Nov 29, 2022
Why We Broke Up
Posted by Daniel Handler Maira Kalman

✓ Why We Broke Up ☆ Daniel Handler Maira Kalman, Why We Broke Up, Daniel Handler Maira Kalman, Why We Broke Up I m telling you why we broke up Ed I m writing it in this letter the whole truth of why it happened Min Green and Ed Slaterton are breaking up so Min is writing Ed a letter and giving him a box Inside the box is why they broke up Two bottle caps a movie ticket a folded note a box of matches a protractor books a toy truck a pair of ugly earrings a comb from aI m telling y ✓ Why We Broke Up ☆ Daniel Handler Maira Kalman - Why We Broke Up, Why We Broke Up I m telling you why we broke up Ed I m writing it in this letter the whole truth of why it happened Min Green and Ed Slaterton are breaking up so Min is writing Ed a letter and giving him a box Ins

  • Title: Why We Broke Up
  • Author: Daniel Handler Maira Kalman
  • ISBN: 9780316127257
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover
✓ Why We Broke Up ☆ Daniel Handler Maira Kalman, Why We Broke Up, Daniel Handler Maira Kalman, Why We Broke Up I m telling you why we broke up Ed I m writing it in this letter the whole truth of why it happened Min Green and Ed Slaterton are breaking up so Min is writing Ed a letter and giving him a box Inside the box is why they broke up Two bottle caps a movie ticket a folded note a box of matches a protractor books a toy truck a pair of ugly earrings a comb from aI m telling y

✓ Why We Broke Up ☆ Daniel Handler Maira Kalman - Why We Broke Up, Why We Broke Up I m telling you why we broke up Ed I m writing it in this letter the whole truth of why it happened Min Green and Ed Slaterton are breaking up so Min is writing Ed a letter and giving him a box Ins


Why We Got Together by ReynjeDear Why We Broke Up ,It wasn t that long ago that I thought I would be writing you a break up letter A terse, thanks but no thanks, it s not me it s you now kindly get lost note I can be acerbic when I m annoyed and there it is, the admission, the honest truth that I thought you would annoy me.It makes me wonder why I buy books sometimes, whether it s truthfully the book itself I want or the simple act of acquisition I crave Is it the words I tell myself I need, or [...]


I m going to tell you something, whoever is going to read this review, if anybody will be reading this piece of junk that I am writing as I go at all I m going to tell you something, and you better believe me because I m not one to give advice to strangers unless they re lost on the subway, or wondering where the nearest KFC is I always know where the nearest KFC is I don t know how personal or convoluted this might get, but I guess it s what some people say, right The important thing is to try [...]

Jesse (JesseTheReader)

I feel like I just went through a break up.


Let me tell you, book, why we broke up You were in first person, the narrator being a girl who constantly, constantly was being called arty, different, and who always hated it, who always repeated herself and wrote in run on sentences like it would sound different And that s why we broke up Her boyfriend, this different girl s boyfriend, is a jock, and quite clearly from day 1 an asshat and a loser, and yet she dated him and loved him within two weeks of ever knowing him, and it was such a stupi [...]


This breakup story has a nice premise, but the narrator, as written by Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket , is too artsy quirky hormonal annoying for my taste Her penchant for run on sentences and pages long angst filled paragraphs is hard to appreciate The dialog is mostly annoying too It is worth mentioning though, that this book got starred reviews from pretty much every major professional review publication So I am clearly going against the grain here.


First, here s just one elided line not even the most wonderful line, just a lovely one out of a million beautiful lines that encapsulates why Daniel Handler is the most wonderful startlingly unique best ever You snacked away into the other room, and the rubber band sat in my hand, a loose worm, a lazy snake, a wide open lasso ready to rodeo something Who writes like that Who is fantastic than Daniel Handler No one, no one, no one Holy goodness gracious this book is so good Another thing this bo [...]

Imani ♥ ☮

I did not finish this book.Nor, do I have any intention of doing so.I don t pretend to be an expert on Lemony Snicket or whoever I did not read that series of unfortunate events series and frankly, never plan on doing so, either But I can say, that this author, has theoretically disappointed me.It s not that the plot was badcessarily It s just thate whole thing was very annoying I didn t like the main characters I didn t like how every little thing of every thing someone did had to be wry, sarca [...]

