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Eternal Eden
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✓ Eternal Eden ↠ NicoleWilliams, Eternal Eden, NicoleWilliams, Eternal Eden College sopho Bryn Dawson is a self proclaimed poster child for normal However the day William Hayward enters her life normalcy is the last thing Bryn will be able to count on if she wants to be with him Too mysterious and appealing to be good for a girl Bryn feels drawn to him in a way that seems out of her control as if fate is orchestrating it Despite every reCollege sopho Bryn ✓ Eternal Eden ↠ NicoleWilliams - Eternal Eden, Eternal Eden College sopho Bryn Dawson is a self proclaimed poster child for normal However the day William Hayward enters her life normalcy is the last thing Bryn will be able to count on if she wants to be wit

  • Title: Eternal Eden
  • Author: NicoleWilliams
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  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition
✓ Eternal Eden ↠ NicoleWilliams, Eternal Eden, NicoleWilliams, Eternal Eden College sopho Bryn Dawson is a self proclaimed poster child for normal However the day William Hayward enters her life normalcy is the last thing Bryn will be able to count on if she wants to be with him Too mysterious and appealing to be good for a girl Bryn feels drawn to him in a way that seems out of her control as if fate is orchestrating it Despite every reCollege sopho Bryn

✓ Eternal Eden ↠ NicoleWilliams - Eternal Eden, Eternal Eden College sopho Bryn Dawson is a self proclaimed poster child for normal However the day William Hayward enters her life normalcy is the last thing Bryn will be able to count on if she wants to be wit

Kelly Martin

Some books make me angry This was one of them view spoiler Who gets beaten up by 2 thugs in the middle of the night because of a guy they just met, then goes on a date with said guy the next day, with seemingly no reasonable explanation as to why any of that even happened How can one heroine be so obsessively self depreciating that I actually started to feel bad about MYSELF without even having an inkling of what this girl looked like or felt, other than having boring, blah brown hair and a penc [...]


I like this bookrrectionI LIKED this book up until they fell in love Actually I take that back It wasn t when they fell in love but when they started EXPRESSING their love for each other I don t normally find the lovey dovey thing annoying but seriously SERIOUSLY How much could one person love another How much can one person EXPRESS their love for another At first I thought that being single and having two too many couple friends made me a little cynical but that s not it I have read other love [...]

Shelly Crane

I am so in love with this book I can t wait to start book 2.I am a HUGE fan of soul mates and people who are meant for each other This book did not disappoint in that aspect I loved William He could be sweet or tough when needed, depending on situation Bryn was normal and down to earth She thought like a normal girl would and I loved being in her head All the characters were believable and Patrick was so hilarious The bad guy was perfect and the ending, though not a huge cliffhanger, left me wan [...]


Before I start, I have to say that unfortunately this is going to be a rather negative review It is my opinion, and I acknowledge that not everyone will agree with or appreciate my comments While reading Eternal Eden EE I had a hard time deciding whether it is meant to be taken seriously, or whether it s intended to be a spoof comedy re write of Twilight Looking at the text as a spoof comedy, this is hilarious Trying to read it seriously well, as seriously as books in this genre can be taken , a [...]


So I um yeah so um needless to say I didn t finish this book I just couldn t, I mean it s Twilight all over again but instead of making us wait until book whatever for Bella and Edward to be immortal together oh yeah if you haven t read Breaking Dawn oh hell you knew it was coming, I won t apologize everything happens in book 1 And it s weird and awkward and so cringeworthy I feel like cringe isn t even the right word any Honestly cringe is the nice way of putting it, like saying Oh he had the [...]

Hannah ◇Reader in the Rough◇

this book is free on kindle DNF 10%.In which the events go girls hates on pretty girl girl hates on blonde cheerleader girl hates rich boy girl yells at rich boy for assuming she has money when she drives a classic muscle car that would be an arm and a leg in costs to repair and insure, SHE S ONLY DRIVING IT BECAUSE HER PARENTS DIED, ASSHOLE SHE S POOR and hates you for assuming even though she s presumptive as hell girl gets beat up by two guys for talking to rich boyWUT.


