Nov 29, 2022
The Secret
Posted by Julie Garwood

É The Secret ✓ Julie Garwood, The Secret, Julie Garwood, The Secret Judith Hampton was as beautiful as she was proud as purposeful as she was loyal The dear Scottish friend of her childhood was about to give birth and Judith had promised to be at her side But there was another private reason for the journey from her bleak English home to the Highlands to meet the father she had never known the Laird Maclean Nothing prepared her forJudith Hampton was É The Secret ✓ Julie Garwood - The Secret, The Secret Judith Hampton was as beautiful as she was proud as purposeful as she was loyal The dear Scottish friend of her childhood was about to give birth and Judith had promised to be at her side But there

  • Title: The Secret
  • Author: Julie Garwood
  • ISBN: 9780671744212
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Ebook
É The Secret ✓ Julie Garwood, The Secret, Julie Garwood, The Secret Judith Hampton was as beautiful as she was proud as purposeful as she was loyal The dear Scottish friend of her childhood was about to give birth and Judith had promised to be at her side But there was another private reason for the journey from her bleak English home to the Highlands to meet the father she had never known the Laird Maclean Nothing prepared her forJudith Hampton was PostSecret Secret Maryo Chronicles News PINK Victoria s Secret crouton for nicole Secret Gardens Sydney Landscape Architecture Horticulture Wedding Invitations Wedding Stationery South Africa Secret Secret Garden Events AZ Finest Wedding Location Principal Secret Reclaim Anti Aging Skin Care with Argireline WordPress Secret Masonic Handshakes, Passw ords, Grips Ephesians

É The Secret ✓ Julie Garwood - The Secret, The Secret Judith Hampton was as beautiful as she was proud as purposeful as she was loyal The dear Scottish friend of her childhood was about to give birth and Judith had promised to be at her side But there

Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession

The Secret, the 1st book in the Highlands Lairds series, is now tied as my favorite Julie Garwood book with The Bride I loved this one so much It starts out so cute with two little girls, one Scottish, on English becoming friends Judith and Frances Catherine were just so damn cute Their friendship was like icing on the cake for me I loved Iain He was perfect He just had so much charm than other JG heroes I have read I also really loved Judith I loved that she was sassy, outspoken and brave I th [...]


This book grabbed from the Prologue, filled with both endearing and funny moments In a few pages, Ms Garwood had me loving Judith, the heroine, and her friend Frances Catherine By the end of Chapter 2, I was also in love with Iain, the hero, and smiling like a silly girl What a nice way to start a book Judith and Frances Catherine met as children and formed an unlikely friendship Judith was English and Frances Catherine was Scottish, and everyone knew that English and Scottish hated each other W [...]


There was a lot to love about this book, but I think my favorite thing was the friendship between our heroine and her bestie They grew up seeing each other once a year and had that kind of loyalty that only comes with being best girlfriends.When our heroine s bestie, Frances Catherine, becomes pregnant, she calls upon our girl, Judith, to fulfill a promise she made to be there when the baby is born This may seem like no big deal, but Judith is English and Frances Catherine is Scottish and in a c [...]

Chantal ❤️

This book was amazing I loved how possessive the hero was towards the heroine He would not let he ride with anyone else during their trip to the keep Omg he was just so sweet and he was loving Their chemistry was off the charts and the whole birthing rights and rituals was just great to read I had to look up everything Wow have we come a long way from these dark days.The whole sin of eve thing was pissing me off It was those times I guess Still loved it.


Delightful 4 starsThe Secret was a delight to read I was easily swept into Julie Garwood s world of witty dialogue, enchanting characters, and feel good romance.I did, however, find it difficult to feel the connection and chemistry between Iain s and Judith s characters during the first half of the book In fact, at times I felt there was chemistry between Judith and Brodick than between Judith and Iain Fortunately, by the end of the story I was a firm believer in Judith s and Iain s relationshi [...]

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish

5 bloody brilliant, hot Highland Laird stars Audio Kindle Paperback ReviewVery rarely do I have the opportunity to read a book that isn t a review required read, but I needed something familiar, something comforting this past week, and so I chose to re read listen to this story I am so, so very glad I did I had read The Secret paperback years ago and never reviewed because I was on a Julie Garwood binge Book after book, I didn t have time to stop and write down my thoughts because I couldn t sto [...]


