Jan 23, 2022
Posted by Mira Grant

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  • Title: Feed
  • Author: Mira Grant
  • ISBN: 9780356500560
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
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✓ Feed À Mira Grant - Feed, Feed Feed

Wendy Darling

This book has zombies in it, but to call it a zombie or horror novel does it a disservice There are some awesome action sequences, but no gratuitous feeding scenes, screaming teenagers, or B horror movie cliches or gore It s of a novel about journalism, the right to information and free speech, and the personal and political ramifications of a wide spreading disease With occasional zombie action.This is also not necessarily a young adult novel Not because it s inappropriate in any way, but beca [...]


I think my Venn diagram says it all What It doesn t Well, alright then This book was a real roller coaster for me I attempted to read a library copy in November and I just couldn t make it through THE POLITICS THE BLOGGING There are several sections of Feed that really slow down the pacing At points, I felt like I was running around an empty track At others, someone had tied concrete blocks to my feet and I was running in quicksand I am so happy that I finished it my second time through, though [...]


This is not a zombie book, or at least not a zombie book in the way it is marketed That s only part of the reason why this book pisses me off It promises a zombie novel despite the fact literally hundreds of pages go by without seeing one It kicks off with a bang and some zombie action and then that s it When I buy a book on the understanding it s about zombies, I do actually expect to, you know, experience them Mira Grant assumes otherwise Two things that genuinely confused me The pop culture r [...]


This book is about mobs of mindless zombies influencing American politics Surprisingly, it s not about the Tea Party.In the year 2014, genetically engineered viruses mutated and caused the dead to come back to life and start munching on people like senior citizens at a casino buffet Over 20% of the world s population got gobbled up like popcorn shrimp, and in 2040 the threat of the still existing virus and zombies has changed life forever Since the virus is present in everyone s system, when any [...]


three stars look at me i am right in the middle of the road with this one watch out for traffic, karen i wanted to read this as soon as it came out i think i bought it the week we got it into the store but, you know how i roll, this was just sitting around for ages and ages in a stack by the door and then i heard that it was amaaaazing and then i heard that it was terrrrrible and etc etc and it wasn t until zombie month 2011 that i managed to see for my damn selfd for me, it was good but i have [...]

mark monday

YO, THERE S SOME MUTHAFUCKIN SPOILERS UP IN THIS BITCH, FOR REAL 1 Star for the most grindingly obvious villain that i ve had the displeasure of experiencing in years he s a militaristic, right wing, fundamentalist old man with the ruthless urge to dominate and no respect for youth, the media, liberals, etc i know these people exist, obviously but can t targets be picked with a bit subtlety and finesse this guy was out of central casting and only needed a moustache to twirl to be obvious geez [...]

Emily May

Looks like I m going to have to add this book to the list I call Popular books I can t appreciate along with novels like The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Magic Bites To all those members who loved this book I tried, I swear I did I finished a book that failed to grab my interest one bit right up to the last page, I have never forced myself to read 571 pages of a book that felt like wading through sludge Perhaps I am not intelligent enough for this story, but whatever the reason, I ve come away [...]

Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

This book broke my heart Twice Today I have a headache and puffy bags under my eyes But it was worth it Kellis Amberlee is a fact of existence You live, you die, and then you come back to life, get up, and shamble around trying to eat your former friends and loved ones That s the way it is for everyone Two of my favorite books this year both have zombies in them One is The Reapers Are the Angels The other is Feed view spoiler I wonder what that says about me hide spoiler But they are really very [...]

Michelle, the Bookshelf StalkerQueen of the Undead

Ok, I really got to stop adding things to my review but just this last timeFeed and the entire Newsflesh Trilogy made the list forBest Badass Zombie Booksdassbookreviews the bestOk All you FEED fans for your viewing pleasure from Mira Grant s aka Seanan McGuire s blog FED by Mira GrantWhat if the ending of FEED had been different FED, by Mira Grant But trust us, if you haven t read FEED, you don t want to read on This ending contains massive spoilers.Still want to read FED go tofacebook newsfles [...]


