Nov 26, 2022
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Envy Best Read || [Gregg Olsen], Envy, Gregg Olsen, Envy Crime lives and dies in the deceptively picture perfect town of Port Gamble aka Empty Coffin Washington Evil lurks and strange things happen and year olds Hayley and Taylor Ryan secretly use their wits and their telepathic twin sense to uncover the truth about the town s victims and culprits Envy the series debut involves the mysterious death of the twinsCrime lives and dies in the dec Envy Best Read || [Gregg Olsen] - Envy, Envy Crime lives and dies in the deceptively picture perfect town of Port Gamble aka Empty Coffin Washington Evil lurks and strange things happen and year olds Hayley and Taylor Ryan secretly use thei

  • Title: Envy
  • Author: Gregg Olsen
  • ISBN: 9781402789571
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover
Envy Best Read || [Gregg Olsen], Envy, Gregg Olsen, Envy Crime lives and dies in the deceptively picture perfect town of Port Gamble aka Empty Coffin Washington Evil lurks and strange things happen and year olds Hayley and Taylor Ryan secretly use their wits and their telepathic twin sense to uncover the truth about the town s victims and culprits Envy the series debut involves the mysterious death of the twinsCrime lives and dies in the dec

Envy Best Read || [Gregg Olsen] - Envy, Envy Crime lives and dies in the deceptively picture perfect town of Port Gamble aka Empty Coffin Washington Evil lurks and strange things happen and year olds Hayley and Taylor Ryan secretly use thei

Amy (Turn the Page)

Some of this story is completely true And some of it isn t Like truth, evil comes in all sorts of flavors Some bitter Some deceptively sweet Sometimes it comes with a heavy price Most people don t invite evil into their lives The dirty little secret is that an invitation isn t necessary Locked doors don t matter Neither do fancy security systems Evil is kind of amazing when you think about it She knows how to get inside Author s NoteMy main issue with Envy is that I really didn t get on with the [...]


Ore della mia vita perse.L ho finito a stento e faccio fatica a ricordare quello che ho letto perch praticamente dormivo.Non so che dire.Tra la confusione delle prime pagine ho capito che la ragazza stata trovata morta nella vasca da bagno dalla madre a causa di un probabile ed ingiustificato suicidio.Due gemelle vecchie amiche della suicida non credono alla storia che gira cos si mettono ad indagare A parte il fatto che non provano quasi nessun sentimento alla notizia non capisco perch dovrebbe [...]


I was initially drawn to this book by the eerie cover so I really wasn t too sure what to expect when I started it Was it going to be scary, the mystery to easy to figure out or just another YA paranormal book Well I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised with what I got Envy is a dark, cleverly written mystery with a very real threat.Envy takes place in Port Gamble, a small town in Washington State, and centers around twin girls Hayley Taylor The central plot of the book revolves around the my [...]


I picked up this book because of the cover, the cover is creepy and dark, all the things I love in a book It was not a horror And although I was deeply depressed with the fact that the story did not match the cover at all, I kept reading.This book at best is a who dunnit mystery with some paranormal activity, I can not call it a thriller and there was very little suspense The story line was okay, psychic twins looking for the person who killed their old best friend and saving their own butts alo [...]

Asghar Abbas

Alright, this book OK so yeah, I was all ready to like it, was in the mood for a scary read even if it proves to be generic, which can be lots of brainless fun sometimes, in fact I wanted just that It certainly looked like it could deliver It started out creepy and I was liking it, kinda reminded me of The Ring, movie American not the book Japanese, maybe because it was set around Seattle with all the verdant rainyness It began with a very atmospheric tinge and it was very reminiscent of that gr [...]


I am astounded at all the four and five star ratings for this book I hated this book so much I found this to be unbearably juvenile I m a fan of YA fiction, but this felt like writing geared toward 4th 6th graders with mature content thrown in Such a mess Things I hated 1 The characters were hollow They didn t feel real Their dialogue felt empty and forced for the sake of the story They were all very unlikeable.2 Somebody please tell me teenagers don t text e mail like that The texting conversat [...]


When I found out via Daisy Chain Book Reviews that one of my favorite true crime authors was now delving into the world of young adult fiction I was way excited Who better to weave together true crime, mystery, and paranormal fantasy into a fast paced young adult novel than Gregg Olsen For years young adult mysteries have languished being replaced with the ever popular paranormal romance While these books have had elements of mystery in them they are mainly focused on the romantic entanglements [...]