Aj the Ravenous Reader

3.5 stars What happens when an arty , different kind of girl like Min dates a popular, selfish prick like Ed Why We Broke Up happens Remember how your English teacher brought out the artistic and literary side of you when she he tricked forced you into telling something about yourself through show and tell This book is kind of written that way It is about a box of Ed Slaterton treasures Min Green collected during the entire course of their relationship.It is a very cute concept with the matching [...]


Wow I haven t read something I so enjoyed in quite a long while.I read this book with my friend Jesse Every day we would set a target and read up until that point, sharing what we thought of that section, gushing or ranting That experience was so much fun and it definitely added to the reasons why I loved it it was something I shared with a friend.However, this book didn t need that added loveliness for me to give it five stars The biggest point of WOO for me is the writing Daniel Handler really [...]

Raeleen Lemay

This book was BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING, but something that bothered me was how some of the things Min talked about made me think the book should have been titledWhy We Shouldn t Have Dated in the First Place You can see how these things about Ed bothered her right from the beginning, but she just went with it anyway grrrrr.


My old review was pretty terrible so one of these days I ll rewrite it


I read up to page 41 in Why We Broke Up, and I could not bring myself to read I felt like the story was going so fast, and I got irritated with Min s voice the story is a letter Min wrote to her ex boyfriend, some jock guy from her school called Ed And Ed Who I couldn t even picture him in my head Seriously, I just saw a blob I even skimmed to see why they broke up, and it was very annoying If I actually read the entire book, I m pretty sure I would have gotten a headache.Now, with the way Min [...]

Cece (ProblemsOfaBookNerd)

I m going to try to keep my review brief I did not like this book At no point in the book was I enjoying the process of reading it The relationship felt ridiculous and nonsensical, and I spent the entire 375 pages wondering why did they get together in the first place This question was never answered for me The lead character, Min, was pretentious and unbearable And every time a character said she was great because she was different, I wanted to throw the book across the room I hated the prose , [...]


0.5 WOW Oh wow What an astonishingly infuriating girl and not the word I m actually thinking of He treats her like trash and she goes with it SHE JUST TAKES IT Ohhhh, AND Of course she has a best friend who treats her like gold and is madly in love with her but, does she give him a second thought that s right You guessed it Blockhead And the thing is, I would ve accepted it all kill me as it might had there been some kind of a lesson or anything resembling that at the end you know, accountabilit [...]


This book will make you fall in love and then break up with you without a second glance I loved it.


when i saw that book in the bookstore i really liked how it looked, and the illustrations were amazingit was very tempting to buy, so i did buy it, not expecting for a book with this amazing illustrations and an author like Daniel Handler a.k.a lemony snicket, to be badbut sadly All that glitters is not gold.i had a lot of major issues with this booklike the second person point of view narrating, and the characters who didn t actually feel like humans, they re like a human qualities had been per [...]


Book 3 for booktubeathon 2017Wowee I m sad but it s the good kind of sad I think So many things so many things.1 Ed is the worst2 I love Min3 I have never experienced that kind of heartbreak and break up and I hope I NEVER DO.4 I enjoyed the writing style for the most part even though sometimes it got to be a little too much and I felt my eyes skipping down past to the next part.5 All in all pretty good.


I kind of feel bad for her about how it ended but yeah, this wasn t really for me, at all I don t think I m going to write an in depth review on Why We Broke Up, but if you want one just ask Reasons why I didn t like this book at all I The author wasted all the potential of the book, because the idea and the art inside were really good but the rest is a big nope.II The writing style is just a mess I don t why he decided to go for this type of writing but WTF, I skipped paragraphs and paragraphs [...]


I have never experienced a break up You know, one of those, she doesn t have to have her fresh young fellows tape back, but there s not a long of things that she ll take back kind of break up or the And I m here to remind you of the mess you left when you went away It s not fair to deny me of the cross I bear that you gave to me angsty throw yourself across the room break up Or the pathetic It s been seven hours and 15 days since you took your love away no can t say that I have unless you count [...]

