Dec 02, 2022
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ã Misery ✓ Stephen King, Misery, Stephen King, Misery Alternate cover edition here Paul Sheldon He s a bestselling novelist who has finally met his biggest fan Her name is Annie Wilkes and she is than a rabid reader she is Paul s nurse tending his shattered body after an automobile accident But she is also his captor keeping him prisoner in her isolated house ã Misery ✓ Stephen King - Misery, Misery Alternate cover edition here Paul Sheldon He s a bestselling novelist who has finally met his biggest fan Her name is Annie Wilkes and she is than a rabid reader she is Paul s nurse tending his shatt

  • Title: Misery
  • Author: Stephen King
  • ISBN: 9780450417399
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
ã Misery ✓ Stephen King, Misery, Stephen King, Misery Alternate cover edition here Paul Sheldon He s a bestselling novelist who has finally met his biggest fan Her name is Annie Wilkes and she is than a rabid reader she is Paul s nurse tending his shattered body after an automobile accident But she is also his captor keeping him prisoner in her isolated house

ã Misery ✓ Stephen King - Misery, Misery Alternate cover edition here Paul Sheldon He s a bestselling novelist who has finally met his biggest fan Her name is Annie Wilkes and she is than a rabid reader she is Paul s nurse tending his shatt


Misery is a gruesome story of torture with blood, guts, and a psychopath It s a well told tale, the characters are well developed and the fact that there are only two of them never gets boring It s a real page turner, in fact I finished it tonight after getting off the subway on the platform before I walked home But, this book is than just a thriller, just like King is than just a pulp writer.I read an article by the ever optimistic and cheerful Harold Bloom in college about how dismayed he wa [...]


Honestly, who among us hasn t gotten frustrated with their favorite writer and felt like holding them prisoner while forcing them to write the exact book that we want Well, don t do that because it would be wrong What kind of twisted freaks are you people Paul Sheldon is a best selling author who just ended his popular series of romance adventure novels by killing off the lead character, Misery Chastain After finishing a new novel at a Colorado resort Paul has a car accident and awakes to find t [...]

Dan Schwent

To celebrate completing a novel, writer Paul Sheldon goes on a champagne fueled drive in the Rocky mountains He winds up in a near fatal car crash, but never fear He s rescued by Annie Wilkes, his 1 fanI watched the film version of Misery in those antediluvian days before , hell, before the Internet, and decided to finally read the novel when it showed up on my BookGorilla email one day It was 2.99 very well spent.Misery is a tale of obsession, addiction, and obsession I wrote obsession twice bu [...]


My whole life people have had a hard time handling my obsessive passionate personality I don t ever just like things I m either completely enad with it or not all that interested It s just how I was made My obsession with Harry Potter is seen as excessive and I m constantly made fun of for my fondness of it I get asked aren t you a little old for that almost regularly and I have given up trying to respond because I really don t feel it necessary to explain myself to anyone I am also ridiculed fo [...]

Will M.

I just watched the movie and I can safely say that the book was 100x enjoyable for me I didn t like the changes that they did, but the cast was spot on Couldn t ask for a better Paul and Annie After the two month hiatus from Stephen King, I promised myself that I m not going to let the fact that he s my favorite author, affect my rating of whatever book of his I m reading next I think I ve proven myself before by giving Wizard and Glass a 2 star rating, even if it was damn hard I m very straigh [...]


4.75i can tell this my favourite book of Stephen king so far


Horrorosamente GENIAL Directo a la lista de mis libros favoritos Me ha encantado y a la vez me ha hecho sufrir de miedo, angustia y tensi n desde el primer cap tulo hasta el ltimo.Tuve pesadillas dos noches seguidasEstoy convencida de que los libros que generan tantos sentimientos en el lector merecen muchas estrellas Me gust mucho el gui o que hace el autor a El resplandor Stephen describe tan bien a los dos personajes de esta novela, que por momentos me olvidaba que estaba leyendo y me sent a [...]



