Dec 09, 2022
The Fallen Star
Posted by Jessica Sorensen

✓ The Fallen Star ↠ Jessica Sorensen, The Fallen Star, Jessica Sorensen, The Fallen Star For eighteen year old Gemma life has never been normal Up until recently she has been incapable of feeling emotion And when she s around Alex the gorgeous new guy at school she can feel electricity that makes her skin buzz Not to mention the monsters that haunt her nightmares have crossed over into real life But with Alex seeming to hate her and secrets popping upFor eighteen y ✓ The Fallen Star ↠ Jessica Sorensen - The Fallen Star, The Fallen Star For eighteen year old Gemma life has never been normal Up until recently she has been incapable of feeling emotion And when she s around Alex the gorgeous new guy at school she can feel electricit

  • Title: The Fallen Star
  • Author: Jessica Sorensen
  • ISBN: 9781461052142
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
✓ The Fallen Star ↠ Jessica Sorensen, The Fallen Star, Jessica Sorensen, The Fallen Star For eighteen year old Gemma life has never been normal Up until recently she has been incapable of feeling emotion And when she s around Alex the gorgeous new guy at school she can feel electricity that makes her skin buzz Not to mention the monsters that haunt her nightmares have crossed over into real life But with Alex seeming to hate her and secrets popping upFor eighteen y

✓ The Fallen Star ↠ Jessica Sorensen - The Fallen Star, The Fallen Star For eighteen year old Gemma life has never been normal Up until recently she has been incapable of feeling emotion And when she s around Alex the gorgeous new guy at school she can feel electricit

Samantha Souza

As you can very well seeI haven t even finished the book yet.But I can t hold back what I have to say about this book any longer.I m so glad I finally remembered how to put pictures on html sites Yay me I m going to get picture happy now The Fallen Star is Twilight s quoting myself from an earlier comment drunk and sloppy cousin I really don t think that I can actually finish this book, but damn it I am going to try my hardest There is a shit ton of similarities between the two books Let s see T [...]

Tigris Eden

I enjoyed this book so much that it kept me up into the wee hours of the night I was intrigued and completely excited to read this book It started off with a girl Gemma with no feeling and then suddenly she starts having this emotions That in itself was intriguing because everyone has some sort of emotions right Right Then of course she meets this strange Gorgeous guy name Alex who makes her feel all kinds of emotions Want Nostalgia And not to mention that he s hot and treats her like dirt Befor [...]


GREAT BOOK At first I was having a hard time getting into the story, but once I did I was hooked Gemma s life is far from normal She has no friends, no close family, and lacks any kind of emotion She passes her time basically being a zombie until one day she feels a prickle A prickle of emotionddenly she feels anger, pain, sadness, and happiness While trying to decipher her new found emotions she discovers that she and everyone around her are not who they seem Thrust into a world of Keepers, For [...]


Downloaded for free from This was an okay story, but it was a bit slow and long for me.Gemma was an okay character, although she could have done with improving her eavesdropping skills as she kept getting caught She also seemed to ramble a bit.The storyline in this reminded me a bit of a couple of other books, and also of a season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, view spoiler where her sister Dawn is actually a big ball of energy which is supposed to be used to close a portal, as that was pretty muc [...]

Michelle's Paranormal Vault of Books

The Fallen Star is about a girl named Gemma who was not able to feel any emotions until recently Gemma meets Alex and she feels different around him, and after meeting him she starts to piece to together information about her past and she finds out that the monsters that haunt her in her dreams are actually real summary from book Fallen Star is the first in a young adult paranormal series by indie author Jessica Sorensen The summary for the book, does not say a lot on what it is about, so I will [...]

*MystGrrl Reviews*

Found the heroine a bit hard to relate to or stomach as she was pretty childish, bratty and inconsiderate, not to mention cowardly I really did feel like slapping her quite a few times and telling her to grow the heck up Aside from the very flawed main character and the equally irritating and elusive love interest, the story was interesting enough to keep me reading it till the end Has a slight Stardust mixed with Nightworld feel to it Wouldn t mind reading the next installment to find out what [...]


