Dec 09, 2022
Blood Captain
Posted by Justin Somper

[PDF] Blood Captain | by ã Justin Somper, Blood Captain, Justin Somper, Blood Captain Twins Connor and Grace Tempest are no strangers to adventure and mystery Since being shipwrecked each has discovered a new world of sea faring friends and foes [PDF] Blood Captain | by ã Justin Somper - Blood Captain, Blood Captain Twins Connor and Grace Tempest are no strangers to adventure and mystery Since being shipwrecked each has discovered a new world of sea faring friends and foes

  • Title: Blood Captain
  • Author: Justin Somper
  • ISBN: 9781416901020
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Unknown Binding
[PDF] Blood Captain | by ã Justin Somper, Blood Captain, Justin Somper, Blood Captain Twins Connor and Grace Tempest are no strangers to adventure and mystery Since being shipwrecked each has discovered a new world of sea faring friends and foes

[PDF] Blood Captain | by ã Justin Somper - Blood Captain, Blood Captain Twins Connor and Grace Tempest are no strangers to adventure and mystery Since being shipwrecked each has discovered a new world of sea faring friends and foes


what theat was just so JUST HAPPENED rauiwrh3874y3w57y323355trfERRORERRORMINDF KI dont know whether this was the best ending ever or the worst But the plot just blew my mind,it was so original and sensible.Vampires,pirates and a kick ass story all in one book,thats what makes life good P I was like ahhh,so this is what vampires are supposed to be,not glittering fairy princesses If justin somper had written twilight,it would be kinda like this there was once a vampire named edward then I think I [...]

Zane Williams

I love these books My favorite character is Connor, the pirate And Lorcan is my favorite vampirate I love them both If I were in Vampirates I d want to be a Buccaneer with Connor, Bart and Jes

Wolf (Alpha)

I loved this book I like how Grace make the dangerous trip to the Sanctuary to save Lorcan I like how she is show her own room, and how she makes sure that Sharie stays with her I hate how they take the ribbons, and how it makes Sherrie attack Grace and hurt her I like how Lorcan begins to regain his sight and how he will be fine I hate how Oliver and Johnny betray Grace and join Sidorio I like how Lorcan saves Grace from Johnny I really enjoyed this book and would rate it 5 stars.

colleen the convivial curmudgeon

3.5We continue the adventures of Connor and Grace, Connor on the pirate ship Diablo and Grace with the Vampirates, who are off to Sanctuary to try and find some healing for Lorcan.Like the second book, this one took awhile to really get started I d say it was a little than halfway by the time things picked up This wouldn t be so bad, as it s, in a way, a character based book, and I do like spending time with the characters even when they do stupid and irritating things but I felt that the parts [...]


I had a hard time putting this one down, honestly The storyline definitely unfolds , and once you ve started reading it unfolds rather quickly The ending was unsatisfactory, because of the cliffhanger esque ending Very much ready to read the 4th book The one thing that really keeps me from giving it 5 stars is that the setting keeps getting lost to me We re supposed to be 500 years in the future, but it really feels like it s set in the 1700 1800 s Yes, there are nods here and there to modern th [...]

Zack Zocchi

After the twins Connor and Grace went their separate ways in the world, nothing is really like it seems Old friends are reunited and some new ones are made, but old enemies return also Grace goes back to the Vampirate ship to help Lorcan heal his sight They then travel to a place called Sanctuary which is his only hope at recovering his sight Connor returns to The Diablo after the betrayal at Pirate Academy Both twins are faced with tough trials and are constantly getting into bad situations.I c [...]


Ok just finished the book around five seconds ago WTF that just happened at the end Let me just say the book was BEYOND slow paced I would give a max of pages of it s boring content around 300 pages but infact my copy contained 569 pages which is around the double of what it should ve been The plot didn t move that much forward Man this book was like watching boring tide of waves It was just terrible And the end OMG the end that was just a bit HILARIOUS I actually shouted WTH because of how ridi [...]


I read the first two books a number of years ago, so at first I appreciated the brief recaps shown through the first few chapters As I kept reading, I did not enjoy the constant switching between perspectives and the filler style of writing I got from the text Some parts moved very slowly, and some parts moved very fast I m not sure I want to read the other books in the series even though this ended on a cliffhanger and pretty much none of the questions raised were answered.


Still yet another great book in the Vampirate series


My very first book finished for 09.This was probably my favorite so far in the series Lots of drama conflict.I can hardly wait for the next book to come out.


a very poor book in my view


This is actually a pretty good book You should read it


this book was good but the first two were better seems like he s really leading us into another book this one was setting us up for the next.

Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*

Somper, Justin Vampirates Blood Captain pg.569, Little Brown and Company language G, Sexual Content G, Violence PG On The Diablo, Connor struggles to overcome the fact that he has killed Grace goes to sanctuary with Lorcan to help heal him I was pulled into the book and was surprised when there wasn t a single swear word There was some violence but not enough to turn me away I would gladly read this book again and again MS, HS, ESSENTIAL Student Reviewer MPkissthebook 2008


We liked it Not as much as the others this one seemed to go up and down, long intervals of meh, with random highlights of action The ending was kind of a cop out cliff hanger to me My son was reeled in by the ending but we ll likely be taking a break from this series before finishing because really this book could have been even better in 1 2 the word count I would rate it a 2 my son rated it a 4 since he doesn t have a account we decided that a 3 was a solid middle ground for us.