I love my Kindle app I ve reviewed several self published digital efforts on this site and many of them I ve loved On my recent reading kick I ve read a couple which will be reviewed here in a glowing fashion Eternal Eden is not such a book It Was Dreadful Now I ve dreamed of being a writer since I was a wee slip of a lass and so I respect the effort that any writer goes to to come up with 400 pages of story But that respect doesn t mean automatic praise Even though I imagine it must be painful [...]

Addison Moore

Nicole Williams is an exceptional writer with the ability to weave together poetic prose and an intensely emotional storyline Bryn and William s world is brought into life with such a startling reality that when you read the novel you feel as though you are a part of their world Excellent storytelling and absorbing plotline, well done Ms Williams.


I want to love this book, but I only ended up liking it I thought her take on the Immortal life was new and interesting, but that s about it.My first complaint is that if William and Bryn truly love each other then why do they continue to keep secrets from each other ALL the time I mean its apparently under the idea that they both will do anything to protect the other, but if your love is all consuming then I would assume you would be a little transparent with one another.With that being said 8 [...]


sigh This book is so similar to Twilight, that at first I didn t even catch it until I was giving my friend the overview of the book The entire time I was reading the book, I thought okaywe get it, you two think the other is amazing, wonderful, beautiful, insert obnoxious adjective here It came to a point where I was skipping paragraphs to skipping pages because it just got too nauseating HOW HOW can you fall for a guy in less than two weeks fall that hard to the point where you want to commit s [...]


If you loved Twilight like me You will love this book There are a few character similarities Eg Bryn William Bella Edward, Patrick Emmet, Cora Alice, Paul Jacob kinda and there is even a chick like Rosalie I loved it.99c at I would have paid 10 x that Great book I didn t really know what to expect and what kind of paranormal this series would be but I got so into this world Great romance and a few swoonworthy characters going straight onto the second of the Trilogy Fallen Eden Pick up this book [...]


Oh dear You know, I grabbed this one thinking the break from Vampires and Werewolves might be a nice one but honestly, it has so many problems that the only reason I finished it was because reading it aloud to people resulted in some excellent facial expression and commentary First off, whenever I think about this book, I won t envision the blue and white cover above I ll envision this The word resolve was on so many pages and sometimes multiple times in the same paragraph This is what editors a [...]

Courtney Maenner

I m feeling pretty generous by giving this book two stars This book reminded me WAY too much of the writing style in the Twilight series, but Twilight got to the point much quickly and the plot moved along much faster So if you liked the Twilight books, this is probably a book for you.The main character Bryn was likeable at first because she was a very independent and strong young woman Then after she met the dashing William Winters Hayward, things began to fall apart The same kind of pining an [...]

Vikki ~ *squee* lite ~

It s hard to rate this one I didn t really like the beginning, and the insta love drive me crazy I still don t get what is so great about Brynn that everyone wants her However the last 20% had me in tears, so I apparently managed to get attached to Brynn and William dispite my irritation Overall I was confused by the story and irritated with some of the conflicts that make zero sense I mean honestly the whole you can t get it on without the councils approval just makes not sense at all I was fru [...]


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Vrinda Pendred

Eternal Eden, hereby dubbed Ultimate Claptrap Where to start, where to start.First off, the plot Girl meets boy Girl hates boy for no reason Girl meets boy 2 Girl hates him too, again for no reason Reader thinks girl has issues Boys pursue her anyway Reader bangs head in frustration Girl magically decides actually she was always madly in love with boy 2, even though she wasn t Boy 2 says oh well, I m going Girl says in that case I m going to kill myself Boy 2 turns out to be such a stalker that [...]

Jessica's Book Review

Read reviews on my blog Like me on FacebookI gave this book 3.5 stars but rounded it to 4 for a few reasons First it was FREE Thanks and I couldn t put the book down It definitely kept my interest Read it in just 1 day.Holy Twilight Batman As I read and of this book I realized how similar the two story lines are But I actually liked the characters and story of this book so much better The connection William has to Bryn is like no other story I have read before When he reveals his secret about [...]

Aestas Book Blog

A paranormal trilogy by the author of Crash I m intrigued D

Yianna Yiannacou

I really had high hopes for this book I am not too sure why I think the synopsis got me It sounded so interesting I started reading and I was so excited but then I realized that this book was not for me It is about a young girl named Bryn Dawson Dawson Titanic to me Tehe and her parents died due to an unsolved murder and so she decides to transfer schools and start a new life until she meets William He is the definition of gorgeous All the girls in the school fall for him but his eyes are for Br [...]