Annie Brewer

WOW, absolutely fantastic Review coming soon Okay so I was asked to read and review an ARC for the sequel to this book, I blindly said yes I d never heard of the author or the books So I was hoping that I would enjoy this book first so I could enjoy the sequel as well And low and behold, I was HOOKED First off, the author is a male and normally I don t read books written by males Not that I m bias against them or anything, but I just haven t come across any I really liked besides I am Number Fou [...]

Miko O.

Oh God, it is bad Details coming soon.Update Okay done So 90% of the plot is ripped off the Megan Meier suicide story This is acknowledged at the end of the book, but if you ve read about Megan Meier and Lori Drew, the twist endingjust isn t one The chapters end with an overly dramatic, ominous line like Neither girl knew it right then, but the night Katelyn Berkley died was the beginning of something that would change everything Everything Every Single Thing She was onto something big Bigger an [...]


I haven t read Olsen s other writing, and I don t read a lot of true crime books, either However, I do read a lot of YA fiction, and this book just didn t work for me I visited Port Gamble earlier this year, and Olsen dropped the ball when it came to setting the scene properly There s a few asides about the historical property management and how old the houses are, but he never takes the opportunity to give a flat out description of the town s small scale and quaintness That s a real shame, beca [...]

Alyssa Wallace

There was a lot of great things about Envy, first and for most this book really made me think I thought about the story this book itself tells but also thought about how true this could be Things like what happen in Envy really do actually happen Everyday Aside from his fabulous characters I also enjoyed his writing style It was the first book of his I have read and am considering his adult novels I m still really curious and anxious for the next book, but I have no doubts it will be just as goo [...]


I abandoned this book around 170 pages in To be fair, it wasn t entirely the book s fault I currently have way too many books out from the library, so I need to get through books as fast as I can So if something s not holding my attention, I m probably not going to finish it.And this book really didn t hold my attention This is probably due to the pacing The mystery was engaging at first, but then the pace slowed to a crawl, and I got bored of it A lot of the book doesn t consist of the characte [...]

Haley ~ YA-Aholic

Murder is such a dirty wordWhere do I start with this book Should I start with that it kept me up late hours of the night That it kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end That it gave me some of the biggest chills and some of the biggest surprises I have ever read Well how about I just start with that Gregg Olsen has put together an intense story of mystery, envy, thrill, and betrayal Envy is about a girl Katelyn, Katelyn was just found by her mother, on christmas the tubfeless with [...]


Won through Giveaway 2.5 I m going to split my review into two halves First the bad The book starts out horribly I mean the writing is just atrocious Each chapter ends with a sentence that is an awful, clich , badly contrived cliffhanger It was just gut wrenching to read I am glad, however, that I made myself continue reading, as the quality improved in the end My other major complaint A true crime story does not a mystery make It was obvious before I looked it up that the author had built his c [...]


I won this book as a giveaway I didn t realize the book was based on a true cyberbullying case until the end I am not surprised a girl like Starla would use what happened to try to gain her 15 minutes of fame The worst part is there really are a lot tees like her as witnessed in the news recently The story was great, and this has become one of my new favorite YA series I loved the characters, and I cannot wait for the next book.

Ken Eveleigh

Port Gamble, Washington, is a town filled with secrets some of them will get you killed Twins Haley and Taylor Ryan are convinced that their friend Katelyn didn t die by accident and using their special gifts they are on the search for the truth There are twists and turns aplenty and I was engrossed from the beginning.


Originally posted to Bookish Blog Envy is a Young Adult debut novel from the fantastic New York Times bestselling true crime author, Gregg Olsen It s one deliciously dark and eerie read I devoured it, thoroughly enjoying its creepy atmosphere Most importantly, the content of this book lives up to its gorgeous cover, which means that if you re one of the judge the book by its cover readers like me , you can rest assured you won t be disappointed In fact, you re in for a quite a treat Katelyn Berk [...]


chicklitaholic 20As soon as I saw the cover of Envy by Gregg Olsen I knew that would be a perfect book to read during Halloween There is only one word to describe the cover and that word is CREEPY That being said the cover underneath the sleeve is beautiful while still being eerie and I think I loved it even than the main cover As soon as I saw the cover of this book I was instantly reminded of my mum My mum loves crime books, murder books and thriller books, with those genres being pretty much [...]

Victoria Waddle

Katelyn Berkley dies in a freak accident She is electrocuted in the bathtub when her expresso machine either falls into the water or when she threw it in Or when someone else threw it in.Katelyn is a cutter whose many serious problems included an alcoholic mother So is her death a suicide or an accident Or maybe even murder Port Gamble is Katelyn s home It s a seemingly perfect historic town in Washington with a lot of rules the past has to be preserved and a lot of secrets It s called Empty Cof [...]


