Dec 04, 2022
Five Point Someone
Posted by Chetan Bhagat

[PDF] Five Point Someone | by ☆ Chetan Bhagat, Five Point Someone, Chetan Bhagat, Five Point Someone Five Point Someone is a story about three friends in IIT who are unable to cope The book starts with a disclaimer This is not a book to teach you how to get into IIT or even how to live in college In fact it describes how screwed up things can get if you don t think straight Three hostelmates Alok Hari and Ryan get off to a bad start in IIT they screw up the firsFive Point So [PDF] Five Point Someone | by ☆ Chetan Bhagat - Five Point Someone, Five Point Someone Five Point Someone is a story about three friends in IIT who are unable to cope The book starts with a disclaimer This is not a book to teach you how to get into IIT or even how to live in college In

  • Title: Five Point Someone
  • Author: Chetan Bhagat
  • ISBN: 9788129104595
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Five Point Someone | by ☆ Chetan Bhagat, Five Point Someone, Chetan Bhagat, Five Point Someone Five Point Someone is a story about three friends in IIT who are unable to cope The book starts with a disclaimer This is not a book to teach you how to get into IIT or even how to live in college In fact it describes how screwed up things can get if you don t think straight Three hostelmates Alok Hari and Ryan get off to a bad start in IIT they screw up the firsFive Point So

[PDF] Five Point Someone | by ☆ Chetan Bhagat - Five Point Someone, Five Point Someone Five Point Someone is a story about three friends in IIT who are unable to cope The book starts with a disclaimer This is not a book to teach you how to get into IIT or even how to live in college In

Rhea Routray

The first time I picked up this book, it felt like I was going to do a great thing Dad had warned me not to read it, but being the reader I am, I took him lightly Until I found out the gross it contained.I knew definitely that it was not the best book in the world, that too far from my preferred genres I had been a non fiction and self help lover then I read it when I was probably twelve I hated the idea to read it but finally, I heard some news about it being adapted as a film when i read it.Th [...]


I must confess, this book is utter crap Its an insult to English language Its even worse than those soppy mushy crappy juvenile novels that I ve seen my teenage friends gushing over Honestly, did Bhagat ever edit his book Perhaps he simply didnt have any idea of what to write.

Sharadha Jayaraman

0.5 star Review Five Point Someone by Chetan BhagatI purchased this book a while back from a book vendor whose little shop by the streets is a part of an open circulatory library sort of thing in my city What happens in this circuit is that you buy a book for a negotiable price and return it later at any date and time and get half the price back for it I normally buy these books and retain them with me because they are some pretty awesome buys for the price I pay for them.So, I was pretty excite [...]


Picked it up out of curiosity, as I am myself a B.Tech student from IIT Kanpur, eager to learn how IIT Delhi was similar different from my college.Found it okie dokie, but highly un impressive Must say, the writing style of american teen novels Agatha Christie Hardy Boys Nancy Drew is much better than Mr.Bhagat s.Why even the hindi belt crime thrillers available at north central India s railway bus stations are much lucidly written with a firm plot like Wardi Wala Gunda etcetra Chetan Bhagat s [...]

Vidyasagar Darapu

read this god forsaken book like a zillion years ago and still couldn t get rid of the sin that I have committed Yes, it talks about IIT Delhi And coincidentally I did go to college there The book talks about a lot of places in IIT, the kind of people you meet and stuff and thats it As far as my understanding goes, engineering blood in India can be classified as people who either want to be in an IIT, or are already in an IIT or missed their chance to be in an IIT So all that you have to do is g [...]

Mary Mahoney

A good book should be written so that any age group can enjoy it And although I d say I m older than Professor Cherian, I can remember waiting on test results and definitely having the decision to make about how many hours to study Also, I ve been on the other side of it giving assignments 5 Point Something never really looks at what the purpose of the assignments and the learning are.There has to be a purpose for learning the material and being in excellent range, other than being a mugger The [...]

Sanjay Gautam

Another great piece of trash from CB Just because I could relate, a little bit, with the college life depicted and because of mentioning Pink Floyd at one place that this book has earned one extra star.