So I m reading this book without knowing the premise of the book and I m thinking, where have I read this before Oh yeah, Twilight It s like she liked the story and made a few tweaks to the story, was this a fan fiction Anyhow so far like Twilight, the star of the book is a plain Jane but suddenly gets attention from two of the hottest guys She s angry and sarcastic with no sense of style but what s not to love Everyone else thinks she s beautiful Why So she falls head over heels in love within, [...]


After reading Nicole Williams Crash and Clash I knew this would be good Her writing is advanced and really really good She makes every emotion come alive so you as readers expierience everything the heroin is I enjoyed this as much, maybe than those books but I knew I was going to love this before I started The story, plot and charachters are all awesome William was FRICKIN adorable and Bryn was a list soul saved by William And together they have a bond so strong nothing can break nor penetrate [...]


Eternal Eden by Nicole Williams Read on my Kindle Purchased for 99 cents.Why read it Imagine Twilight Yes, I know, not always the most fun thing to do Vampires, Werewolves, Overdramatic narrator, sometimes mostly unrealistic relationship between said overdramatic narrator and moody lover counterpart.Now, here s Eternal Eden.No Vampires No Werewolves However, there ARE immortals with one to three talents each, as well as mortals A slightly overdramatic narrator A sometimes mostly unrealistic rela [...]


I had a hard time getting into this book initially, but about halfway through, it really picked up Towards the end of the book, I couldn t put it down I m excited to start the next book in the series I like the progression of the characters It felt at first a little teenage ish to me, but the characters really grew on me and with me


I really enjoyed this book The main character Bryn has a lot of qualities that I love her sense of humor and her determination I didn t know that this book would start a series and the cliff hanger ending has me waiting for Fallen Eden.

Annie Allene

Finished Eternal Eden late last night.Summary Eternal Eden is the story of a girl named Bryn who believes the universe has it out for her After the double homicide of her parents and the attempted homicide on Bryn put together with a history of injuries during her childhood she is lead to believe that the cards are stacked against her Bryn is instructed to give a new student a tour of OSU, the college she attends Enter William, seemingly arrogant, over confident, and attracting lots of female at [...]


So far this year I ve read 23 books and I have to say this one is by far my favorite It is definitely re read worthy Eternal Eden is a love story An amazing, addicting, beautifully written love story It has all the elements of a wonderful read from the well developed characters to the shock inducing, page turning, unbelievable twists in the plot It is also so much than that With its paranormal story line, from page one it was destined to be than just another sappy love story, and oh my did it [...]


I read this book after seeing the review from my friend Rachel yes, the one who never writes reviews D She has yet to steer me wrong, so when she said how much she LOVED this story, I knew I had to read it For just.99 on Kindle, who can resist I was drawn into the story from the very beginning Bryn is a character with which I could easily identify I enjoyed the way Nicole Williams slowly reveals the cast of characters, their significance and the major plot details throughout the book She gives j [...]


Nope Sorry I just couldn t do it I tried to see why some people were jumping on the bandwagon with this novel, and now I know, it practically screams Twilight In the vampire aspect, I found Twilight to be original because Stephanie Myer decided to think outside of the box and make vampires into something different than the usual It was appreciated, but the storyline and main character totally sucked lemons The same happened to be true with this novel as well It starts off great with something th [...]


This book started out horribly The protagonist seems nasty and rude She judges people based on assumptions She has a secret She s got problems Blah Blah Blah We re supposed to believe that the captain of the basketball team, who she has 3 to 4 interactions with, falls madly in love with her yet her actions behavior would give him no reason to I understood later in the book why William put up with her nonsense in the beginning but it didn t make up for her behavior The book was very formulaic and [...]


This book was like the car accident y can t stop looking at I had to finish it but it was so horribly written, I spent a lot of time chuckling at the absurdity of it First off its a Twilight rip off From the immortality to the no sex until you re betrothed to even similarities between other characters Alice and Cora and Emmett and Patrick This author s writing made Stephanie Meyer s writing look like Wuthering Heights Half the time I couldn t understand what she was talking about Way too much pr [...]

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