The short of it is I had a like hate relationship with this novel.The Good FEED has an undeniable energy to the pace and proceedings The world building, in terms of how folks deal with the zombies viral outbreak is very good too The author clearly knows her stuff when it comes to tech and virology That aspect of the novel is very impressive.The Bad In my opinion, the politics read too much like a white middle class suburban dream The dueling candidates were broad brush stereotypes including a he [...]


Final rating 5 5 starsFinal rating for the whole series 5 5 starsSooooo.ever heard of Zombie reporters No Well, meet Georgia Mason and Shaun Mason from After the end times Now seriously It is one of the rare books where you actually have two siblings for main characters who aren t blood related at all I usually find many books with a whiny female who is sad about her life, she is boring or she is just so idiotic This isn t the case, here we have strong main characters Shaun and George Georgia , [...]


I read this for the Apocalypse Whenever book group and ended up not liking it at all I ll admit I have some prejudices that pushed me to that assessment 1 I really hate it when I can hear an author s opinions or point of view coming out of the mouths of his or her characters Ian Malcom in Jurassic Park, Laszlo Kreizler in The Alienist, etc Laszlo even looks like Caleb Carr I know that authors almost always use their characters to channel some of the authors own thoughts and opinions, but when th [...]


Going to artsy college is weird.The school reading I m used to is, like, white dudes with sharp writing styles from the mid twentieth century Or white dudes with clunky writing styles from the nineteenth century Or the occasional lyrical white dude from ancient Greece.There s some of that at artsy college But there s also this.Yes I read this book, about bloggers in a zombie apocalypse, for a real, human class For credit This book got me that one extra step toward graduation.Does it seem like I [...]


The zombies are here, and they re not going away, but they re not the story They were, for one hot, horrible summer at the beginning of the century, but now they re just another piece of the way things work They did their part They changed everything If you re looking for a simple zombie book, this ain t it Filled with political intrigue, conspiracies, and a long, tedious political campaign amidst a zombie filled post apocalypse world, of course Feed is intelligent, it s intense, and though some [...]


Corruption s been with us a lot longer than the living dead 4.5 stars This was great Original and gritty, it shifted the centre of the story away from zombies and onto the political campaign of a Senator a presidential candidate It was an approach I haven t seen developed before in terms of post outbreak stories I ve read some about how society survives years after a zombie infection, but not about the survival of technology and nation wide politics An excellent addition to my zombie shelf

Kimberley doruyter

a zombie apocalypse so well written it could be realill one of the best books i ve read, when it comes to zombies.


Please, please don t let the z word turn you away from this book I mean, don t get me wrong this book has some fantastic, edge of your seat type action, including some of the zombie battling classics I only have one bullet left SAVE IT FOR YOURSELF But the truth is, the zombies are merely the stimulus behind the really scary stuff in this book human complacency and fear, the mass marketing of lies, and the biggest freak show of them all the republican primary Replace the zombies with water short [...]


You live, you die, and then you come back to life, get up, and shamble around trying to eat your former friends and loved ones That s the way it is for everyone.This book actually made me almost cry That is truly a feat because I don t even usually get close to tears unless I m cutting onions And, yet I only gave it a three star rating because I would say I didn t care for the main story too much, but fell in love with the relationship between the main characters So, I figured it deserved a midd [...]


4.5 stars I am used by now to read books that are great amazing in the beginning, ok by the middle, and surprise the hell out of me all through the ending Feed is that kind of book and even .I loved how it started with such a great adventure , and I loved that feeling I got through the story, like I was part of it, finding and information about the world, the virus, the people involved Yes, at some point it got to be a bit slow, but it was still full of useful information and there was still w [...]

Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

The difference between the truth and a lie is that both of them can hurt, but only one will take the time to heal you afterward I ve heard about Feed for a few years, but as usual I m slow to join the party After reading it, I agree it deserves its reputation Look at the synopsis, and you may think zombie In reality its a book where the zombies hover in the background of a character rich mystery I forgot about the zombies half the time, because it s not a horror book about zombies it s a drama t [...]


