, was fine except for the fact that the victim s household boasts a hoard of servants the setting was adequate the storytelling was okay except for the fact that, as far as I can remember, heroine Drucilla showed up at her friend s door and whoever opened it to her expected her to know the friend had been murdered Although The death occurred only this morning, during the early hours Which me [...]


When Drusilla Winterbourne expects foul play when she arrives in Cornwall and finds her friend dead she will do anything to unmask the perpetrator With the writing perception of a gothic novel the writer is able to transport the heroine to set the scene There were no surprising twists and turns but the writing style was done really well.Note Won as part of the accomplished mysteries from the LibraryThing Member giveaways.


It s not a bad book It s entertaining enough, even though the mystery is somewhat obvious.


When Drucilla receives a letter from her newly wed friend, Celeste, she is immediately concerned Celeste asks for Drucilla to come and visit her and the whole tone of the letter has Celeste sounding frightened and worried Drucilla talks her elderly aunt into chaperoning her voyage and two of them start on a long journey to Cornwall.Upon arriving at Celeste s imposing new home, things are stranger and serious than she had imagined.This was a very entertaining mystery novelette I can honestly say [...]


Drucilla Winterbourne receives a somewhat worrying missive from her recently married friend, Celeste Drucilla decides to make an unannounced visit so, with her elderly aunt in tow as chaperone, she heads to Cornwall However, when they arrive, they discover that Celeste has died Although the not so grieving widower claims it was an accident, Drucilla suspects foul play and sets out to unmask the culprit who killed her friend.Accomplished in murder has all the trappings of a gothic novel a creepy [...]

Kagama-the Literaturevixen

Drucillas has not met her friend whatshername since Before whatshernames wedding when a letter arrives asking her to come.Sensing there is something than her companionship she requires Drucilla takes her aunt and heads to the countryside.On arrival she learn that has fallen to her death just hours Before.Can she solve who did it My recap of this is a unengaging as the short story itself.The mystery in this was very weak I am not sure how much skill in detection was needed for this one,as I swea [...]


I found this book to be over before I really got to sink my teeth in It felt rushed and too quick to unmask the murderer Honestly it didn t need to be so short, there was enough potential here to have had at least another 100 pages or so of material The author never took the time to explore any of the other suspects and so it made it too simple I understand that its a novella but a story such as this deserved to be a full fledged novel.


Short and exciting, not surprising however, at all, if you re looking for a who done it to keep you guessing this isn t it But I liked Drusilla a lot, and it was quite enjoyable.

Judy Tolley

This was a very disappointing book It was like a novella and read as if half the book was missing There was no way to know anything about the characters and no building up of the story.

Anila Hoxha

To tell the truth, the book was not that bad The beginning was intriguing and mysterious I wish we were not given a clue on who the killer was, because I found out at the third chapter when all the characters were introduced Drucilla visits the house of her childhood friend only to find out that she was dead She accidentally overhears a suspicious conversation between her childhood friend s husband and his father, and she believes that her friend has been killed I wished she did investigating, [...]

Mary Cokenour

I have always loved reading gothic mysteries, especially ones based in English countrysides this novel gave me what I enjoy for the most part My one complaint is that it went too quickly and I feel there should have been of a mystery drawn out, especially when a ghost was suspected of being the murderer Drucilla s friend, Celeste, goes into a whirlwind romance, marriage and death the family claims accidental, but Drucilla is not so sure, especially after overhearing a conversation between Absal [...]


This is a novelette and the first in the Accomplished Mysteries series At 55 pages this is a short but interesting little murder mystery Drucilla Winterbourne travels to Cornwall to visit her recently married friend at Blackridge House When she arrives she is told that her friend has just died She spends the next few days unraveling the mystery of her death Because of the length there s not much room for character development, but nevertheless, I liked Drucilla She s got spunk and an inquisitive [...]

Cynthia Trouteaud

Short and Sweetwell maybe not sweet but good.

J.R. Tomlin

Accomplished in Murder is a charming and well written historical mystery set in Victorian England It begins with the recently wed Celeste writing to her friend Druscilla Winterbourne to say that only if Druscilla joins her in Cornwall will Celeste feel safe However, when Druscilla arrives, her dear friend has died under mysterious circumstances Druscilla is determined, of course, to unravel the mystery I was very taken with Ms England s writing It had the right period feel without frills and flo [...]


Accomplished in MurderMystery lurks at the Cornwall estate of Blackridge House, where a young bride has found fear and torment in place of the romance she once believed in When her body is found at the foot of the cliffs, shortly after she wrote a letter summoning her best friend from London with hints of her unnamed fear, her death is attributed to accident But was it When Drucilla, the recipient of her hasty letter, arrives and learns of her death, she isn t convinced What caused the unspoken [...]


After receiving disquieting letters from her newly married friend Celeste, Drucilla Winterbourne decides to visit her in Cornwall at Blackridge House On arriving she is told some devastating news.I felt that the mystery could have been expanded, including the section with Celeste, as there wasn t really any sleuthing on the part of Drucilla.


