Aug 08, 2022
Seduce Me in Dreams
Posted by Jacquelyn Frank

[PDF] Read ↠ Seduce Me in Dreams : by Jacquelyn Frank, Seduce Me in Dreams, Jacquelyn Frank, Seduce Me in Dreams Bronse Chapel is a highly specialised Commander with a no fear no fail no fatality motto His team is the best of the best so why does someone want them all dead [PDF] Read ↠ Seduce Me in Dreams : by Jacquelyn Frank - Seduce Me in Dreams, Seduce Me in Dreams Bronse Chapel is a highly specialised Commander with a no fear no fail no fatality motto His team is the best of the best so why does someone want them all dead

  • Title: Seduce Me in Dreams
  • Author: Jacquelyn Frank
  • ISBN: 9780749955144
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Read ↠ Seduce Me in Dreams : by Jacquelyn Frank, Seduce Me in Dreams, Jacquelyn Frank, Seduce Me in Dreams Bronse Chapel is a highly specialised Commander with a no fear no fail no fatality motto His team is the best of the best so why does someone want them all dead

[PDF] Read ↠ Seduce Me in Dreams : by Jacquelyn Frank - Seduce Me in Dreams, Seduce Me in Dreams Bronse Chapel is a highly specialised Commander with a no fear no fail no fatality motto His team is the best of the best so why does someone want them all dead


This was a book I wanted to love I miss the Jacquelyn Frank of old Elijah Gideon , back when her books made sense and her characters were lickable Now I want to punt the characters across the room sigh The idea was intriguing It s a futuristic SciFi idea with three worlds The Interplanetary Malitia keeps the peace I could buy into all of that One thing that I do love about Frank is that she never lacks in imagination I loved the worlds.What hurt this book came down to basic story telling The hea [...]


I really adored the Nightwalkers series, thought the Shadowdwellers series was ok, but found Frank s last series both boring and kind of creepy So, I was both hopeful and slightly apprehensive when I started this one Unfortunately, I only got about 100 pages into it before deciding that it s a DNF.The good when Bronse and Ravenna are in scenes together, they have a really strong chemistry that reminds me of the sweet sensuality that made me like the Nightwalkers so much.The bad everything elseIt [...]


First Reads Winner Ok so this was hard for me to get into at first I am not a huge futuristic fan but I did enjoy this book and look forward to the next one I loved that Rave and the rest of The Chosen Ones were so different I do have to say that Rave s brother Kith was on my last nerve by the end of the book But it did seem that he was maybe kinda trying not to be such a spoiled pain in the Bronse the commander was pretty cool and I loved how his team all worked together like a family So basica [...]


3.5 STARS Absolutely loved the plot Completely original and different from what I have been reading lately, which is not an easy thing to achieve as I ve read almost EVERYTHING in this genre Surprises are always welcome It got a bit confusing from time to time because it was a very complex world building and many new characters to get to know, but I ALWAYS love a new challenge Maybe I liked this so much because all the reads I ve been reading lately in this genre were a bit predictable and commo [...]


First the things I liked Bronse Ravenna Bronse is a special ops commander that s not the correct terminology, he s a part of a unit ETF, or something like that , and a guy with a good childhood, but with a broken marriage He was okay, but I was intrigued by his friends Lasher Ender, who seemed complex and tortured.Ravenna, for the sheltered life she led, is mature and strong She s taken care of her entire family, has no insecurities, and looses her temper only once in the entire book I m not [...]


It always takes me a bit a bit to get into Jacquelyn Frank s books I think this is because she jumps right into these unique worlds and she tends to give a lot of information Not only about the worlds, but about the characters too This sometimes takes my brain a bit to get into because I am taking in so much information and I don t want to get lost Once I got over that speed bump, the book picked up momentum and I was hooked I think my one complaint is she kept jumping between using Masin s give [...]

Holly Full Moon Bites Book Reviews

I received this book on First Reads I have to say one reasons I entered this ARC giveaways was because I was a big fan of her Nightwalkers Series But this bookough I really did love the world she created in general, I couldn t help feelingat it was slow, why I don t know, but there was definitely something missing in it for me.Bronse Chapel, the commander of a specialized unit of the Interplanetary Militia , I found was very, well to say the least he held high appeal to me, total alpha male, and [...]