4 A very sweet and pleasant Highlander Historical Romance I enjoyed it exactly for what it was a romance in a very difficult for women time I know most of my GR friends get upset over the almost none existing female rights of those times and want all heroines to be strong, bold and independent, which would be absolutely absurd for their environment Although I like the historical accurate portrayal of that, this book manages to successfully combine a close proximity to Historical accuracy with st [...]

Stacey is Sassy

The Secret wasn t such a secret after all I loved The Secret and after listening to it for the first time and re reading it for the 20 billionth time, I think I love it .Judith is a strong and feisty English woman whose best friend is a Scot When she s asked to attend her friends birthing of her first child, she does not hesitate to pack her bags Ian is Laird and as a favour to his brother offers to collect the English woman Ian thinks his brother is daft giving in to his woman and scoffed at hi [...]


This is my first book by Julie Garwood and it may be my last Yes, I enjoyed this book but I found it too cutesy and simplistic I think that if it had been either a funny book or a dark book I would have enjoyed it , but this mix of funny banter with very dark topics didn t do it for me.On one hand, you have very serious topics dangers and fear of pregnancy which is the first time I have read in a historical so I give the author kudos for that , battles between clans in Scotland, the hatred betwe [...]

Shari Kay

4.5 This is a reread for me I ve had a few of them lately that have left me disappointed but not this one I loved it I had a smile on my face for entire first part of the book The banter between Iain and Judith is a hoot The friendship between Judith and Frances Catherine was precious Loved it Sowhy not a 5 star as I d marked it in the past I m pickier now Maybe even a bit jaded IDK but for me it went just a bit OTT with how Judith changed the clan Don t get me wrong, I love a historical that wa [...]


3.5 StarsOverall Opinion This wasn t quite as good as I had hoped it would be I didn t dislike it, but I just didn t love it either The prologue sucked me in right from the start The girls friendship was too cute and I was so excited to continue on the story It has to be one of the best prologues I ve read in a while The friendship amongst the women and a few of the elders was definitely the highlight of the story for me I felt like the romance was off to great start, but then quickly took a bac [...]


Sigh This was magnificent I hadn t done a highlander book in a long while The story was adorable The writing was funny and the characters were endearing Lovely

~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews

20 years ago all I read was historical romance Unfortunately I can t remember any of them except Gone with the Wind So here I am a romance addict and I m just now discovering Julie Garwood and all about the Alpha perfection of Scottish Highlanders Iain just did it for me from the start Brooding yet tender and kind Funny and temperamental too This story grabbed me at the prologue because one of my favorite things about any story is friendships between women The secrets and bonds they share and ho [...]


4.5 stars and it could ve been 5 if there was just a smidge unglossed steam, otherwise it s beautifully written and the characters bounce off the pages It s the type of story you can lose yourself in and forget where you are despite the annoying microscopic print Garwood does a fantastic job with the language in this book She twists and turns simple things to make them all complicated and in the end it s hilarious There are so many parts left vague or unsaid and you keep on reading because you [...]


Still dancing happy dance I am so grateful to my GR friends otherwise I might have missed this gem I don t know what to write It was funny, heartwarming, charming, and romantic and amazing all wrapped in one JG s highland romances are quickly moving up on my favorite list Lady Judith Elizabeth is a wonderful English heroine and Iain is a clueless, arrogant Scottish lair who doesn t think he will fall in love but of course he does happy sigh It might have been quite similar to The Bride but why c [...]


It s cheesy and probably not incredibly historically accurate, but still manages to be very enjoyable I even find myself loving Garwood s Mary Sue heroines I suppose she simply gets a pass for making it all so darn enjoyable Recommended for days when you just want a light sweet feel good romance.


Opening line They became friends before they were old enough to understand they were supposed to hate each other.That s got to be one of loveliest opening lines ever, and everything that came afterwards was as delightful as that A true keeper that only gets better every time I reread it.

Kübra Yağmur

SEN AH M E K YET EDER M JUL E B yle bir erke i sko erke i yazmak b y k su ilan edilmeli ve Julie en a r cezaya arpt r lmal nk , Allah a na, IAIN de NSAN MIYDI Onu ge tim OLAN VAR, OLMAYAN VAR ULAN, az insafl ol yazarken i eklerle Judith, dedi Tap nak i eklerle dolacak S z veriyorum San r m bu, bug ne kadar okudu um en muhte em sko roman yd Ba ndan sonuna kadar her kelimesine bay ld m Karakterleri, olaylar ve akl n za gelecek her eyinden bahsediyorum Dibimin d medi i tek sat r yoktu.Daha nce okud [...]

