Dec 09, 2022
Blood Awakening
Posted by Tessa Dawn

↠ Blood Awakening è Tessa Dawn, Blood Awakening, Tessa Dawn, Blood Awakening A dangerous game of life blood and survival becomes a deadlytriangle for three unsuspecting souls an ancient vampire a mysterious woman and a street wise human Before it s over each will face a chilling BLOOD AWAKENING Marquis Silivasi is a loner an ancient vampire known to be merciless harsh and unforgiving He has lived to see his dark twin sacrificed his parenA dangerous ↠ Blood Awakening è Tessa Dawn - Blood Awakening, Blood Awakening A dangerous game of life blood and survival becomes a deadlytriangle for three unsuspecting souls an ancient vampire a mysterious woman and a street wise human Before it s over each will face a

  • Title: Blood Awakening
  • Author: Tessa Dawn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
↠ Blood Awakening è Tessa Dawn, Blood Awakening, Tessa Dawn, Blood Awakening A dangerous game of life blood and survival becomes a deadlytriangle for three unsuspecting souls an ancient vampire a mysterious woman and a street wise human Before it s over each will face a chilling BLOOD AWAKENING Marquis Silivasi is a loner an ancient vampire known to be merciless harsh and unforgiving He has lived to see his dark twin sacrificed his parenA dangerous

↠ Blood Awakening è Tessa Dawn - Blood Awakening, Blood Awakening A dangerous game of life blood and survival becomes a deadlytriangle for three unsuspecting souls an ancient vampire a mysterious woman and a street wise human Before it s over each will face a


Beware if you are considering this series This book has triggers than a gun show in Texas So, yeah, it s dark There is murder, rape, torture, and bloody battles The bad guys are so evil that it is kind of funny I know, I m sick But, here s what I mean one evil brother watches his younger evil brother brutally rape and murder a woman right before his eyes When he s finished, they start having a conversation about how much they love their little baby nephew demon.There was a quick snap before her [...]

Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽

I was excited when I heard that this was Marquis book Unfortunately, the romance between him and Ciopori was largely forgettable and I liked her better than the female from the first book, Jocelyn But she was just really meh What I did like There were some good action scenes The author is not afraid to portray these vamps as brutal, ruthless, cold blooded killers.This series is not for the faint of heart There are many shocking elements female rape male rape infanticide male douchery graphic vio [...]


3 Tentative StarsI m still struggling how to rate this book For the most part I liked this book but I certainly didn t love it I know I m in the minority here, as most readers seemed to enjoy this second story than the first For me, however, it just wasn t as good There was focus on the romance in this plot but I didn t care for the direction the author took the love story There was a slight love triangle that just felt silly, ridiculous and clich d It was obvious from the beginning that there [...]


2.5 Stars rounded up to a 3 Last month the MacHalos had a little vampire month buddy read and one of the books we read was Blood Destiny A few of us really liked that book and wanted to keep reading Shelly and I read this one, but as excited as I was for Marquis s book, this just wasn t as good as I had hoped.The blood and gore, torture and general wtf ery were all still there, so if like me, you were into that in the first book, well good news, that sick shit continues But, and this is a major [...]

Megan Riverina Romantics/Meggerfly

Wow What a fantabulous read Blood Awakening is the second book in Tessa Dawns Blood Curse series and it brings us deeper into the world of Dark Moon Vale and it s inhabitants Once again we see the battles between the descendants of Jadon and Jeager and how horrific war can really be.There is so many awesome things about this book that I don t know where to start Also, not being a fan of super long reviews myself I ll try to keep myself from babbling too much LOL The role of hero in this book is [...]

Patches Braz

Marquis Silivasi is an Ancient Warrior He is the head of his family and all that entails of Vampires with Strong Human Emotions He feels a failure as he wasn t able to save his youngest brother Shelby from the curse that plagues the House of Jadon When he is finally able to visit his brothers grave, he lets loose with emotions that wreak havoc on all the elements, causing wide spread destruction Yet it is these very emotions that lift a spell put on one of the Original Celestial Beings Ciopori A [...]


WOW This book was just fantastic Every time I thought the book was going in one direction it would go in another I loved that There are times when I read books and I can pretty much guess where the story is goingUmmm not in this case So many times this story took turns I loved how we got to see of Marquis character and things that he struggles with Then of course getting to know Ciopori and what her character was all about I will say somethings were pretty graphic in this book and it may turn [...]