Originally posted on bunnycates image error I was lucky enough to receive this book for review earlier this month, and I couldn t wait to read it The cover alone is creepy enough to make ya want to flip through and see what s up YAY for awesome covers I started reading Envy the night I got it, and finished it the next night Envy Empty Coffin has everything I like in a book We enjoy a little drama, a little mystery, a little suspense, and a little paranormal I really found myself sucked in within [...]


Lets start with the cover Can you say CREEPIEST COVER AWARD Wow, I love it It draws you into this book Makes you WANT to read it Then you flip to the 1st page, and you cannot put it down It s like, The Grudge The Ring type of feel when you look at the cover You automatically think creepy shudders This book is about Katelyn Katelyn is 15 years old Katelyn is sad Katelyn is dead.Hayley and Taylor were friends of Katelyn They knew that she was troubled, or sad Either way they and everyone else knew [...]

Jennifer Tran

I won this in a first reads giveaway.For some reason whenever I win a giveaway, I get horror, crime, scary books Anyway to the review.I absolutely loved it.I also love the font they used for the numbering at the beginning of each chapter.The story starts off with a girl named Katelyn She died in a bathtub In the bathtub, where she was found dead, was an expresso machine Before Katelyn died she had problems with cutting herself but didn t want to tell anybody view spoiler Only Starla knew, her be [...]


I haven t received yet, just saw today that I had won Waiting for its arival 6 28 11Just received my copy Hope to start soon, I have 2 books in line first 7 11 11Started this last night 7 14 11Finished during lunch today 7 15 11Small town along the Western Coast that was originally inhabited by an Indian tribe One high school girl is found dead in the bathtub from electrocution Was it suicide, an accident or homicide She has an ex bff frenemy that lives next door Two girls that are twins that ha [...]

Kirsty (Book - Love - Bug)

This is Gregg Olsen s debut in the YA market, and what a fabulous start Envy is the first in the Empty Coffin Series books set in Port Gamble aka Empty Coffin These thrillers have a paranormal edge to them, which refreshingly doesn t see a vampire, werewolf or angel in sight Olsen has a fantastic writing style he tells the story mainly in the present with a series of flashbacks interwoven in When described this may sound a little confusing but actually works wonderfully The storyline certainly i [...]


Wow I did not see that coming EDIT Wow, where do I even begin This was another one of those books that I wasn t too sure about I had tried to read it a couple times, but ended up putting it down every time Finally, after accepting a blog tour for the sequel, Betrayal, I decided to give it another go and I m really glad that I did The first few chapters started off slow, but it soon picked up and I found myself hooked on Envy I would read it in the dark, in the middle of the night, and one night [...]


I really really enjoyed this book The thing that I liked the most is that it was not a horror book like I thought, it was a thought provoking who done it book When I read the synopsis and saw the title empty coffin series, I thought for sure it was going to be grisly and spooky It definitely was spooky but it was totally different than a typical horror book The book starts right off with a good old death, one that any spooky thriller needs For the rest of the book you are led on a tale of learni [...]

Amy Rose

I started out listening to this audiobook To be honest, I almost turned it off and wrote it off as a bad free credit investment with audible But halfway through, the book latched into me and I found myself wanting to read it So I ended up grabbing the ebook off of Barnes and Noble I think audiobooks sometimes suffer if they yse the wrong reader Just an opinion The characters sounded better in my head Anyway, it s a fast read The main plot centers around cyberbullying Gregg Olsen is a true crime [...]

Jenna (Bookiemoji)

Big fat DNF I couldn t get into it within the first few chapters Yet, I kept with it as long as I could It felt like the sort of stuff I could otherwise find if I looked out the window or watched the news kids being kids, adults with all sorts of problems, depressing reports, etc The story is told in a very quick, and, though I must say honest, fashion that keeps you from really caring about the characters or the outcome For me, that is And I HATED how out of the seven chapters I read, at least [...]

Beth Hatch

Everyone in her high school and family is shocked when Katelyn dies in the bathtub, electrocuted by the espresso machine falling into the tub Many speculate whether it was an accident or intentional The Ryan twins, Haley and Taylor feel that it wasn t either and are convinced that she was murdered The reason that I loved this story so much was the fact that it wasn t just a plain old crime thriller for teens It was rich in the back story, including a fatal bus crash I loved the element of the su [...]

Jaime Lester

Envy is completely different from the books that I normally read, but I decided to give it a chance because the cover is frickin awesome and the blurb captured my interest And the verdict is Not bad, not bad at all Envy seems to me to be aimed towards the older YA The subject matter is a lot intense than a lot of the YA books that I read, and I think it could be very disturbing for the younger young adults It was even disturbing to me at times, and I am 29y All in all, I enjoyed the book I look [...]

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