Jan 28, 2022
Only in Death
Posted by Dan Abnett

☆ Only in Death ✓ Dan Abnett, Only in Death, Dan Abnett, Only in Death As the crusade to liberate the Sabbat Worlds continues Colonel Commissar Gaunt leads the Tanith First and Only into an unforgiving new warzone the fortress world of Jago ☆ Only in Death ✓ Dan Abnett - Only in Death, Only in Death As the crusade to liberate the Sabbat Worlds continues Colonel Commissar Gaunt leads the Tanith First and Only into an unforgiving new warzone the fortress world of Jago

  • Title: Only in Death
  • Author: Dan Abnett
  • ISBN: 9781844164288
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
☆ Only in Death ✓ Dan Abnett, Only in Death, Dan Abnett, Only in Death As the crusade to liberate the Sabbat Worlds continues Colonel Commissar Gaunt leads the Tanith First and Only into an unforgiving new warzone the fortress world of Jago

☆ Only in Death ✓ Dan Abnett - Only in Death, Only in Death As the crusade to liberate the Sabbat Worlds continues Colonel Commissar Gaunt leads the Tanith First and Only into an unforgiving new warzone the fortress world of Jago

Andrew Ziegler

Wow Just wow 11 books into a series about a homeless regiment of infantry and you would think that it would be just another rehash of old situations and similar plot lines You would think that until you just put down this particular 11th book in the Gaunt s Ghosts series I was thinking about just leaving a one word review for this book because I was left speechless by how awesome it was, and how I instantly was saddened by the fact that it was over.Abnett hit s another long ball out of the park [...]


Only in DeathOn the fortress world Jago, Lord General Van Voytz addresses the Tanith First personally He asks the Ghosts to secure an empty stronghold to the east of Elikon, the central Imperial bastion on the planet It is clear from the start that Gaunt resents these orders After six days of marching through Jago s desert like terrain and enduring dust storms, the Ghosts reach their objective Hinzerhaus, dubbed the house at the end of the world.As they attempt to secure the fortress, the Ghosts [...]


This was perhaps the best book in the Gaunt s Ghost series since First and Only or Necropolis I couldn t put it down It was also a nice departure from the course of the last few books Only in Death was a pleasurable mix of military science fiction, super natural thriller, and survivalist thriller It was definitely a high note to end this part of the Ghosts story arc on.


Quite possibly one of the best in an amazing series A Gaunt s Ghosts ghost story featuring brutal tunnel warfare, siege warfare, warfare warfare Grabs you from the start, and chills you like a wind over skulls.


The story of Colonel Commissar Ibram Gaunt and his regiment, the Tanith First And Only, continues in this book Abnett continues with the excitement level of his previous stories in the series Abnett places the regiment in an apparently haunted fortress where, as usual, they have to hold the critical point of the campaign The usual twists and turns are in place and lead to a series of OK, the usual climactic battles against the Blood Pact With each chapter, the situation becomes and desparate A [...]

Edoardo Albert

A good one A desert world, the Ghosts holed up in a deserted fortress in the mountains, screaming hordes of Blood Pact forces surrounding them, ghosts of Ghosts stirring, and Gaunt himself missing in action There s a particularly shocking denouement, when we find out the origin of the ghosts that have been appearing to the beseiged men, and Abnett s trademark ability to write endlessly about battle and keep it interesting every time.


I really enjoyed this book Abnett has said that this might not be the last Gaunt s Ghosts novel but he is taking a break from the series Only in Death doesn t disappoint It is classic Abnett with page turning action and he is able to bring it in yet another fresh plot with the Ghosts As the 11th book in the series there is a lot of backstory from the previous novels that enriches the story here and is crucial to the very satisfying twist at the end.


The 11 th instalment of the Ghosts series really made me cry into the end A brilliant end of The Lost saga Only in Death Duty ends.

Daniel O'Brien

Sweet mother of epic badassery It s 4am I just read this straight through Abnett was touched by the Saint again and pulled off the story to end all stories The series could end here and all would be right with the world Fucking Epic.4 stars Because, let s be honest, it s still mil sci fi trash DEven if it did make me tear up.


As Strong As EverThis series carries on from The Saint omnibus with four new stories in the sabbat worlds crusade, starting off with a mission on Gereon where a general known to the ghosts has been taken captive, either that or he turned, a small team of Ghosts try to track him down to either rescue or assassinate him, and in the process have to deal with a chaos world in the making, whilst Gaunt is away the ghosts are disbanded and when he returns he has to bring them back together, His Last Co [...]


