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Second Glance
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Second Glance Best Read || [Jodi Picoult], Second Glance, Jodi Picoult, Second Glance When odd supernatural events plague the town of Comtosook a ghost hunter is hired by the developer to help convince the residents that there s nothing spiritual about the property An intricate tale of love haunting memories and renewal An interview about the book is included below the reading guide Sometimes I wonder Can a ghost find you if she wants to An iWhen odd supernatura Second Glance Best Read || [Jodi Picoult] - Second Glance, Second Glance When odd supernatural events plague the town of Comtosook a ghost hunter is hired by the developer to help convince the residents that there s nothing spiritual about the property An intricate tale

  • Title: Second Glance
  • Author: Jodi Picoult
  • ISBN: 9780743454513
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
Second Glance Best Read || [Jodi Picoult], Second Glance, Jodi Picoult, Second Glance When odd supernatural events plague the town of Comtosook a ghost hunter is hired by the developer to help convince the residents that there s nothing spiritual about the property An intricate tale of love haunting memories and renewal An interview about the book is included below the reading guide Sometimes I wonder Can a ghost find you if she wants to An iWhen odd supernatura

Second Glance Best Read || [Jodi Picoult] - Second Glance, Second Glance When odd supernatural events plague the town of Comtosook a ghost hunter is hired by the developer to help convince the residents that there s nothing spiritual about the property An intricate tale

Saleh MoonWalker

Onvan Second Glance Nevisande Jodi Picoult ISBN 743454510 ISBN13 9780743454513 Dar 448 Safhe Saal e Chap 2003


Jodi Picoult is a fabulous story teller She has a gift for sharing compelling stories, and for weaving intricate plot lines and interesting characters into a rich literary tapestry In Second Glance Ms Picoult has reached new highs She introduces us to many different characters and story lines she intertwines those characters to tell one fascinating fictional story and she throws in a lesson about American history that is quite disturbing and educational In Second Glance Picoult writes with a mag [...]

Jennifer Edlund

First of all I just have to say that this may be one of the worst Jodi Picoult books I ve ever read one of the most utterly and completely ridiculous storylines in her line of books so far First off, the beginning is overwhemingly confusing so many different characters I coudn t keep my focus This was a huge flaw Second, all the history and scientific crap really bored me out of my gord Would have made this read so much smoother if she cut it down about 75 percent It also rubbed me the wrong way [...]


I had trouble getting into this, at first I found the changing pov choppy But about halfway through the book I found myself caught up in the story As usual her work is frightening in how it describes the myriad positive and negative emotions involved in motherhood.

Thyago | MrsMargotBlog

Finalmente acabei de ler o livro.N o me importo nada que uma leitura seja demorada desde que a mesma me seja prazerosa N o foi o caso deste livro, foi uma leitura muito lenta, dif cil e deveras agridoce, houve alguns momentos que gostei mas no geral n o me convenceu muito.J o terceiro livro que leio da autora, as suas obras nunca s o leituras f ceis, mas esta foi a que menos gostei, n o senti empatia com nenhum personagem e uma das coisas que mais me perturbou foi a facilidade e leviandade com q [...]


Not bad at all I liked it and the characters There were some very funny moments and not as much controversy as some of Picout s books which made this novel a lighter read than most of her books I expected it to be a bit slow at the beginning and it did have some slow moments but not as much as I expected I like the ghost aspect which I did not think I would from Picoult because I was afraid it would be like Danielle Steel s Past Present when the ghosts showed up but it wasn t It was actually wel [...]

Alaina Meserole

I don t believe in ghosts Sorry, I just don t You could put in a haunted house or whatever and at the end of the day I still wont believe in ghost Even if I die and become a ghost and haunt all the people that did me wrong in my lifetime I still wouldn t believe Admitting all of that I can t say that I was hesitant about reading this book nor did I have high expectations for it I ve said this countless time but I really do have a love hate relationship with Jodi Picoult.Second Glance wasn t my f [...]


