Aug 08, 2022
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✓ Restoration ↠ Rose Tremain, Restoration, Rose Tremain, Restoration Kings and fools mistresses and madmen Tremain provides a rich boisterous and wonderfully entertaining novel of th century England in which a former glovemaker loses the King s favor when he falls in love with his own wife ✓ Restoration ↠ Rose Tremain - Restoration, Restoration Kings and fools mistresses and madmen Tremain provides a rich boisterous and wonderfully entertaining novel of th century England in which a former glovemaker loses the King s favor when he falls

  • Title: Restoration
  • Author: Rose Tremain
  • ISBN: 9780670831098
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
✓ Restoration ↠ Rose Tremain, Restoration, Rose Tremain, Restoration Kings and fools mistresses and madmen Tremain provides a rich boisterous and wonderfully entertaining novel of th century England in which a former glovemaker loses the King s favor when he falls in love with his own wife

✓ Restoration ↠ Rose Tremain - Restoration, Restoration Kings and fools mistresses and madmen Tremain provides a rich boisterous and wonderfully entertaining novel of th century England in which a former glovemaker loses the King s favor when he falls


I have the same problem and pleasures with this historical novel set during the reign of Charles II as I do with the author s Music and Silence.At once pleasingly rich but with annoying inaccuracies like the Quaker studying at an English university Anglicans only back then These grated on me at one time A less irritable reader however might be moved to accept that this is less a historical novel and a fantastical novel, with a dreamlike atmosphere in places.The hero lives in a world of illusion [...]


I found this book quite intriguing The character of Robert Merivel is sympathetic and does a believable character arc, changing from a shallow person into a thoughtful physician Tremain does a great job with her historical research, creating a nuanced seventeenh century world My favorite parts are Merivel s medical challenges and discoveries One of my pet peeves in historical fiction is that the hero heroine is far medically advanced than they should be, like for instance knowing all about peni [...]


A really enjoyable Restoration farce with a great deal of heart Robert Merivel is a would be physician and son of a glove maker to the king He lives for pleasure and is something of a rake and does not take his medical studies too seriously He comes to the attention of the king and for a while he is part of the court and plays the fool The king decides to marry him to one of his mistresses This involves going to live on an estate in the country and much partying and debauchery ensued.Merivel eve [...]

Elizabeth (Alaska)

First paragraph Look at me Without my periwig, I am an affront to neatness My hair what is left of it is the colour of sand and wiry as hogs bristles my ears are of uneven size my forehead is splattered with freckles my nose, which of course my wig can t conceal, however low I wear it, is unceremoniously flat, as if I had been hit at birth.And I knew I was going to like this.The prose tends to be quite formal Tremain has written this in such a way to help the reader feel with the times the 17th [...]


This is a story about Robert Merivel At the beginning of the story he is an aspiring physician The setting is Restoration England, this being when the English, Scottish and Irish monarchies were restored under the Stuart, King Charles II, in 1660 Merivel comes to be married to the king s mistress, but the hitch is that he may not bed her He is certainly not to fall in love with her That s the deal made between the king and Merivel the fool Merivel gets an attractive young wife, albeit just for s [...]

Andrea Zuvich

Tremain s book is written in first person, which doesn t usually work for me, but I really enjoyed this The book follows the misadventures of Robert Merivel, who is really immature and even a little thick at times, despite being a rather gifted physician In his pursuit of pleasures, finery, and a courtier lifestyle at Whitehall, he loses sight if indeed he ever had it of the important things in life Merivel is, at the beginning of the story and indeed in several episodes throughout , a very weak [...]


You may be familiar with the Restoration and Charles II Or maybe not Regardless, Rose Tremain gives this historical period double meaning in her novel, Restoration Restoration is a novel which can t be ignored as it is simply alive with sounds, emotions, and colors immediately jumping from Tremain s pages the second the reader opens the book Saying that Restoration has a heartbeat is putting it mildly This lively novel is supplemented by the main character of Robert Merivel who has disgusting fl [...]