Archit Ojha

Read this book some years back and enjoyed it.I think this is the book every engineering student in India reads first before becoming an avid reader.

Krystal Phạm

Cu n s ch cu i c ng m m nh c c a th ng 2 y l cu n s ch m l ra m nh nh c cho Th th ch s 3 c a Tr m c M t cu n s ch c chuy n th th nh phim, th nh ng khi c xong m nh quy t nh l n kh ng li n quan g t i phim c , n n m nh s c m t cu n kh c cho Th th ch n y v y.N i m t ch t v quy n s ch, m nh kh ng th ch n l m n n ch c review n y s ng n th i Y L CU N S CH U TI N TRONG L CH S M M NH TH Y D H N PHIM 1 T L N nh r ng n c ng c nh ng n t c b n nh t c a b phim m m nh y u th ch nh c 3 nh n v t ch nh h c IIT, m [...]


It took effort Real effort to give this immature diary entry of a wannabe writer my valuable one star.After such a long time I decided to review this book, just because my inner dedicated reader wanted appreciation for tolerating this horrendous piece of abomination in the name of literature.Being an IITian or alumni of any other elite institute unrelated to literature for that matter, doesn t give you a license to write such books and throw it in the face of innocent beginners who think if they [...]


This book is seriously overrated I was in class five when I first read this book Some of you might say that I was way too young to be reading such a book, but then we all need a break from kiddish stories once In a while in our childhood I was in attending a school play which was too long and pointless , when my eye caught this book in the hands of the girl next to me She was definitely in class eight or nine At that time the book was very, very popular since the movie was coming out and everyon [...]

Kushal Srivastava

Utter garbage by any standard, this book is considered to polarize opinion among masses People who have sanity left in them and have actually read some books before know that this is the stuff of toilet paper on the other extreme are dumb wannabe cool guys who wanna put this trash onto their social networking profile column of books.


The story revolves around three students at IIT Alok, Hari and Ryan They are thick friends but do not have anything common attributes Each character is different, have different objectives and strengths and weakness The story is told mainly by the POV of Hari and it narrates their four years in IIT and how they overcome their weakness and obstacles but still stick together and graduate from IIT I just wanted to read the novel to see what similarities it has with the movie 3 idiots It seems that [...]


An Indian book Like from India This is something you would never find in the US And it was even weird finding this book in New Zealand It was about three friends with different goals and from different walks of life who all end up going to what is considered the best university in India It s something I can t really relate to at all, but I know people who for them, this is the biggest decision of their lives I don t get it at all And reading about it all, makes me so glad we live in the society [...]

Vaiibhav Nigam

I first read it a good six years ago and had loved it Six years ago i also loved Himesh reshammiya music too got my point now well, earlier i was not a avid reader but now i am a voracious reader and i can say that don t read this book at all, yes if you are new in your reading phase then you might try this title or any other Chetan Bhagat books though all sucks big time but still there are tonnes of amazing books you can read and save your time and money, dont go by the buzz, It is no literary [...]

Disha Roy

From my very childhood i used to be a bright student i used to study whenever i want and whatever i want I was treated as a good student at my school as well as my college But when i was supposed to choose my career at the graduation, i asked myself what i actually wanted to be I knew what i wanted to be but no one was there to support me even my parents also moved back I wanted to be a corporate geek actually but my parents got me admitted at a dental surgery college forcefully and then when ac [...]

Ashish Iyer

Ohhh i love this book, find it quite funny at times.


Good to re read book again.

Harsh Gopal

Ok i thought i should write a review for this though i had read this pretty long back Chetan Bhagat s first book and also his first book that i had read the story doesnt stay with you it just gets lost in the wild entertainment masala that he puts into his books personally i read a book for the joy of it and it would be really amazing when the author is able to create characters that does not seem like characters but real people who lives around you CB miserably fails in that aspect his characte [...]


An interesting read Chetan Bhagat s first book , on which the famous movie 3 Idiots is loosely based A must read for students vying to get to the best universities of their country Especially current or former Engineering students would appreciate the writers perspective The book is full of laughs and has a fair share of the emotional scenarios as well Written from a point of view of aspiring Engineering students with hopes of a better brighter future Chetan Bhagat s writing style especially whi [...]


