Jan 28, 2022
Ravenor Returned
Posted by Dan Abnett

[PDF] Ravenor Returned | by ↠ Dan Abnett, Ravenor Returned, Dan Abnett, Ravenor Returned Following the adventures of Imperial Inquisitor Ravenor and his warband of the dark and gothic future this title is the second in Ravenor series [PDF] Ravenor Returned | by ↠ Dan Abnett - Ravenor Returned, Ravenor Returned Following the adventures of Imperial Inquisitor Ravenor and his warband of the dark and gothic future this title is the second in Ravenor series

  • Title: Ravenor Returned
  • Author: Dan Abnett
  • ISBN: 9781844161850
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Ravenor Returned | by ↠ Dan Abnett, Ravenor Returned, Dan Abnett, Ravenor Returned Following the adventures of Imperial Inquisitor Ravenor and his warband of the dark and gothic future this title is the second in Ravenor series

[PDF] Ravenor Returned | by ↠ Dan Abnett - Ravenor Returned, Ravenor Returned Following the adventures of Imperial Inquisitor Ravenor and his warband of the dark and gothic future this title is the second in Ravenor series


Dark and out of my comfort zone I didn t like it at first but it grew on me Lots of death and scads of action Nice and enjoyable I am keeping this tale.


This one seemed a bit fleshed out than the first novel in the trilogy, though it still seems to fall short of the Eisenhorn books One thing that s starting to stand out for me is how Abnett paints his characters as these huge badasses in their respective fields, but that means that in order for us as readers to feel that they re in any sort of danger they have to go head to head with people at least as tough as them, which in the long run starts to seem stupid I mean, if Harlon Nayl or Ravenor [...]


Most people don t like being wrong Part of the dislike towards being wrong is an innate evolutionary reaction, but most of it is culturally ingrained But no matter how hard one tries to avoid being wrong, one can be wrong, and far too often, is It s simply a part of life Sometimes, though, one is happy to be proven wrong there are plenty of times, I m sure, when being right would mean something terrible, and in those moments, it s always a happy thing to know that one has been wrong the whole ti [...]

Adam Whitehead

Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor and his team have evaded a lethal trap and returned incognito to Eustis Majoris Aware that some of the planet s law enforcement agencies are involved the flect trade, Ravenor invokes Special Condition status, going deep undercover and gaining the ability to deal with the crisis any way he sees fit.Ravenor Returned is the second novel in the Ravenor Trilogy and, unusually for an Abnett WH40K novel, does not stand alone, instead picking up almost immediately after the eve [...]

Sean Goh

The plots thickens considerably, as schemes many years in the making come to a explosive head Secrets are revealed and kept And choices must be made, consequences must be borne.___His conversation was poor He wanted to impress, and like many wealthy, empty men, his conspicuous wealth was the only thing he could think of using.If you can t hide, don t Bluster I m impressed, Wystan I didn t think you were even listening at the briefing You wound me, inquisitor I listen Quite often, actually I just [...]


Hay que ver, como puede cambiar la opini n de un libro de una serie a otro por peque simos detalles Detallitos insignificantes como tener malos que de verdad manejen el cotarro, den impresi n de ser competentes en el desarrollo de su maldad y que te hagan sentir algo cuando la narraci n se centra en ellos Ya solo por eso el libro merece mejor puntuaci n que el primero pero es de reconocer que hay m s cosas que mejoran como que la trama por fin avanza de verdad desde el principio y que varios de [...]

Lemuel CyroN Salubo

From start to finish, was a very engaging romp back on Eustis Majoris Not much character development, but the story does push onward with the unmasking of the major antagonist One of the faster reads since Dan Abnett has once again engaged my thirst for 40k action Can t wait to start on Ravenor Rogue

Simón Gómez

No es mala, pero comparada a cualquiera de los libros de Einsenhorn deja mucho que desear.


Who is Slyte What is the cartel The questions that will be answered.


Ravenor Returned, picks up approximately a year after the events of the previous book Through the prosecution of his investigation into the Flect Trade, Ravenor has discovered that what he previously thought was a simple drug trade is actually something a whole lot worse In fact the Flect Trade was just a by product of a far greater conspiracy.Hitting the ground running from where the previous book left off, Ravenor and his team are thrust back into the underworld of Eustis Majoris There they mu [...]