Book 11 of the Gaunt s Ghosts series and the last so far Is it good I read it in one dayI only recommend it for fans of the genre though Warhammer 40K players and anyone who likes non stop insane sci fi military action adventure Likewise with other books from the 40K universe Others may find them a bit over the top.Dan Abnett IS the master of war What did I learn from this book Hmm Never underestimate the power of ancient alien technologies to literally blast your opponents into bloody mist


This book was great the latest addition to the gaunts ghosts series At the time of writting this review It had all of the things that are in every haunted house movie, gothic literature thing that you could think of IT MADE IT GREAT Each main character saw there own little things in the house and not to mention the blood pact knocking on their door Plus many mysteries that you have to read to find out sure as sure Also many a blood pact meets Mr.Yellow All in all this was one of the best gaunt n [...]

Jona Marklund

After the last three books the ghosts return with a bang I really enjoyed Only in Death does duty end.Whilst some parts were very predictable, a lot of Just read it, if you ve come this far into the Ghost s Saga, it s not as if you re going to stop, is it If you were going to however, this is the book which will make sure you don t stray from the path of righteousness.

Cold Winter

I have yet to read this book, but I don t have to read it to know that it is a work of genius The last book in the Gaunts Ghosts series, the title is enought to make the hairs on any Gaunts Ghosts fan stand on end Men of Tanith, do you want to live forever

Seth Smith

Only in death does duty end This is a close second to His Last Command as one of the greatest Black library novels released.


Best Gaunt s Ghost novel to date, Dan Abnett s still got it I like how much the characters have changed over the series and this one shows that in spades.

Christian Robless

A military regiment A haunted fortress Thousands of enemies Only time will tell how this will end.

Jan Amza

This book has I nice horror story touch to it.

Adam Whitehead

The war in the Sabbat Worlds wages on The Ghosts have been deployed to Jago with orders to hold the remote mountain fortress of Hinzerhaus against a possible enemy flanking maneuver Arriving at the massive redoubt, the Ghosts find a vast house hiding ancient secrets and inhabited by some old friends As the forces of Chaos mount an assault on Hinzerhaus, the Ghosts discover that a far greater threat than the exterior enemy may lurk in the bowels of the fortress.Only in Death brings the Lost arc o [...]


En este mes y poco que llevamos de a o me he le do desde la quinta novela hasta la und cima novela de los Primero y nicos Realmente ha sido en los ltimos quince d as.Las peripecias de los Fantasmas y su carism tico l der me atrapan completamente, tanto que no pod a dejar un descanso entre libros, puesto que quer a saber que penalidades les ocurrir an Los combates son bestiales aunque se hacen un poco repetitivos, normal tras once libros , y el carisma de los personajes es desbordante, seguro que [...]


3.5I suppose this was one of the most dry hud Ghost novel ever And after the all paranormal activity fethingsfest and the funny Blood Pact Hinzerhaus try to make a picnic, probably dust got into my eyes too, I guess I have no other explanation for the flood suddenly streaming from them And the jokes about Cant were so ridiculously hilarious I can t stop laughing not even now.


amazing never i think has a book been this big never have i felt location this well as both huge and claustrophobic 11 time for me with the ghosts and still fresh new and worth it all

Rosalie Morris

I was largely bored and confused by this book until the last couple of chapters then it all made sense and was fabulous It does drag though, and is a fairly bland ending to the series.


Darn it, Dan, stop hurting me like this.


Wow, that was an awesome read.

Michael T Bradley

Oh, man I don t understand how Abnett keeps turning out quality stuff like this It s insane to me that this is like Book 11, and it s getting better While I couldn t really care less about the Blood Pact at this point maybe their titular novel will change my mind , they make good enough enemies, and the real star of this book is Hinzerhaus, the Ghosts base of operations, itself The first 50 pages or so of this book play out like Gaunt s Ghosts meets House of Leaves, which is unusual, to say the [...]

Richard Tran

Only in Death follows another Ghost Campaign This time they are tasked with holding a fort far away from the main action of the crusade I thought this novel worked really well as the fortress appears at first to be haunted which really spooks out the Ghosts We later find out that it is part haunted and part of it is really ambushes set by the Blood Pact The Blood Pact eventually sets a full scale assault on the fortress.It s really interesting to see how spooked out the soldiers get in this book [...]


So it turns out that this is book 11 in the Gaunt s Ghosts series, but considering that I read the Ravenor omnibus that takes place in the same universe, I managed just fine I think I missed out on some character development and references to past battles, but it was still a captivating read Scared the pants off me though


More than any other this entry into the Gaunt s Ghost series is a ghost story The darkness and confusion comes through and really puts you in the middle of these untenable scenes Abnett continued to deliver with this book One warning I wouldn t read this one unless you ve read the previous 10 But they are certainly worth your time as well.I gave it 8.5 10 on my personal scale.


It was a nice departure from the normal battles we ve read in previous books I enjoyed the confusion and desperation.I gave it three stars as it totally IGNORED AND SPAT AT important plot elements of the previous book of the series How can someone not know what they did know in the previous book Okay, perhaps it s harsh to drop 2 stars for that reason, but that s how I felt about it.

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