I ve been re visiting some of my King All star Team this year as audiobooks and am reminded yet again that Uncle Steve is The Man No matter what asshats and embittered douchebags like literary critic Harold Bloom say, King is one of the greatest storytellers in any language of all time, full stop Is everything he s written pure gold Of course not Given the sheer size of the man s canon, that s to be expected But even when I think King has put up something less than stellar, I always feel his hea [...]

Natalie Monroe

Misery was my first ever Stephen King novel.There I was, an impressionable 14 year old girl drunk on romances with none fade into black sex scenes Then my favorite English teacher recommended I read Misery Your life will never be the same, he said.He was right.Misery is about the kind of fan that loves their chosen celebrity a little too much Like the man who shot John Lennon Or stalkers that drive to Miley Cyrus s house with a bouquet of roses and a foam finger The odd buttons that spoil a fand [...]

Vitor Martins

Devo come ar dizendo que esse foi o primeiro livro da minha vida que me fez sentir MEDO REAL OFICIAL Esse, sem d vidas, um livro intenso Logo nas primeiras p ginas eu j me senti completamente preso e desesperado para saber como a hist ria iria se desenrolar Quanto mais eu lia, mais eu me envolvia com os personagens e, mesmo quando eu fechava o livro, n o conseguia parar de pensar na Annie Por v rios dias encarei o livro no meu criado mudo antes de dormir e simplesmente n o tinha CORAGEM de pegar [...]


The reason authors almost always put a dedication on a book, Annie, is because their selfishness even horrifies themselves in the end.Goodbye sleep and hello Annie I m certain that my favorite book by King will always be Pet Sematary, but this book came pretty close to changing my mind And just like I m sure that Pet Sematary will always be my favorite, I m also sure that Misery one will always remain my second favorite I honestly don t know how King does it This is, without a doubt, the most di [...]


Update 1 8 17 There s crazy, and then there s the Mommy, I m scared crazy Annie is that second one She s the one you don t want to cross in any way Ticking time bombs are called ticking for a reason At some point, they re going to go off But Annie s like a wasp compared to the honeybee because she s the bomb that can explode, and explode, and explode Poor Paul Sheldon He didn t even get the chance to avoid the crazy that is Annie I m your number one fan My ass.Movie confession Yes, I ve seen it [...]


a list of things this book was disgusting disturbing a quick read, surprisingly really fond of using sexual assault as a metaphor cool cool cool harmfully stereotypical in terms of race the Africa references setting harmfully stereotypical in terms of gender so much man goes to work woman stays home honestly just pretty hateful toward women all for using the n word without blinking, apparentlya list of things this book was not scary all that great of a read for mebottom line i guess i get the st [...]


A super intense thriller where I could just envision Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes inflicting her horrors on Paul Sheldon but as scary as the movie was, the book is much terrifying Poor Paul endures than one view spoiler pre op procedure that was not included in the movie hide spoiler that completely surprised me One of the scariest and best Stephen King novels I ve read thus far

Dannii Elle

This is King at his best He takes a totally innocuous subject an ardent fan, a typewriter, a bedroom door, anything at all and infuses it with horrifying elements ordinarily reserved for supernatural spectres The reader is then thrust down a rabbit hole full of ill ease, second guessing, and the knowledge they will never be able to trust anything again when they return to the real world, at the novel s close, breathless and with an entirely new outlook on life.

Vane J.

You know those times in which you love a book, love it so so much you also start loving the author, and then you promise yourself you re going to read of his her works until you finally declare yourself to be one of their fans I do, and I bet Annie Wilkes did too.There s a series of books I love with all my heart and soul you already know which it is Well, the thing is, not long ago I reread it, and I went a little crazy over the head I got damn obsessed about it I still am and I couldn t think [...]