My Thoughts HOLY WOW I loved this story In the midst of a dark forest, haunted by the winters chill, I ran for my life quoted from page 1 of The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen That is the first sentence gripping I was in from that very sentence What struck me first is the fantastically visual language The writing is so vivid that I was able to actually FEEL Gemma s panic The characters are mysteriously created with vague descriptions that are intriguing and led me to turn the pages and read on [...]


Originally posted The YA Bookworm sighs isn t the cover so breathtaking sighs that violet eye is really somethingis book is absolutely amazing i enjoyed reading every single page of it, the opening is delivered really good cause the opening is about Gemma having this nightmare wherein a pair of glowing eyes is on to kill her.The concept of the book is hard to get first, cause the title of the book is The Fallen Star and i don t get at first it s relation to Gemma, cause Gemma is actually this we [...]

Amanda-Lee (StoryWings)

The Fallen Star didn t live up to my expectations at all it was an extremely frustrating read.From since before she can remember, Gemma hasn t been able to feel emotion of any sort, she has gone through life with no friends and no family she can talk to Until one seemingly unimportant day, when she feels her first emotion ever, and things spiral downward from there.Gemma was an extremely stupid, naive, boring character, she encompasses everything that is stupid teenage girl From day one she made [...]

Jessica at Book Sake

This book had every chance to be another vampire witches same old paranormal novel, but it pleasantly shocked me, so much that I finished reading it cover to cover in one day There is so much creativity in the story and how it evolves around Gemma, the main character, and how she is learning about her life for the first time The author does such a good job with the emotions in the story, and her descriptions painted such a vivid picture of the people and places she encounters I would recommend t [...]

Crystal Starr Light

Bullet Review DNF at 5%.Absentee parents Check.Guardians who don t give two sh ts about you Check.Falling in love with the new guy Check.A guy who is hot Check.Who hates your guts for no good reason Check.And whom you feel possessive of for no damned good reason Check.And hate on other chicks because you want the Abs Check.And you have a mildly interesting ability that takes a backseat to Abs Check.I m SO DONE with this entire stupid genre of dumb girl with mildly interesting talents falls in lu [...]


Meet Gemma She is your typical uncoordinated, I m so uninteresting yet everyone is interested in me loner YA protagonist and small town girl who is actually very special Additionally, she falls for a hot guy even though she sees nothing in him except how good looking he is Bella, is that you She is completely unaware of everything and always manages to make the wrong decisions, typically by doing exactly the opposite of what everyone tells her Oh, so you mean that opening this door might kill me [...]

Donna Book Passion for Life

Posted on bookpassionforlifeFirstly I m going to say Buy this book and read it My oh my I honestly don t even know how to begin reviewing this book and try and give it the justice it deserves but I ll try This story follows Gemma, an eighteen year old girl who hasn t been able to feel any emotions what so ever until recently Only within the last few months have the emotions slowly been working their way through Gemma s body, and as she experiences each one she starts to feel a little bit human [...]

Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews

Very, very slow moving story, the characters are not very well developed, and the writing is full of repetitions The Fallen Star could have told the same story exactly in only 150 pages, and then be the introduction to the series, rather than a full length novel where nothing much happened in the first 70 75% Not sure I ll continue with this one.


The narration was weird, but it was kinda cute Then, as it went on, it felt and like I was reading a retelling of City of Bones, just with less demons and hating on cold weather.Gemma Clary was a normal girl once, but then her mother disappeared and everything went to shit Then Alex Jace shows up and saves her life a few times, while also telling her about this crazy ass world she just stumbled into, and how he s part of this super special club called the Keepers Shadowhunters She then goes o [...]


Good story Kept me on my toes


This is a really good read I was intrigued when it said I would recognize the beginning from another series and I kinda saw what the reviewer meant but it definately NOT like any other series There is a lot of mystery in the beginning and its really upsetting the way Alex and Aislen treat Gemma Gemma is a really emotionally abused kid and the reason s why were confusing at first.en the story took off I started reading 1 because there was a give away for 4 and I don t like to win a book in a seri [...]