This is one of my favourite books of all time The main character, Merivel, is a person ahead of his time in nearly everything he attempts When he decides to paint, it is in a Fauvist style in the 1660 s He winds up in trouble and much misunderstood, and his inherent selfishness and immaturity don t helpuntil he figures out ways towards a personal Restoration The first time I read this, I cried I was so moved by the way he transforms A very hopeful read.


A cynical view of Charles II era told by an anatomy student, after the civil war and Cromwell government.


This is my second book by Tremain, my first being Music and Silence and I have enjoyed both I like her as an author and I think it is so nice to find an author whom you know you will enjoy whenever you read one of their books There s something very comforting about this In both her historical novels they feel as if they are written in another plain in some strange kind of dreamland almost Her style is unique and quirky and very easily draws you inwards You cannot help but like Robert Merivel, co [...]


Truly delightful This is the third Tremain I ve read The Road Home, Trespass and each is completely different but the one constant is really good, felicitous writing the kind that makes you look forward to getting back to your book, and staying up too late to read a few pages In Restoration, Tremain takes on historical fiction the Great Fire of London, the plague, and the sensual court of Charles II with a wry tone, great attention to atmosphere and no sentimentality Another great plus is the h [...]

Julie Christine

The first half of this book read like an MTV music video version of the 17th century gaudy clothes, binge drinking, general debauchery I was disappointed by the superciliousness of Tremain s portrait of her protagonist, Merivel He was too much of a caricature to be sympathetic or even amusing But I d passed the point of no return, it s a slim book, and I retained enough faith in Rose Tremain s tremendous abilities to carry on I m so glad I stuck to the task, as Part 2 redeemed the book, parallel [...]


Re visit via filmRobert Downey Jr Robert Merivel Sam Neill King Charles II David Thewlis John Pearce Polly Walker Celia Clemence Meg Ryan Katharine Ian McKellen Will Gates Hugh Grant Elias Finn Ian McDiarmid AmbroseDidn t like the way they changed the site from Norfolk to Suffolk however the film was enjoyable with an outstanding performance by Meg Ryan Opening line I am, I discover, a very untidy man.My cover It seems I like Rose Tremain 4 Trespass3 Short Stories Restoration the rise fall rise [...]


I can never figure out just what it means or what I should expect when reading a book that is either a Pulitzer or Booker winner or nomination I think it s going to mean that I will just love it because it is so fabulous, but somehow that doesn t seem to be the way it turns out for me and this book is no exception Restoration starts out well enough, with Robert Merivel falling into favor with King Charles II Merivel is a wild, lascivious, gluttonous young man fully enjoying the excesses of the k [...]


Restoration is the story of Robert Merrivel, the son of James the second s glove maker and a man very much of his age, dedicated, as the book opens, to little than pleasure and idleness but doomed to experience a series of triumphs and disasters that will develop in him a greater understanding of both himself and society he inhabits.Rose Tremain presents an impressive pageant of Restoration life from the court of James the Second to the inside of an insane asylum run by Quakers, from the bedroo [...]


I liked the beginning best It was funny and engaging The obvious feature of the character is his insatiable love of women As the book is in first person, he is constantly talking about it Some is a little disturbing and some is very funny.One of his favorite paramours calls her parts The Thing and that gets a fair amount of repetition in various ways.Strangely, none of it put me off, I found it a well told and amusing story The book is split into 3 volumes and the second and third ones, while st [...]


Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant It initially appears to be a frivolous romp of a story and much of it is but such heart and depth are revealed throughout Engaging, entertaining, poignant at times just marvellous.

Amy Nielsen

This is delightful I thoroughly enjoyed this book Not my typical pick nonetheless, quite an unexpected surprise This was one of my audiobooks so the narrator that was chosen was excellent He was probably the sole reason that Marivel s time at Bitnel Manor sp is probably wrong due to only hearing the names was so entertaining He had a sort of Henry Higgins humor which I personally find hilarious Looking back, I believe that was the author s intention, to make Marivel seem foolish and silly becaus [...]