This book was selected for my bookclub s January group read Well, we were originally talking about reading Dolores Claiborne, but I suggested something with a wintry theme, since it is winter and all I love reading according to the weather It s immersive to me to read books that take place in winter, when it IS winter, and I like that Anyway, so Misery Man, it s been years since I read this book, and I forgot how much there was to it that was NOT the hobbling bit The movie has actually caused [...]

Edward Lorn

Misery was the second Stephen King book I ever read This was very shortly after Dolores Claiborne I came across Misery much the same way I did Dolores Claiborne through my mother s subscription to the Stephen King Book Club The big difference here was, my mother knew about me reading Misery She had already read the novel her buddy Andrita had loaned her the book when it first came out in 1987 , and figured I was of an age fourteen where I wouldn t be too terribly scarred by the events of the boo [...]


Another Stephen King classic A friend had warned me that the book Misery was graphic than the movie version, and he was right Usually I try to avoid violent books, but I m glad I read this one because I appreciated the character of Paul Sheldon, a writer who gets held hostage by his Number One Fan, Annie Wilkes I liked Paul s comments about the publishing business and the craft of being a writer some of it felt like an early version of King excellent memoir On Writing.I ve only read a fraction [...]


the collector the collector .

Melissa Chung

This book took me a full month to read It s not very long, however the story within is so horrifying I could only read the words in bites A nibble here, a nibble there Not only is this book a 5 star read, it has so much about writing in it, you could actually learn a thing or two about the hardships of writing and what to do when you are stuck I absolutely loved this story Not only for the terror it brought, but the educational factor I mean, Paul Sheldon wants to be a great writer He hates writ [...]


I am always on the lookout for books from different genres, written by different authors and usually manage to find some good ones from everyone s shelf With King, I simply loved the first two books, namely, The Shining and The Green Mile However, this one was a drastically different experience To say that I didn t like it would be obvious but what s important is that I was alternately irritated and bored while reading the book It had everything in terms of the premise to make it a wonderfully [...]

Leo .

Wow Imagine having a nasty car accident and being rescued by your number one FAAAN A fan who happens to be a complete lunatic This book is gripping An accomplished author killing off his main character because he is stuck in a rut Held prisoner by his number one fan Many times he tries to escape and gets mutilated and hobbled Coerced into writing his novel and not to dare finish the character off Drugged and tied to a bed What a book Also a film starring Kathy Bates and James Caan Good film but [...]


Crazy good Thriller with psychotic sprinkles.

Mary JL

You may have seen the movie or you at least know the story So, you think, why read it Well, first the book differs somewhat from the move and goes into depth Since there are only really two major characers, Anne Wilkes and Paul Sheldon, her captive writer, King can delve into their characters at length and he does.I personally feel this is one of Stepehn King s strongest books I particulary find it horrifying because it is a bit possible that some of his books I don t really believee in vampir [...]


Acclaimed novelist Paul Sheldon, badly injured in a car accident, is held captive by deranged super fan Annie Wilkes A former RN, she vows to aid him back to health until he s well enough to make the trek to a hospital However, it s on one condition he write a new novel featuring his signature character Misery Chastain just for her.Outside of the legendary Randall Flagg, Annie Wilkes has to be the most terrifying villain King created Mentally unbalanced and completely unpredictable, she s everyt [...]

Hayley Stenger

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH I had forgotten how terrifying Stephen King was earlier in his career Yes, I was scared Yes, this was a bad book to read for a rainy, sick day.No, I do not regret reading it.

Kevin Cambronero

Los depresivos se suicidan Los psic ticos, mecidos en una cuna venenosa de su propio ego, quieren hacer el favor a todos lo que les rodean de llev rselos con ellos.Es sorprendente la habilidad con la que King cre toda una novela con una trama tan simple En ning n momento se me hizo pesado o aburrido, la verdad es que me atrap de principio a fin La historia se va haciendo m s interesante conforme avanza, pero desde que comienza es excelente.Annie Wilkes es una villana que de verdad se merece el t [...]

Ova Incekaraoglu

I think this is one of the most psychologically heavy novels of King though to read but very strong, like a punch in the face

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