First Jodi piccoult book I set it down for 3 months, came back to it, found some things that started to click Led me to read many many Jodi piccoult books.


I knew as I was sitting in a crowd of over 200 Jodi Picoult fans listening to her recount her field research for this book, it was going to be a novel that would have me looking over my shoulder taking a Second Glance for paranormal presence This intricately layered novel does a perfect job of demonstrating Picoult s fantastical writing abilities She is a master at her craft, and Second Glance has proven once again that Picoult can take on any subject matter, objectively present the facts for bo [...]


I really like Jodi Picoult, but the problem with reading many books by one author is that you start to recognize certain patterns and be able to predict the outcome of any given situation I knew very early on what happened to Cecilia s baby, as I m sure most readers did I was also pretty sure I knew how Cecilia died because of a riddle I learned in elementary school When the truth was revealed and I found I was right, I wasn t quite sure how to feel about it I m not trying to brag or anything In [...]


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Do you believe in ghosts or in what we call paranormal activity I used to watch a show called Ghost Hunters As the name suggests, in this show they hunt ghosts from attics and old mansions they kind of showed us the presence of an energy in these places with the help of some devices I was actually piqued by the idea I always believed in the unknown energy around us something like the existence of a sixth sense But when I picked Second Glance to read I never expected the story to be something lik [...]


This was an amazing read Reading this story re confirms why Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors.I believe it s one of her finest Not only do I sincerely enjoy her prose and expressive style, but I also love the fact that every time I read a Jodi Picoult book I learn something new and interesting In this case she weaves the issues of eugenics and genetics into an original story of a love lost.There are so many layers to this book, that s what s so fascinating The fact that there was a mult [...]


Again, another book for me where you have to suspend your belief now and again But a good story if you are easily amused The end was the hardest to swallow Ross Wakeman has repeatedly puts his life at risk after the love of his life dies When nothing works, and a job with a paranormal investigator brings him no closer to his former love, he moves in with his sister As chance would have it, strange phenomena are plaguing the town, and Ross is drawn into an investigation of a piece of land that lo [...]


This was another one of my attempts at listening to a book on cd while in the car Unfortunately this one was a flop I m used to Jodi Picoult using lots of characters in her stories because I have read two of her other books However this one just never seemed to gel in anyway I have to admit that I only made it about 2 chapters into the book before I completely lost interest The characters did not seem like that needed to have any connection to each other what so ever I felt like I needed to make [...]


Ross Wakeman became a ghost hunter after he lost his fiancee, Aimee, in a terrible car accident He has never really believed in the paranormal, but he forces himself to take on the career so that one day he could be reunited with his lost love He moves in with his motherly older sister Shelby, along with her son Ethan who is suffering from XP xeroderma pigmentosum , in Comtosook, Vermont There have been rumors floating around of supernatural activity in Comtosook Several people believe it is due [...]


If you re going to write a book from the perspective of a dozen different characters, then you better do it right.Unfortunately, Picoult doesn t do it right Not even close I only got as far as Chapter 3 or so and couldn t stomach the obviously dated speech and unconvincing behaviors of the characters No self respecting teenage boy would use the phrase As if or still use a Game Boy And how can Ross just abandon his camera equipment most likely worth thousands of dollars and blithely refer to them [...]


This is another fantastic novel from Jodi Picoult I ve read most of her novels and this is one of her best ones The story was beautifully written and kept me enthralled and captivated the whole way through with its tale of ghosts, murder and family scandal It wasn t what I was expecting and totally different from her usual books but I loved it There were so many twists and turns in the novel that I was never sure what was going to happen next Five stars.

Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"

Not my favorite Picoult novel, but there s some good stuff here I wasn t familiar with the whole eugenics thing prior to reading this book Appalling Based on real events I liked this line Menwere like an accessory, like a belt or purse or shoes You didn t necessarily need one to complete your look Granted, if you walked around barefoot you got a few odd stares every now and then, but the important parts of you were covered.

