Jan 16, 2022
Trade Winds
Posted by Christina Courtenay

↠ Trade Winds ↠ Christina Courtenay, Trade Winds, Christina Courtenay, Trade Winds Marriage of convenience or a love for life It s in Gothenburg Sweden and strong willed Jess van Sandt knows only too well that it s a man s world She believes she s being swindled out of her inheritance by her stepfather and she s determined to stop it When help appears in the unlikely form of handsome Scotsman Killian Kinross himself disinherited by his graMarriage of convenie ↠ Trade Winds ↠ Christina Courtenay - Trade Winds, Trade Winds Marriage of convenience or a love for life It s in Gothenburg Sweden and strong willed Jess van Sandt knows only too well that it s a man s world She believes she s being swindled out of her in

  • Title: Trade Winds
  • Author: Christina Courtenay
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  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
↠ Trade Winds ↠ Christina Courtenay, Trade Winds, Christina Courtenay, Trade Winds Marriage of convenience or a love for life It s in Gothenburg Sweden and strong willed Jess van Sandt knows only too well that it s a man s world She believes she s being swindled out of her inheritance by her stepfather and she s determined to stop it When help appears in the unlikely form of handsome Scotsman Killian Kinross himself disinherited by his graMarriage of convenie

↠ Trade Winds ↠ Christina Courtenay - Trade Winds, Trade Winds Marriage of convenience or a love for life It s in Gothenburg Sweden and strong willed Jess van Sandt knows only too well that it s a man s world She believes she s being swindled out of her in


Me ha decepcionado mucho la historia de amor entre Killian y Jess Me esperaba m s y lo cierto es que todo a quedado en una novela de aventuras en vez de en una novela rom ntica Los momentos de acci n, suspense o tensi n han perdido mucho efecto ya que se resolvian pr cticamente al momento SPOILER V ase los repetidos intentos de asesinato por parte de Farquahr En definitiva me he llevado un chasco gordo con esta novela, otra v ctima m s de mis malditas expectativas.


Find the enhanced version of this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.While searching my kindle library I recently stumbled over Christina Courtenay s Trade Winds and was shocked that I still hadn t managed to fit it in to my reading schedule So, naturally, I dropped a couple of things and gave every ounce of available attention to the book A day and a half later I came up for air, thoroughly satisfied and than a little impressed I wish I were better at gushing over books, but nothing I h [...]

Sarah Broadhurst

I really enjoyed this book When i started it, I didn t think it was going to be a book I would be shouting to every one to read but now i have finished it and I am read it It has something for everyone a gorgeous hero, Killian, a feisty heroine, Jess, and a stepfather who is doing everything he can to swindle Jess out of her inheritance The result is an adventure she never imagined being a part of.The story also has a historical part to it which i found very interesting It is based on the first [...]


Ideally I d like to give this three and a half stars, but alas, doesn t allow half stars Boo One of the things I enjoyed most about this novel was the fact that it wasn t set in England Most historical fiction novels either take place in England or someplace in Great Britain or the colonies, so it was refreshing to read a book set in Sweden and later China However, I found this novel to be quite predictable, and the writing very elementary The author latches on to a couple of words and then uses [...]


Can t believe how many people have given this 4 and 5 stars I can only just about scrape up 1 To me it felt like the author had made a list of every clich she could think of and then made sure she used each one Then she got as many stock characters involved as possible feisty heroine, brave and handsome hero, evil villain, crotchety grandfather with the heart of gold, wicked stepfather Then for good measure she threw in some highly unlikely dramatic incidents Stirred it all up and came up with t [...]


3,5 5


I have only recently been introduced to the writing of Christina Courtenay and that is because while I was reading other book blogs I came across a Prize Draw for The Scarlet Kimono another book of hers, it appealed to me, so I entered What a lovely surprise it was when I won Deciding to track down and read her earlier work first I obtained this copy of Trade Winds via Bookmooch.Just the sort of fiction I recommend reading if you are in the mood to be transported back not only in time but also t [...]

Tara Chevrestt

I am officially a fan of Christina Courtenay Here s the deal I rarely read romance, don t do the damsel in distress bit, and can t stand virginal women, but I enjoy Courtenay s writing style very much and love the banter and flirtaciousness between her couples and her suspenseful storylines In this novel, the virgin is Jess and the experienced, dashing I can t use the word rogue here cause he is actually a compassionate, kind, funny man who happens to be good in bed is Killian I wanted to marry [...]

Lucie Wheeler

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book even after having to stop mid way for a few days The book tells the story of Jessamijn Jess van Sandt and Killian Kinross, both in their individual lives, and then their lives as they intertwine together The book starts with us learning of Killain s gambling lifestyle and his ongoing deal with lady luck We then meet Jess, who we learn to be a young woman who thinks she is being lied to by her stepfather and believes that he is trying to take her inheritance l [...]