Robert Merivel is a young medical student in London in the early years of the reign of Charles II the glamorous merry monarch By chance Merivel becomes an amusement to the king, and in time is chosen to be the husband in name only of Charles s latest mistress An estate in the country is his reward Unfortunately he becomes smitten with his wife , which was not the idea at all, and this leads to a new and challenging chapter in his life.Robert is a lovely character because he is so charmed by ever [...]


Technically, this was a very good book It was very well written and objectively, you d have to give it a good review Which I am I m giving it four stars because that s what it strictly deserves.However, I m torn While it was technically well executed, it left me feeling a bit hollow I don t know if it was because of all the gratuitous sex or the fairly hollow lives of everyone involved But people sometimes do have hollow lives So I shouldn t dock a book for accurately depicting that I m not sure [...]

Sally Richards

A rollicking tale of a rogue Tremaine paints the 17th century scene with skill and draws the characters well Her comparison to Thatcher s Britain in her introduction gave the story an interesting touch Looking forward to reading the sequel.


A beautiful first half, magical prose and a great lead character Sadly i started to drift in the second half and really struggled to finish it It might have been me, I still rate Tremain very highly.


About time I finished it Well crafted and interesting story, but I found the main character highly irritating, so it took me a bit longer to finish this than it should have.

Simone Ramone

Garbled and boring Which idiot nominated it for what They owe me 2 days of reading time.

Lea Saurusrex

Robert Merivel, orphelin et apprenti m decin se retrouve, par un hasard de circonstances devenir bouffon du Roi d Angleterre, Charles II, qu il amuse beaucoup par ses pitreries et ses m urs l g res Sa laideur et son caract re si peu s rieux l am nent se faire confier une mission singuli re il doit pouser Celia Clemence, une des favorites du Roi, afin de la soustraire la jalousie de la Premi re Ma tresse En compensation, il recevra le manoir de Bidnold et une rente tr s confortable Sa seule missi [...]

Waverly Fitzgerald

I didn t expect to like this book when I started it because I didn t like the main character, from his first description of himself, which emphasizes his flaws, both physical and moral Yet he grew on me as he apparently grew on the author who says in an Afterword that she wanted him to redeem himself much earlier but he insisted on going on his own way, which involved many foolish and selfish acts and transgressions against those he loved It is a picaresque novel, and wanders all over the place, [...]


This very fine novel was first published in 1989 Writing some twenty years later about this book, the author states that this story was her fictional response to the climate of selfishness and material greed that began to prevail in our society during the Thatcher years, from which we have never recovered and for which we are now beginning to pay a terrifying price Four years on from making this statement of course, society is no better off Which ensures that a story such as as this has as much [...]

Sues57 Schroeder

I read Restoration on the recommendation of another member Hi Alex , after telling him that I didn t much like historical fiction I was assured that I would indeed like Rose Tremain s Restoration in spite of my general dislike of the genre And the recommendation proved true Restoration was a truly enjoyable work, far beyond what I expected Restoration is set in the latter half of the 17th century, and is narrated by Robert Merivel, who, throughout the course of the book, begins as an anatomy stu [...]


Restorationby Rose Tremain5 starspp 371England is ready to indulge in a healthy dose of hedonism after loosening the bonds of Puritanism installed by Cromwell Charles II the new king is an advertisement for hedonism with his long locks, flamboyant clothing and some healthy number of mistresses and illegitimate children Robert Merivel the protagonist of Rose Tremain s The Reformation is perhaps one of its most enthusiastic adherents He reminds me of Tom Jones, but quite different and looks than t [...]

Karen Pine

A tragi comic male central character, Robert Merivel and his life in 16th Century England If Feathers was like King Lear, then Merivel is the Fool Indeed he fulfilled that role for the King at the time, Charles, who exploited Merivel s sycophantic feelings towards him to his own ends The worst of these was making Merivel marry his mistress, thus ensuring no one else could steal her away from the King, who felt safe in the knowledge Merivel had no chance of becoming his love rival Merivel, a phil [...]

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