A gripping, suspenseful read with lots of heart.Feed is by no means a perfect book It could be considered lengthy There is way too much info dumping although I found the info dumped very interesting The blood testing procedure is described in detail about 478 times Georgia is forced to take off her sunglasses by unfriendly security officers at least every 50 pages The senator and his wife are a little too nice, whereas the villain is a little too fanatic and easy to spot It is not that hard to f [...]


4.5 stars I actually like zombie books and so I ve read quite a few This one definitely rates up there among the top, achieving the goal of situating an interesting story in a post zombie apocalypse world.The result in this case is a sort of genre mash up of zombie survival with political thriller, and it works wonderfully Grant has a wordy storytelling style, which I first noticed when I read Parasite, but I think she makes it work with the narrative In both cases the verbosity seems consistent [...]

Stephanie *Very Stable Genius*

Do you know what the one I found impossible to believe about this book Zombies No Sure, they are impossible but no, not that.Hipsters with determination enough to create a top notch news site blog NoThat a society wouldn t just lose their collective minds when their dead friends and loved ones got up and tried to eat them, and yet somehow kept it together enough to create amazing tech to help them survive When in 2015 I m amazed most people can keep themselves alive, feed themselves and tie thei [...]


Initial ThoughtsI m sorry, I can t actually read this last page BECAUSE OF THE TEARS Or at least the metaphorical ones because I don t cry at books but you get what I mean This book is horrifically sad High points.ZOMBIES I am a huge fan of zombies and I always thought that everyone else was too, but from reading reviews of this a main reason why people were unsure about this was because of the zombies Zombies were the reason why I picked up these books More than zombies even though I am all for [...]


Feed fractured my heart, and then broke it so, of course, it deserves to be my first five star book of 2012 It is definitely not your typical zombie story with sleazy action sequences and creepy cliches, but a wonderful mix of zombies, blogging, and politics.The book takes place after the Rising of 2014, in which the cure to the common cold and the cure to cancer combined to form a virus that raised the dead Several people were immediately infected and many lost their lives during that initial [...]


I kept passing this book by partly because I am not a fan of zombie books and partly because that title is horrible Well it turns out all I was doing was missing out on a really good book Yes there are zombies in it but really they are just the back story The main event revolves around Georgia and Shaun Mason, their relationship and the way they live their lives in a dystopian future where scientists have eradicated cancer and cured the common cold but have unwittingly released a killer virus on [...]


A perfect summer read It starts out with our heroes poking sharp sticks at zombies and a narrow escape It s a good way to develop interest, but the plot actually focuses on an adopted brother sister news team, Georgia and Shaun Mason Their careers take off when they win the chance to follow and blog about a presidential candidate as he campaigns for his party s nomination I thought Grant did a great job of projecting technology into the future without becoming particularly silly about it no flyi [...]

Will M.

Believe me when I say that this is not your typical zombie apocalypse novel I didn t really know that before I read this, so I was expecting a Walking Dead experience Get ready to be disappointed though if you re also expecting the same thing.Change is not always bad, and same goes for diversity This novel took a different take regarding zombies, and honestly it proved believable than most It s true that eradication of the population would mean eradication of the plot itself, because what s to [...]

Kwesi 章英狮

Slow morbid death A Feed by Mira Grant Book ReviewI m behind from my yearlong challenge, the quantity challenge which sponsored by , for the past two months It s like I m working twenty four seven in the outside world without knowing that I m lying on my bed without doing something, idle for hours and it s becoming my favourite habit Well, Feed, Feed is another issue I read slowly the book s pacing was slow exhausted from a week long travel In the end, I finished the book for two weeks Two weeks [...]

N.K. Jemisin

This is the best book I ve read recently which tackles the zombie apocalypse and then goes, Then what In this case, what happened was the utter transformation of society In Grant s world, every human being is infected with the virus that causes zombiefication upon death, so the threat of a new outbreak is constant every time someone has a heart attack or a bad car accident, their bodies have to be dealt with very quickly, or else Sometimes they spontaneously amplify even before death, in respons [...]

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