Büşra Öztürk

AAAAAA SKO LARA BAYILIYORUM , COK GUZELD BEEEEE _ Sevgi s zc klerine dair d nmeyi gerektiren, olduk a beceriksizce bir giri imdi bu ve Iain in bu alanda kesinlikle hi deneyimi yoktu Yine de Iain bir uval inciri berbat etmemeye kararl yd Bu an n Judith i in kusursuz olmas gerekiyordu Iain s z ne, Judith diyerek ba lad Evet, Iain Ben seni al koyuyorum.


I had plans to read this for Romance Book Bingo 2017, but I already read a book for Man in the Kilt, so this book is just something that I read for my own enjoyment.As a long time Julie Garwood fan, I have to say the saddest day for me was when she stopped writing her historical books I have tried to get into her contemporary works, and each and every time ended up DNFing the book I still have most of her historical books on my shelves at home, so it was great to read this and Saving Grace this [...]


Do ru kelime buysa vizyon sahibi bir hikayeydi ama i imdeki ne sko ne de historical ate ini yakabildi Julie teyzeden ok daha iyilerini okuduk


So much to love about this story Not only did this have a great story but there were great relationships beyond the female and male main characters The characters were all strong and I adored them Bonus Lovely descriptions of the highlands that made me want to book a flight immediately.A beautiful tale of friendship between two women that grew over a lifetime despite coming from backgrounds that should have prevented them from ever coming together in the first place.Judith s internal monologue d [...]

April (Aprilius Maximus)

2.5 STARS I loved how the main character stood up for women s rights and everything, but there was literally no plot and it was hella boring


Another bit of Julie Garwood goodness Loved Judith She was sweet yet strong and loyal Probably one of my favorite heroines ever My only wish was time with them together and an epilogue.


3,5 Sevgili buddym K bra sayesinde ba lad m bu kitaba Yoksa yle sko filan krizlerine girmem yani Yoksa aramam ama bulmu sam al r m bi dal Kitaptaki erkek karaktere yle tav olmad m san r m etek giyen erkek fikrini kafamdan atamad m kad n karakter ve di er yan karakterler tam evlere enlikti yle muhte em bir kurgusu yoktu ama akt gitti asla s kmad kimse g ze batmad tam bu s cak havalarda kafa da tmad k muhte em bir kitap mutlaka neririm PS Ayr ca o hamile muhabbetleri neydi ayol resmen Do uma haz r [...]

Lakshmi C

I really LOVED The Secret and this will feature in my best 2017 reads The book was poignant, romantic and it made me laugh often The story opens with a beautiful, innocent friendship Papa, am I damn Scots You most certainly are not Am I Judith asked, her worry obvious in her voice You re English, Judith, her friend s papa patiently explained Am I damn English Her friend s papa was clearly exasperated Nobody s damn anything, I loved the rapport among the women in this one They were strong, witty [...]


Repeating this one again A feel good favorite Love these Highland Historicals Garwood is a kick, a mix of humor, sizzle, and action She can t be taken too seriously, since her heroes are over the top alpha and her plots are improbable.As I read this for the nth time I smiled and chuckled, and then frowned at the hypocracy of the male dominated church Have read it oodles of times Beautiful story I just adore Iain Maitland and even his heroine, Judith Sweet romance between Iain s brother Patrick a [...]

Sophie ♥

I won t be writing a review but I will write a few of my thoughts on this book As much as a I liked the light hearted tone of this book, I also felt that Julie Garwood essentially just glossed over any drama or angst It was almost like she wanted to simplify everything for us The plot wasn t very sophisticated, but I enjoyed her writing and wit enough for the plot to not really matter I was slightly disappointed in the ending The ending of a romance novel is usually the best part of the book but [...]

Heather❀Book and a Blanket❀

Just fantastic I don t know what it is about these highland romances that get me every single time This is historical romance at its best Shame on me for just now discovering Julie Garwood in 2017.

Lover of Romance

The Secret takes us back into time to the Scottish Highlands, medieval time period Where we have Judith Hampton who is English, but never knew her father, except for his ring, and her mother not caring one whit about her welfare Having gone from different relatives homes, and now a grown up woman, has studies childbirth for her closest and best friend Frances Catherine, who is married to the brother of Laird Maclean So when the Iain s goes to retrieve Judith on behalf of his brother and his wife [...]

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