~*~Princess Nhya~*~

WHOA This is me after reading thisYeah I m speechless This was another great addition to this series There were some hard, just flat out WTH moments here, as well some really beautiful ones It all flowed well The stakes are a bit higher here, dramatic, but this just makes it all awesome IMO Even though there were moments when I was likeThen I moved toAnd thenToAnd back again.So far I would highly recommend this read series Please read in order.This one also ends with HEA Warning These are very [...]


Another magnificent installment to the Blood Curse series I wish I could give it a 9 on a scale of 5, and I would give it a 10 except for a couple of IMHO overly long smex scenes that I finally just skimmed through but then I read a lot of that stuff and I commonly do that after a couple of scenes , and a place or two where the story dragged for a few pages too long in the Jaegar vamps caves, a little too much of the wrong girl situation, etcI would say it is very important to start out with Boo [...]


4 1 2 stars I LOVED this one What was missing for me in the first one was was definitely present here, as far as the romance goes Loved Marquis and all the emotion and drama involved in his and Ciopori s situation This story had some great twists that kept it fast paced and very excitingwe even got to see a little bit of the Dark Ones side of things which was very interesting and rather twisted Again, i really enjoyed the interaction between all the Silivasi brothers and something that is reall [...]

VampireRomanceBooks ThatsErotica

Tessa Dawn has blown me away with Blood Awakening, the second book in her Blood Curse series After reading the first book in the series, Blood Destiny, I had already fallen in love with the brothers of Dark Moon Vale Blood Awakening brings us the story of Marquis Silivasi, the family elder and the most harsh and ruthless of all the brothers His character was so captivating in the first book I was very anxious to read his story Tessa Dawn did not disappoint me Blood Awakening was amazing and, in [...]

Jeannette Rubio

O M G This books was AWESOME I really wish I could give it stars, Like maybe 10 I really though this book was going to follow the same structure of book one and how wrong I was and how happy This books is so much better than the first I am now completely obsessed with everything about this book series The characters, their world, the dark ones, the females and most of all the Silivasi brothers and the oh so wonderful king Napolean The most powerful vampire ever There is so much happening in thi [...]

Angela♥ Mrs. Hollywood ♥

I started this book yesterday, and could not put it down until I finished it The Blood Curse Series is my favorite It s one of those series where the characters are so real, and you feel like you are a part of the world Blood Destiny, the first book in the series, was so incredible I figured it would surely be the best book in the series I was wrong Blood Awakening was really amazing, intense, and emotional It was so different than the first book, but even better I can t think of anything else n [...]

Monica **can't read fast enough**

I m not sure why I didn t enjoy this second book as much as I expected to I love a dark and suffering hero, but I didn t really like his fated mate It s hard for me to enjoy a romance if I don t like the heroine and I just didn t in this one There is a rape and murder scene in this one that was committed as a matter of course and treated almost dismissively I realize that it was that way because the rapist is evil and heartless, but stillI don t know maybe it s me I haven t worked out how to rev [...]

Carrie (Badass, Alpha-male, Cowboy Connoisseur )

I loved the first book Blood Destiny but, Blood Awakening blew me away The characters are easy to get invested in, you really get to know them on a intense level in this book The story flows effortlessly off the page and there are several instances where the author infused humor into really intense situations making me laugh out loud, which I loved For anyone that hasn t read this series, you are missing out on an awesome adventure Go to your bookstore or library, download to your devices but w [...]


The book does not go as expected at least not in the beginning, but that should be no surprise, like the first book this latest entry of the Blood Curse series is every bit as bold as the first book Be prepared for another roller coaster ride of emotions But have no fear the pay off is every bit as sweet as the first book

andrea Lopez

This book was Incredible I loved it I read the first and now this one This was a great second book It kept my attention all the way through I love this author and can t wait to read another one of her books I highly recommend this book it is a must read you wont be able to put it down


Ok, I m hooked Couldn t hardly put this book down If you are ready for a grown version of twilight with a Dracula twist this series is for you Can t wait to start the next book and look forward to

Charlie Daye

Another stellar book written by Tessa Dawn I found myself wanting to throw the book across the room at times but made it through to the end and I m glad I did.