I couldn t put this book down after I got into it It was great Love the ending, can t wait for part 2 and hope it is out soon

Duchess Crystal

3 Stars What I liked about the story 1 The idea of a Fallen Star s energy living in someone I think it s pretty cool and it somehow in some way reminded me of the movie Stardust The story is nothing like the movie but it s just something about it Maybe because they both have fallen stars shrugs shoulders 2 The character Laylan Even though he plays a part in which is listed in the What i disliked or am if y about section I prefered his character over everyone elses.3 The memories or visions that [...]


First of all, I don t think the book was so bad I read a couple of reviews and they say its just another Twilight story Well, I have to admit, I had a hard time getting hooked to the story at the beginning, but the story itself was original for me It s not usual, vampire werewolf fallenangel nephilim or any kind that I had read before It was really strange, and for a little while, I thought Gemma was a star and she had fallen.And If It d been anything like that, I d have stopped reading it LOL B [...]


Let me preface this by sayinga 5 star rating from me means I loved the book page to page cover to cover and word for word It means the book picked me up and dropped me into the book world created by the author and when it was over I was kicking and screaming not wanting to leave So 5 stars from me epic proportion.Now that being said 4 stars as I ve given this book means I liked it A lot I was certainly absorbed into the story and thoroughly enjoyed it It s well worthy of 4 stars I realized part [...]

The BookWhisperer

This self published novel is a breath taking display of talent from this new author Gemma s story is unique and heartbreaking creating a story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats With a story that plays on the sympathy of the readers it is almost impossible to not find yourself absorbed into this story with so much intensity Though, I must note this book is so much than just sadness for Gemma s life the story is action packed and mysterious creating a suspenseful read for the para [...]


OH MY GOD.I ve read this on the worst time possible On the day after, I ll be having a major quiz on my one and only subject taken during summer But I ve taken the risk and continue to read without studying I know, its stupid But whatever It s totally WORTH IT MMA is actually kind a twin sister of BELLA in Twilight I know that some of you who ll read this might have a double take, but let me finish first As I was saying, Gemma is has some of those annoying characteristics that Bella have Let me [...]


Wow.What an amazing story Another book read in one day, I kept trying to go to sleep but every page was exciting so I just kept going Then when I read the last page, my mouth hit the floor and my mind started going wild This one is a leaves you breathless cant wait for the next one type of story Jessica Sorensen did an awsome job on this.

Shelly Crane

Kept me interested First time I ve ever not liked the love interest guy in a book Looking forward to reading book two I m sure with the way the book ended that Jessica has something up her sleeve in the love department At least I hope The paranormal aspect was very different and unheard of I was surprised a few times.


Gosh, the cliffhanger is just a very cruel torture Can t wait for the sequel coz I m totally in love with the story Good job, Ms Sorensen Geez D


Well, this was rather disappointing Gemma lost her parents when she was younger leaving her to be raised by her very cold grandparents She s a bit of a loner with no friends and apparently no feelings until recently What has started as little tingles have grown into full blown feelings and Gemma isn t sure what s going on And now with this new brother and sister duo who showed up out of nowhere, Gemma is certain than ever that something is going on.Let me just start off by saying that Gemma is [...]

Melissa (i swim for oceans)

Gemma s life has always been strange, but lately things are changing from strange to just plain alarming She s used to feeling nothing, and yet now her emotions begin to creep up on her with a tickling, unsettling sensation every time Alex is around But her nightmares are beginning to haunt her in daylight and her emotions are overwhelming her everywhere she turns A part of her wants to figure things out, but the rest of her longs for the simplicity of her former invisibility Can she figure out [...]

~ Rose ~ ☯Desert Rose❀

A young girl, who s never known affection from her grandparents, suddenly finds herself thrust into a world she d only experienced in her nightmares With mysterious new friends she s forced to trust, and creatures trying to kill her at every turn, how can she hope to deal with the biggest surprise yet that she has a fallen star inside her Filled with deep characters, surrounded my mystery, danger and suspense, this book keeps you on your toes, until the very end, only to leave you wanting This [...]

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The Fallen Star