I have mixed feelings about this little historical mystery novella I didn t dislike it, but it didn t grab me either, so I m sticking to a firm It was OK I don t want my time back, but I don t know if I would read in this series What I liked I thought Drucilla had potential, even though due to the length of the book we don t really get to know too much about her I liked her enough that I wanted to know .I loved the idea of it Victorian heroines solving mysteries Very fun It was technically well [...]

Thom Swennes

From the preamble s opening words, the reader is introduced to a scene of desolation, anguish, and despair and is instantly drawn into its gloomy and murky midst Lady Celeste Litchfield is suffering from a depression and angst from some unknown source and has the distinct feeling that she is being watched from somewhere in the shadows, invisible to the eye but all too present on the nerves As a possible release from this quagmire of dark and dangerous tension, she sends a missive to her oldest f [...]


Bah I m supremely pleased I didn t actually pay for this bit of fluff as well as the fact it only took a very small amount of my time This started out very promising and the writing itself is rather good A young wife newly wed, a hint of darkness in the marriage, and a friend off to the rescue One of my favorite genres is gothic romance and add in that it was a short story, I was quite happy to settle down in the sun with a few stolen moments in an extremely busy day One does not expect a lot wi [...]


A charming Victorian lady sleuth Drucilla Winterbourne love that name knows something is off with her newly married friend Celeste Her friend s letters have become increasingly strange and Drucilla is determined to travel to Cornwall to the little village of Morcastle to find out what s going on She has to drag her crazy old cat obsessed auntie with her as a companion but she makes the trip only to find out that her friend has been murdered.I love the lush descriptions of the setting which gave [...]

Karen Fowler

Accomplished in Murder, is the first in a series of historical mysteries featuring heroines of the Victorian era To be clear, this is a novella, not a full length novel, though the story does not seem rushed or lacking in any way for it Drucilla is troubled by a letter she receives from her friend Celeste Celeste has married and moved to a remote area of Cornwall, and she asks Drucilla to come for a visit But when Drucilla arrives, to her dismay she discovers that Celeste has died under mysterio [...]


Drucilla Winterbourne is summoned to Blackridge House by the lady of the manor and Drucilla s friend, Celeste Celeste is worried and conveys her feelings in a letter to Drucilla Drucilla then offers to come stay with her for awhile However, by the time Drucilla gets to the door at Blackridge House, she learns that Celeste is dead Drucilla then decides to stay and figure out what was bothering Celeste before her untimely deathAccomplished in Murder has all of the makings of a smart historical fic [...]


Two stars because I finished it The premise is good, the execution is not We go from mystery to solved and just kind of skip the whole process of solving Our Heroine stumbles across one clue, stumbles across another, then without seeing any reasoning OR EVEN WHAT THE SECOND CLUE REALLY WAS, it s accusations over the dinner table time And she gets confirmation basically through ZE EVIL VOICE which comes from a brilliant sketch from That Mitchell Webb Look Basically she has no reason to think what [...]


Drucilla Winterbourne is a real Victorian lady, but also is a pretty good detective When she received a strange letter from a friend, she sets out to visit her as soon as she can However, despite her haste, she does not make it there before her friend is found dead This is one strong lady, who sets out to find out who murdered her friend and why During the time in which this book is set, showing such strength and intelligence can lead to some difficult situations, and Drucilla encounters them an [...]


An incomplete workThis had an interesting setting with good characters but the mystery set up and execution were terrible After the big secret is learned, there s no investigation or gathering of clues The scene just shifts to the main girl accusing the widower of bigamy and of killing her friend The author doesn t show a thought process or anything it s just Oh, that lady is your real wife, a servant I spoke to said she came home with you The reader is never shown that conversation or what made [...]

Alethea White-Previs

This novella was much shorter than I had expected The plot was extremely straightforward Victorian London heiress marries a gentleman unknown to her friends and family she moves with him to his ancestral home, Blackridge House Drusilla, the bride s friend, gets a letter from her sounding depressed and a bit taken aback by her new life Drusilla decides on an impulse to travel to the coast to visit her Drusilla and her aunt arrive literally hours after the friend has been found dead at the side of [...]

Cheryl Landmark

I love Gothic mysteries involving spooky mansions, suspense, deadly family secrets and intriguing characters This one had most of those elements, except perhaps for the suspense part The mystery was somewhat predictable, as was the villain And, because this was such a short novel, everything felt a little rushed, especially the ending Character development also suffered a bit from the brief length of the story.For the most part, the writing was good but there was a glaring issue that was missed [...]

Rebecca Graf

This is a quick read that had me curious to the end The setting was perfect The characters were unique It just went too fast I was at the end of the story before I was ready for it But I did enjoy it I read it in one sitting If you like gothic mysteries, give this one a try You might find you want which the author does have for us.It s the story of a woman who gets a strange feeling from the letter of a dear friend Venturing out on a journey to see her friend, she only arrives to find that she [...]


2.75 Yes it is, actually Knowing everyone s little secrets is a means of gaining leverage over them and I never pass up an opportunity for that While I was slightly disappointed with how quickly this novella moved from solving to solved I still was able to enjoy it and really liked Drucilla s character I think I would have even been able to like Celeste s character had we gotten to know her I did figure out who the killer was fairly early on in the book which was rather disappointing I kind of [...]

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