I thought Seduce Me in Dreams was pretty good, and even though Franks takes her paranormal romance act to a sci fi setting this time, Seduce Me in Dreams very much fits her formula which means that Seduce Me in Dreams falls a bit on the steamy side of the steam vs story balance Seduce Me in Dreams kicks off with an attention grabbing opening as our alpha male hero Commander Bronse piggy backs a critically wounded special forces team member out of hostile territory on a dessert planet The next f [...]

Taria Reed

In all honesty I want to like this book, but it s taking me FOREVER to finish the audiobook Well forever by my standards I always have issues with fantasy stories on other worlds because they require SO much world building and I start to get bored and uninterested.I m going to muddle through and hopefully finish this by tomorrow Hopefully I m a bit than halfway through the audiobook now and I just keep thinking that this can t be the same author who gave me great stories like Jacob, Noah, Adam, [...]


WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THE BOOK1 The author did a great job expressing the passion between two people You could read w o using your imagination to get a rise out of your body.2 Favorite part was the rescue of Ravenna and Kith3 Adventure taking the reader to different locations space station different planets4 Chapter 3 was when my interest peaked Appreciated the way the author set up the characters in chapter 15 Moments between Bronse and Ravenna ooh la la WHAT I DID NOT LIKE ABOUT THE BOOK1 Names u [...]

Wendy *Sebella Blue* Mitchell

This is first book in Ms Frank s Three World series and is a significant departure from her original works Being a HUGE fan of Jacqueline s, but not really onto sci fi, I entered this with some trepidation This series takes place in a completely alien setting, there is no connection to Earth whatsoever Which I will admit, is normally not my cup of tea, but whoooo hooo She could write medical journals and I d read em Bronse Chapel is commander of an elite team of the Three World military peacekee [...]

CoffeeTimeRomance andMore

Seduce Me in Dreams is a fantastic novel with one heart stopping moment after another I swear there were times I forgot to breathe as the action, adventure, and deadly intent of the enemy was described through the wicked pen of Ms Frank I absolutely loved every moment of this novel and if I were not frozen with awe over the antics of the Chosen Ones, my heart was racing over the pure testosterone oozing men who become larger than life throughout the pages This is just the beginning of the series [...]

Barbara ★

Bronse Chapel is a special ops commander in a galaxy far far away from Earth His job is to keep peace between three planets and many different alien peoples He has a squad of five who go out on various missions In this first installment, the gang is set up to take a fall and during the mission rescues 7 Chosen Ones psychics who were kidnapped by the very people they were sent to fight.Of course, Bronse has prior knowledge of Ravenna the leader of the Chosen Ones They have been sharing dreams and [...]


For me this book started out slow the 1st fifty pages are a lot of world s building that I thought I d never get thoughbut once that is out of the way this story takes off with a bang Well worth sticking it out.Not only is there a great chemistry and story line between Bronse Ravenna I have already found myself dying to read the other s stories as well, especially Ophelia I probly spelled wrong whom is the younger sister of Ravenna and a chosen of great healling power Two Thumbs Up to Frank on a [...]


I honestly can t say this book was bad, because it wasn t It just had too much narrative for me Alot of people like it, I tend to lose patience with it This book also felt sci fi than paranormal romance but again, could just be me and my take on it.


Dnf It was ok I just lost interest for no particular reason other than spring is coming and I have been training harder Less time for ok books.

Lisa Smith

Can t wait to read the next one, especially if it is as hot as the first one.

Samie Kauchis

Here s another book where I m convinced people are rating it low due to having expected it to be a Paranormal Romance and it s NOT It s most definitely sci fi romance and I greatly enjoyed it I mean, Gods forbid that Jacquelyn Frank decide to write something other than Paranormal Romance If you don t like Sci Fi then don t read this book, simple as that.

Bonnie Lewinstein Hanono

I just couldn t seem to get into this book Ultimately I didn t finish it, which is rare for me It just seemed to move too slowly for me I have read other Jacquelyn Frank books and have liked them, so not sure what s going on with this one.

holly quigley

I absolutely hate that the one time I actually win an ARC on the GoodReads giveaway, I have to give it such a low rating Seduce Me In Dreams gets a very low 2 stars Maybe I would have been understanding, had this been a small publisher or a self pub But I think this is ultimately a case of a really neat story idea getting completely ruined by bad writing and editing And I do mean it s a neat story idea I wanted so badly for it to deliver, and it just kind of failed My apologies in advance, but [...]