I knew the end was going to be a cliffhanger but I was still disappointed about it.This one proved to be page turner for me A lot of things happened, way than I had expected, so I can barely remember most of the events Still, it kept me reading until I got so sleepy I had to stop and turn in for the night Now I may have to read what happens in the next book if I want to get some sleep tonight.


OMG this is a must read it is simply incredible

Li Yuan

I found the story about vampire pirates was rather an interesting and creative story plot However, I could only read this third book of this trilogy Honestly, I like the story plot and the developments of the characters It s rather interesting to have both protagonist under the surname of Tempest, subtly reminded me of Shakespearean s The Tempest Although the vampires do not the same cliche of Stoker s Dracula, I like to way the author end the story with a suspense for each volume Well written


The book Blood Captain has many attracting factors First the characters have many traits that make them unique and different from every other character in the book

Tomas Reid

Vampirates the blood captain is the third book in the series that picks up after Grace learns the name of the first Vampirate ship, The Nocturne, you learn the importants of the ship in the empire of the night The book is about Grace looking for the Vampirate Guru, who she s hoping to heal her friend Lorcan from blindness I think she s an idiot for trying to get help from the enemy because her brother Connor has been fighting the Vampirates since the first book I think it s a mistake to trust yo [...]


Connor took to life aboard the Diablo like a duck to water and loves being a pirate, well he did before Captain Wrathe s nephew Moonshine joined the crew Now he s not so sure, especially when Moonshine s actions cause problems for him and his friends, perhaps the pirate life isn t the best thing for him after all Meanwhile Grace travels to Sanctuary with Lorcan where they hope that the Vampirate guru Mosh Zu Kamal will be able to cure Lorcan s blindness But why is Mosh Zu so interested in Grace [...]


En su d a, hace ya much simos a os, me enamor de los dos primeros libros de Vampiratas Mi memoria es horrible y deber a haberme rele do los dos primeros antes de leer Sangre de capit n, pero no lo hice Aun as , y a pesar de lo poqu simo que recordaba de los dos primeros libros, he disfrutado mucho con la tercera entrega Es uno de los libros m s amenos que he le do en bastante tiempo He querido leer 3 cap tulos al d a y he acabado doblando esa cantidad en m s ocasiones de las que la he respetado [...]

Kim Dyer

This novel is the longest one in the series so far and it really did not benefit from this fact The story was slow moving and took well over half of the novel to feel as though it was doing anything The novel is also severely lacking in action Although there are one or two fast paced scenes, it is largely just 500 pages of characters talking and so lacked the movement of earlier instalments.I think Blood Captain should perhaps have focused on Grace s story a little The vampire Sanctuary was a v [...]

Taylor Neal

Grace and Connor s lives are taking another turn as their different situation put them in different circumstances Grace takes Lorcan to a healing place called Sanctuary where the great Vampirate guru, Mosh Zu Kamal, resides Lorcan s healing is a bit serious than originally thought but with the help of Grace, Mosh Zu feels he can make a full recovery Connor deals with the spoiled heir to the Wrathe s fortune, Moonshine Wrathe who hates him for events that Connor doesn t even recall When Moonshin [...]

Cheryl Landmark

Actual Rating 3.5 StarsThis was another fairly good installment in this swashbuckling series, which is an intriguing mix of both pirates and vampires.Connor and Grace chose two very different paths to follow Connor signing up as a pirate aboard Molucco Wrathe s ship The Diablo, and Grace remaining on the Vampirate ship The Nocturne Both choices led the brother and sister into adventure, danger, intrigue and secrets The story was told from both of their perspectives, which gave us a good look at [...]


I began reading the vampirate series from the fifth book but it wasn t so hard to catch up on the story however there were a few things that i started to wonder about so I thought about reading it from the beginning I loved the first book and the second too but I think that Blood Captain is my second favorite in the series, of course Empire of Night being my first It cleared a lot of questions that I thought about and it showed a new side of some of the main characters, like Grace who usually fe [...]

Zach Zionts

This book is the third book in the vampirates series, but I have not read the two previous books I think these books aren t all that compicated so you could jump to any in the series, but I would recommend reading them In order This series is good for anyone who likes fantasy and aventure, and isn t looking for to challenging of a read The book is about two twins Connor and Grace There Dad died in one of the previous books, but now they have began there own adventures Connor is aboard a notoriou [...]


Ahhhhnture on the high Vampirate seasis is a superbly fun series Plenty of action in both Vampirate and regular pirate varietal What s great about this series is that piracy is an accepted form of occupation There is a Pirate Academy for the non Vampirate and Sanctuary for the vampires who wish to become Vampirates Sanctuary helps the vampires become less addicted to the bloodlust and of a mellower vampire The story trades back and forth between Grace s and then Connor s point of view Each has [...]

Elizabeth *Swords for Fighting*

It seems like each book in the Vampirates series gets better and better I loved Blood Captain, the third installment in the series, than the first two I must admit that I enjoy Grace s story so much than Connor s Even though they are twins, the paths that they have chosen are so completely different Connor has his pirate dreams while Grace feels right at home on the Vampirate ship I find Grace s interaction and relationships with the vampires so interesting My favorite parts in the book are wh [...]


The Vampirates series by Justin Somper tells the story of 14 year old twins Grace and Connor Tempest Their story begins in Demons of the Ocean when, after the tragic death of their father, the twins head out to sea They are caught in a vicious storm and are seperated by the current Connor is saved by Cheng Li, a young deputy aboard the pirate ship The Diablo He is brought aboard and made one of the crew, where he enjoys an exciting life of piracey and adventure Meanwhile, Grace on the other hand [...]

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