Marco Vaca

Mr Abnett did it again I m absolutely loving the Ravenor trilogy so far His writing style is very much to my tastes and as I told before on the Book 1 review, the final chapters of the book are by far exiting than most of the last decade action movies.The plot indeed thickens on the second book and though it was obvious what the surprise of the book would be the identity of Slyte , I enjoyed very much to the last page Tragedy awaits indeedAgain, I think this is a 4.5 star book The last half sta [...]


This was an OK book A decent middle chapter, no where near as good as any part of the Eisenhorn trilogy I ll have to see how the story shapes up in the final book It might be worth it all, or it might be just blah Eisenhorn was excellent because of the timespan it took for the entire series to cover and really showed a great progression of the character Ravenor it seems, is just going to remain the goodie little two shoes he started out as and isn t going to change much Maybe, Abnett just isn t [...]

Adrian Collins

The first book in this series had me intrigued Not quiet obsessed, as I tend to get, but interested enough to read Returned That changed during the course of this book Abnett has delivered an absolute cracker I m now chomping at the bit to get into Rogue.The sheer scale of this author s imagination within the confides of the Games Workshop universe is unbelievable His writing is incredibly descriptive and paints magnificent imagery The finish is massive Absolutely massive Looking forward to seei [...]

Alfonso Junquera perez

Segunda parte de la trilog a dedicada al inquisidor Ravenor pero no por ello menos intensa ya que si la anterior novela que estaba mas centrada en la investigaci n de un asunto de drogas entre comillas que esto es Warhammer al fin y al cabo en esta lo que se intenta es descubrir a los cabecillas de la conspiraci n y acabar con ellos ante de que puedan llevar a cabo sus planes Aunque quiz s eso no sea tan f cil como parece ya que puede que alguien m s aparte de las partes implicadas le interesa q [...]


Gideon sure gets his ass kicked mentally all the time for being just a mind And can t sense whatever Carl is And doesn t have a way to report in And still doesn t have a weapon on his chair that doesn t require psy power Ravenor kinda sucks Hopefully Eisenhor turns back up and isn t a bad guy Glad Kara wasn t demon replaced like Carl seems to kinda be So far it just seems like a power upgrade, but of course that be too easy Carl has some shit luck, it seems Zeph went out like a moron, sadly No, [...]


This book i read about a month after the first i came home from camp, in which time i had read feed, and picked this up from my brothers shelf One thing i really liked about this book was the continuation from the first In Eisenhorn, the inquisitor had been on two completely different missions when he had met cherubael but in this book, it was less then a year apart he was still on special condition, trying to elimiate contract 13.


Step up from last book since it has picked the pace up, but I wouldn t really call it a page turner Abnett sets good foundations, then sends you to a bog that needs some persistence to be trudged through and ends with an interesting guns blazing finish Cliffhanger that announces the next book is there, as usual.Worth reading if you re already into WH40k but I wouldn t pick Ravenor series as intro to it.

Janne Järvinen

Most of the way through, I enjoyed this book as much as any other Eiseinhorn or Ravenor book In the end, though, this one doesn t stand on it s own as well other Abnett books.It s still OK, though, and hopefully Abnett will manage to set up the next book better by sacrificing something in this one.


Another piece of Warhammer 40K from the entirely competent Dan Abnett It s pure popcorn reading, not intended to engage much of your brain The middle piece of a trilogy, it does reasonably well as a standalone.

Жанна Пояркова

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Ravenor is back for another installment as the powerful psyker in the Imperial inquisition Things go from bad to worse as he tries to solve the puzzles in his mission.

Mike Kelley


Brandon Hickey

Not as good as the Eisenhorn stuff, but Abnett delivers again.


Much better than the first in the series I have given it four, even though it is like a three and a half, but i am generous


Very fun read The characters were interesting the story moved along very well.


Re reading again in preparation for Ravenor Rogue, which just came out.Still love it.


see review for Ravenor Rogue


Short and sweet a Ravenor sequel, same kind of stuff going on But has all of the recommended qualities of the original.

Kathy Lynn

Somehow, this series is like potato chips.

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