Jeanne Adamek

Jodi Picoults really quality writing kept me interested throughout my reading of this novel I was really impressed with her descriptions Of course the novel having a bit of paranormal, a glimpse in earlier times, and a fascinating look in XP and all this functioning together made the story outstanding at least in my eyes I could figure out where the novel was going but the lush expressive writing made up for this.I guess my only critic would be that the names of the characters often had the same [...]


Strange things are happening in Comtosook, Vermont It s August and temperature is fluctuating wildly, rose petals are falling like snow, and large chunks of land are freezing We meet Ross, a young man devastated by the death of his fianc , who has attempted suicide numerous times in hopes of reuniting with her He takes a job with a company that investigates paranormal activities, hoping to be able to reconnect with her The company is hired to investigate a controversial building site, which the [...]

Miriam Smith

Read quite some time ago but loved this book in fact love all of Jodi Picoult books.

Sahina Bibi

If you dig into my archive, you ll find only two measly Jodi Picoult reviews, one of which is amongst my favourite books ever, Keeping Faith, review for which is here and Change of Heart, which can be found here In truth though, I ve read over 7 of her books, which includes the likes of Nineteen Minutes, Salem Falls, The Pact, My Sister s Keeper, Handle With Care, Perfect Match and The Tenth Circle It s no secret how much I love her books, her style, her content, though I know there are many who [...]


I liked this enough to possibly read another of JP s books I think it could have been cut down by 100 pages The writing was good, but at times excessively flowery Also, I ll never understand how people can meet at the top of a page and be absolutely in love by the time you reach the bottom.


3.5 stars What a weird book The plot was all over the place, with really strange coincidences I can t even say I liked the main characters Both Ross and Lia were suicidal so it was very difficult to empathize with them, specially because they kept hurting those they loved The most interesting aspect of the story was delving into the Eugenics movement in 1930s Vermont It was horrifying how these people used this pseudo science with such flawed research to get rid of people that were different fro [...]


bookcrossing journal 6Having only discovered the work of Jodi Picoult just over two years ago, this is already the eighth title that I have read I think it is therefore safe to say that I enjoy her novels.This one is a ghost story and although I do not disbelieve in them I am somewhat sceptical Seeing is believing so you never know, maybe one day I think therefore that my scepticism was the reason that I was long way into the story nearly two hundred pages before I really began to appreciate pro [...]


As much as Picoult is a storytellere is also very good at writing history She was able to intertwine so many important subjects into this book that I had to remind myself that I was really only reading one novel and not twelve short stories AHHHThis book was so good with so many twists and turns There are so many characters in this book that I had a difficult time keeping up but eventually they all intertwine for a purpose It was eerie, scandalish, poetic, exaggerated, and right on the mark at t [...]


I grabbed this novel because I am a Picoult fan, and while I heard mixed reviews from others, I found I thoroughly enjoyed the novel There is twisting, winding plot there is a ghost story, love stories of different kinds of love, an exposure of a dark secret in American History, and since it is a Picoult novel it touches on a sensitive topic this time stem cell research The dark secret has to do with something called Eugenics, developing perfect people and the sterilizing of those deemed less th [...]


I used to read a lot of mystery novels, specially those which are plot dependent, when I was a kid so maybe that caused me to treat any given dates and little details as CLUES on which the mystery can turn, to always try to guess what could possibly happen And I tend to do the math instinctively of ages and dates It s hard to stop that terrierlike reading mode This book did not survive the terrier attack, way the plot turns just does not work with the dates and ages given Maybe it was a bug in r [...]


I was so torn with this I am an enormous Jodi Picoult fan she is the reason I have such a love for books, so I wanted to love this like I love all of her books Sadly, I just didn t The first flaw for me was the huge amount of characters introduced so early on and add to the fact that they are all in some way linked, I just couldn t keep up And then, the storyline This was such a wonderful concept which was once again just lost on me Far fetched, complicated, over the top and way too intricate A [...]

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