Review brought to you by OBS staff Member HeidiBeware of spoilersThis is the first book in a new series, Three Worlds, by Jacquelyn Frank.Bronse is a commander for the interplanetary militia His newest team member, Trick, got injured on their latest mission While Trick s in the medbay he gets bored and hacks into their database and finds out that the admiral set them up that the mission had already been completed and that Bronse s position had been given up along with orders to destroy him.Raven [...]

Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)

This review was posted at Under The CoversI have always wanted to read a book by Jacquelyn Frank I think a lot of that has to do with the sexy covers So when I found this on audio recently I decided to give it a try I actually had NO clue what the story was about going into it so I was a bit surprised to find it had a bit of a sci fi romance theme.I do think in general those are hard books to write without getting a little cheesy, but I think Ms Frank managed to write an interesting enough story [...]

Margaret Fisk

I had intended to try Jacquelyn Frank s novels because I d heard good things about her writing skill, so when Seduce Me in Dreams showed up in the Library Thing Early Reader program, it seemed a good match I was not disappointed Though this novel is Frank s debut in the area of SF Romance, her writing skill is evident in both the depth of the characters and the complexity of the plot That s not to say the story was without its oddities and one notable weakness, but that the skill with which even [...]

Sandy M

I m always excited to get a Jacquelyn Frank book to read and review I started with and love her Shadowdwellers and Gatherers series so far So you can imagine my surprise when this first book in her new series doesn t go nearly as high on the excitement meter as those previous books.Don t get me wrong, this is still a great read I think what s missing for me is the intricate elements of dreams as used in other books I ve been swept up in those elements with every story so far in Ms Frank s other [...]


I must say that I really love this book and it wasn t expected At the begining, I wasn t sure if I would like it, but I try it anyway I stumble on it in a book store while I was waiting for an appointement I wasn t ready to start a new series from Jacquelyn Frank because I was just finishing Gideon and I like to read an entire series before started a new one But when I found Seduce Me in Dream at that price, I couldn t resist PNR and Futuristic world was kinda new to me excepted for The Barbaria [...]


4.5After a mission goes oddly wrong, Commander Bronse Chapel starts to get disturbing feelings of unease No matter how he tries to relax, he can t shake his anxiety so superstitious soldier that he is, he decides to confide in his second, Lasher There s just one detail he doesn t share with his best friend a seemingly real, beautiful brunette has been visiting him in his dreams and leaving him warnings about his team Soon after, his communications officer stumbles upon a plot surrounding his ETF [...]


I ve enjoyed Frank s demon series starts with Jacob , so I was very excited to win this ARC through a giveaway Thank you This book is a step in the scifi direction for Frank, and I think she does a pretty good job with the world building Although I just thought this book was OK, I will read the next in the series since the world and secondary characters appealed to me If any of you are fans of the TV show Firefly, this will definitely be a book that appeals I couldn t help but draw similarities [...]

Cindy Rich

Anything with dreams has always had me sit up and take notice I love a dreamscape and the aspect of what can you do in dreams that you can t do in real life has always fascinated me Needless to say, the title with dreams in it caught my eye and sucked me in This book was intriguing to me and did did not let me down The book starts like a great action flick and keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the what next around the corner You also see this in the characters of Bronse Chapel and [...]


Having their lives on the line was nothing new for Commander Bronse Chapel of the Interplanetary Militia, finding evidence that suggested he was the true target of his latest missions didn t settle well for him or his crew The gut feelings he was having didn t help any either Finding those feelings were apparently connected to his dreams didn t make him feel much better As the commander of the First Active Extreme Tactics Force ETF , he had to press on for the answers Knowing she was the one tha [...]


I tried valiantly 49%.The problems Like other reviews said, it s a slow build, and it s a somewhat boring beginning Not really plot interesting or sexy I had accepted this and continued on, hoping it would be redeemed Another big killer Some moments really lacked logic Two members are severely injured and they have a long conversation and flirt fest before there is any attempts to heal the nearly dead characters Further, even though I would still find it dumb, it wasn t even between the main two [...]

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