Imagine you are the eldest of your siblings Perhaps you do not have torhaps you are, in fact, the eldest sibling of your family Now, imagine you are an Ancient Vampire Warrior, your parents taken from you, your younger brother dead because your enemies, the Dark Ones of the House of Jaegar, intervened and made it impossible for him to fulfill the ancient Blood Curse that looms over your kind Imagine that these same enemies were the cause of the horrific death of a human woman you had known since [...]

Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞

Blood Awakening is Marquis story His anguish over what happened to his brother, Shelby, and Shelby s destiny awakens the sisters of Prince Jadon and Jaeger and one of them is also the woman of his dreams, Ciopori But is she his destiny This book is a bit different from the first book in that you already know about the curse and what is happening so even though the author does a quick recap, things hit the fan much faster And as intense as Marquis was in the first book, he is much intense in thi [...]


I m not sure I can put into words how much I LOVE Blood Awakening This is the second book in The Blood Curse Series written by Tessa Dawn If you haven t read the first book, Blood Destiny yet, I suggest that you do so right away This is an amazing series Blood Awakening is a VERY DARK fantasy romance So, please be forewarned This book contains some very graphic and descriptive horror scenes I feel that they truly bring to life just evil the sons of jaegar are They are soul less vampires Rotten t [...]


And you didn t think Tessa dawn could get any better Blood Awakenings is a phenomenal sequel to an incredible series Marquis continues to be tormented by the death of his brother, Shelby As he yells out in a moment of overwhelming grief he awakens one of the last Celestial beings that still exist Ciopori is the woman of his dreams and the bond the two share is tangible Through black magic, the Dark Ones manage to manipulate the Blood Curse and Marquis destiny Thanks to the ever curious and resou [...]


This book was freakin awesome Tessa Dawn thinks totally outside the box and I love the world she has created.e action, the suspense, and intrigue just when you think you have it all figured out wham She hits you with a suprise that s a total shocker This is the best series I have read in a couple months, and I am absolutely dying to read the next one about Napoleon Cant wait for it to come out I would give this book than 5 stars if i could it was that good

Amy Marx

From my experience with books, the second book in a lot of series is just kinda eh So, I went into this book not expecting the greatness that was in the first book, Blood Destiny Holy cow, was I wrong I thought I loved Marquis in the first book, on my, I simply fell in love with him in this book So well written, and just all around awesome I also really started to love the Dark Ones Boy are they bad Thank you Tessa for another outstanding read


Better than the firstd the first was GREAT These are darkVERY dark They re hard to read in a lot of places and absolutely not for the weak stomach crowd These books have a whole new twist for the the vampire phenom and it works Brilliant book Book 3 Blood Possession cannot come soon enough.


I knew if any would try to follow me, it would be you If any would stop living, it would be you If any would lose his way, it would be you Marquis Silivasi, despite being a loner, an ancient vampire known to be merciless, harsh, and unforgiving, saved this story for me.In this second book of the Blood Curse series, Tessa Dawn doesn t disappoint with her starkly wild descriptions of a brutal vampire world where the only glimmer of hope is for the cursed ones to find their mates and continue their [...]

Yna Ruth

Big Warning to potential readers If violence snakes rape scenes bother you, then this book is most likely not for you Overall Rating 4.5 StarsCharacter Development 4 Stars Characters are very likeable except for the dark vampires The light vampires are all endearing to the reader in their own different ways The violent evil scenes are necessary and the author does a good job in portraying how evil the dark vampires really are I deducted 1 star as I would like to see a little background and hist [...]

P.A. Lupton

Hot damn, I loved this book Tessa Dawn has sucked me into this series I am thoroughly addicted, and I thought this one was even better than the first At first, I thought there was going to be a love triangle with the way the story was developing I hate love triangles so this was not a happy turn of events for me However, I liked the way the author handled the story, and most importantly she didn t cross any lines for me One of the reasons I hate triangles is someone eventually cheats on the othe [...]


It is Dark and Vampiric It is HOT and Original It is good to back in Dark Moon Vale I forgot deliciously devine the Silivasi brothers are.Marquis Silivasi is an Ancient Master Warrior facing his own issues when his heartfelt anquish is released for all to hear That is when the story starts to twist and Marquis is ruthlessly tested How much can a vampire warrior take What will happen next I Love the Blood Curse Series The characters are absolutely emotionally invested in this story, leaning on ea [...]

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