Carolina Stroschein

My hymen is extremely flammable Debo admitir que me compr este libro por los dibujitos y, sin siquiera haber le do la contratapa, lo empec a leer Ya desde el comienzo, me sorprendi mucho la originalidad de la historia, es decir, que la protagonista le diera cierre a su relaci n con Ed Slaterton poniendo todos los objetos que de alguna forma u otra estuvieran ligados a su pasado en una caja y devolvi ndosela Como si eso fuera poco, cada objeto cuenta una historia y es as como Minnie va reconstruy [...]


Rating 3.5 Stars I read this novel last week, so I don t remember much of how I felt while I read it, except from what I have to go by from my notes, but Idoremember thinking, the very moment I finished it, that I hated it I hated this book with a passion Ironically, it wasn t even because I didn t like it it was because I liked itsomuch, I wassosucked into this tale and its characters and wrapped up in this crazy, beautiful, teenage dream that was the life of the main character that I forgot wh [...]


ALL OF THE FIVE STARS Okay so, I just wanna start by saying that this is going to be one of those heart felt and emotional reviews, cause i really connected with the story and it really had an impact in my life sounds dramatic but it did I had no intention of reading this book, whatsoever I got it because I won a box of books last year and this book just happened to be in it, it was just one of those books that somehow happens to rest upon your shelf No biggie A certain series of events led me t [...]


A very unique read I enjoyed this for the most part though I found some parts very confusing and hard to understand The writing and pictures are consistently beautiful.


This is a book where describing what happened kind of misses the point, because it s not really about that But, I ve gotta start somewhere, so it s written as an angry, passionate, heart broken and heart breaking letter, from Minerva Green, a quirky off beat cinephile, to her former boyfriend, king jock and jerk, Ed Slaterton The letter accompanies a box, filled with the prizes and debris of this relationship, like the glitter in the gutter when the parade has passed, all the everything and what [...]


I loved the premise of this novel Absolutely loved it I thought it was genius I mean, didn t everyone make one of those boxes full of all those obscure items from your relationship that don t really many anything to anyone but you I know I ve burned a few of those What can I say I ve had some bad break ups I think I was so excited about the premise of this novel that once I was done reading I felt very underwhelmed.The only reason I kept reading is because I wanted to see why they broke up And i [...]


2.5 This one is difficult for me because as I was reading this book I HATED it Seriously, passionately, vocally As a book of my memory, my hatred is softened, but still present However, and this is a big however, I m not convinced it s a bad book I didn t like it, but I think it s a taste issue The narrative style is interesting and it seems like he spent some time thinking about the mechanics of it, but ultimately decided to make the reader suspend a certain amount of disbelief I was unable to [...]


So this is it The definitive breakup story The ode to all those who loved not wisely but too well and were caught like a deer in headlights by some hackneyed plot twist, irony, that everyone could see but them.Handler could had written this book just for me But not because I identified with his generic and lowest common denominator story of heartbreak, but because I am breaking up with one of my favorite authors who has released one of the most disappointing works of modern literature I ve ever [...]


I have to begin of with saying that the book was different and that s what caught my attention in the first place It was interesting, it kept me reading.Each souvenir, I guess I could say that Min collected each time she spent with Ed or spent doing something for Ed has a story behind it, and that is this story After they broke up Min sends back each of them back to him along with a letter and so the story unspools to the reader It speaks about how fragile a lust driven teenage can be The story [...]

Eileen Daly-Boas

Ehhh, this didn t do anything for me I finished it only to find the predictable ending did actually happen Maybe it s just too much like high school, which I didn t enjoy all that much in the first place I could imagine my 15 18 year old self liking it perhaps Seemed just a bit too longere s only so much self involved teenage angst one can reasonably be expected to read Handler does a good job with the voice though The fake movies the main character cites get annoying after a short while It woul [...]


Y comenc a hacer planes, pensando que llegar amos tan lejos Qu complicado explicar esto, no Primero parto de lo b sico, las cartas escritas por Min est n muy bien escritas, me gust mucho Y que se acuerde de cada di logo, cada frase y cada momento, creo que si yo hubiese sido ella y con mi memoria a corto plazo , le daba los recuerdos a Ed con un Te quiero, te quise, te odi , te odio y listo Pero ac no hablamos de m , sino de Min.Los dibujos de Maira Kalman son muy lindos, me encanta que sean sim [...]

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