If you are an IITian,or a product of any of the proffessional institute college, you will probably relate very well to this light hearted narrative about the life of three average guys at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi And if you are an IITian you would also know what average in IIT means If you are not an IITian, you will still enjoy this book like a lot of my friendz who are not even techiez Five Point Someone What Not to Do at IIT may be about life in IIT, but the characters are as [...]


At the pressure cooker of IIT Indian Institutes of Technology in Delhi, grades are everything they literally determine your future The closer your grade point average is to a full 10 points, the success you will find in life Or so goes the common wisdom Hari, Ryan and Alok meet on their first day at IIT and instantly bond but they find, to their horror, that after topping all their high school curricula and mugging grinding as much as is palatable, at IIT they can manage no better than a five p [...]


Chetan Bhagat is a hero for millions of India s middle class youth He writes accessible simplistic stories which cleverly reflect the concerns of a generation on the cutting edge of India s rapid urban development The pricing strategy that he deployed 95 rupees, about 1.20, was significantly cheaper then the market at the time was a factor in the mass adoption and viral distribution of the book it also reflected his former career as a banker Five Point Someone deals with the challenges of life a [...]


Summary The plot revolves around 3 IIT student dealing with all sorts of issues faced by the students Romance, Drugs, Ragging etc They try to deal with the education system and try to find a way out of it and they realize that they cannot.RATINGS 1.5 and only because I found this worth reading and it holds a good spot on my shelves and also it was one of the very first books I read Review I read this book when I was in class 9 2008 09 and CB was one of the most spoken around in our school Those [...]


This was my first Indian Book after reading Sidney Sheldons thriller books I heard a lot about it from my friends was skeptical to buy it because before this I read one indian as I can t remember better not to be which diverted my mind not to buy any indian book because they don t know how to write make a user hooked up.But I must say I was pretty much impress with this book Although, I don t know anything about IIT, not even meet anyone in real life but as chetan taken me through the world of I [...]

Ann Jacob

While reading this book, I learnt one lesson NEVER EVER watch the movie before reading the book The movie messed up the book for me Actually, I did not like the book itself much I felt the friendship between the three guys a bit girlish Girls usually talk behind the backs Hard truth I don t think I have P The only difference is these three guys did not say it outside They kept it inside while girls usually talk to others about it I felt so many parts a bit stupid Maybe because of the movie Movie [...]

Mourin Kibtia

Okay first of all I would like to say this book is way different than the movie and I am kind of grateful for this as I didn t have to get bored So anyways instead of just reviewing the book I want to compare it with the movie, the movie was good, it really was but somehow I could connect with the book The story was realistic and less overwhelming For starters the Ryan guy Amir Khan s character in the book is super smart but had the lowest GPA And he seemed a little immature and like a jerk an [...]


Well, where should I begin Errrummm.aaaahhhh s likeah, okay ShootBhagat is the icon of confused India The literary quality of his works are, at best, pedestrian He induces cringe in me with his shoddy juvenile logic, slapstick humour and monotonously one dimensional characters It is as if he wants to get on top of Qutb Minar and yell See, I am an IITian who can write too He is that dumb and pompous He even aspires to become a columnist who does he think he is Ramachandra Guha GK Gandhi I don t w [...]

Samra Muslim

Collage Uni days are one of the best days of our life your are struggling, having fun, making lifetime friends and building your future The book does full justice through the story of Ryan, Alok and Hari and its really worth a read But to clarify the myth 3 Idiots the movie might be loosely inspired from this book it is still fairly different story and both the book and the movie can actually be enjoyed in their true forms.

Krishna N

Well another book and that too the first one which got so many mistakes and what happened to error proofing or something i mean since when you have the dollar in Europe and i really get confused about the timing in this bookird year starts and suddenly indem class goes on and the pendulum operation and boom one sem suspension and next thing u know that they are in last sem If they start 3rd year and finish a sem and got suspend in another you should be in the beginning of fourth year first sem, [...]

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Five Point Someone