Deborah Swift

This novel will appeal to those readers of historical fiction who seek to escape from the Tudors in England It is set initially in Sweden, and this makes for a refreshing change.It is strong on character but weaker on a sense of period, but then I m sure that is what the author intended.The main characters are likeable Killian the irrepressible Scot, and Jessamijn Von Sandt the feisty swedish beauty There is of course no doubt that they will end up romantically attached, but the plot of evil ste [...]

Anne Harvey

When Killian Kinross wins a merchant ship at the throw of a dice, he knows it s time to end his dissolute life style He departs for Sweden where he is to learn the business of import and export from a distant cousin There he meets Jessamjin von Sandt, his employer s step daughter In an attempt to thwart her stepfather, she asks Killian to enter into a marriage of convenience On a lengthy trip to China, Killian discovers that Jess has inadvertently become stranded on the ship, forcing the pair in [...]

Angie Cornelison

This was a fun read I was surprised at how quickly I was drawn in I loved the characters Killian and Jess Very cute believable love story.Mild swearingSkipped over the love scene.

Hannah Stewart

3.5 stars if I m being honest For all those people who whinged about this book it s commercial literature, not fine literature I ve read a heck of a lot historical fiction novels with inaccuracies, horribly undefined or facetious characters, non existent storylines etc This book, whilst not on the same level as my favourite historical fiction novels, was enjoyable I can t lie The characters of Jess and Killian were actually well portrayed, I could believe their courtship, and whilst the storyli [...]


Ideally I d give this book 3.5 but, seeing as there are no halves, I have to go with 4 Why Because this book got me turning pages from the get go Up to well over half way through I was rather enjoying it all it was a nice story, I could picture the characters, and it was an easy read I could tell the writing was a little naive from the onset but I didn t really care as it all flowed rather nicely The last 10 or so chapters didn t pull me as much as the rest The story got a bit Hollywood at that [...]

Karin Jenkins

Read this on holiday in Gothenburg having heard quite a bit from the tour guides about the influence of the Scots and Dutch in the development of the city and the importance of the Swedish East India Company It was nice to put imagined human faces to that story An easy holiday read, I found myself rooting for Jess and Killian and enjoying the exotic locations.

Aisha Hussain

Excellent book set in the colonial times when all the powers that be were trying to form the east india trading companies Could have done with historical information but I enjoyed the feminist vs the rogue verbal sparring matches between the main characters.

Di Schlenk

Fascinating history read.


Underh llande Enfaldiga personportr tt.


A decent historical novel Took a bit too long to get started and put a little too much emphasis on romance But if you like that sort of thing you might like this.

Zel Polev

3.5I liked this book but not so much as a I would a 4 star book I think this was a pleasant book I enjoyed the unusual settings I liked that it was set in Sweden and travelled all the way to China It sounds good as I recount it in my head but the actual reading of it was just so so It was a bit better than alright It had good and bad elements in it but I think it is pleasant enough.There really is something about the setting that I am drawn to It was really paired up well with Jess conflict She [...]

Laura Summers

Reviewed for bookchickcity 7 out of 10 on the blog With its lush and vivid setting I m tempted to call Trade Winds a beautiful book Set mainly in Sweden, but with parts of the story told in Scotland and China in transports you through both time and cultures in 1732 I know next to nothing about Sweden, but I got a strong sense that this book was well researched and the author paints a distinct vision of each setting the book takes place in I particularly loved the parts in China.The heroine is Je [...]

Louise Graham

Trade Winds by Christina Courtenay is the first in a series of books published by Choc Lit.Set in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1732 Jessamijn van Sandt Jess is a strong minded young woman living under the protection of her rather nasty Step father who she believes is not all he claims to be.Scotsman Killian Kinross has something to prove to his doubting Grand Father He is worthy of being the Laird to family estate and will do all he can to prove it When he meets Jess he is rather taken aback by her Kil [...]


This book was recommended to me by after purchasing and reading The Importance of Being Emma and Persuade Me and given that I have started reading historical romances figured I would give it a shot I was expecting your normal fluff romance book, but this one really surprised me with the depth or detail and research that must have gone into the setting, the cultural references, and the variety of places the book took the characters to It was definitely the most impressive thing about the book to [...]

Blodeuedd Finland

I got interested in this one cos it was set on Sweden, and I thought, a book in English, set in Swedish I wonder if she knows her stuff Which Courtenay does being half Swedish It was fun seeing Swedish words used and knowing what they mean for once Cos when that happens with other languages, it s trickier.Jess is of Dutch origin and her father started this trading company Now she lives with her stepdad, whom she hates, and her mum But she is pretty sure he is scaring away suitors so he does not [...]


A novel set in Sweden This probably was the first one I have ever read As a Finn, I probably should not say this, but I am completely ignorant when it comes to Swedish language or history So the accuracy of the historical facts in the novel I believe them to be right since I do not have any factual knowledge about that.Jess is a strong willed heroine living in Sweden with her mother and step father Jess father started a traiding company, but now, after his father s death, Jess believes her inher [...]


This was a historical romance novel that stands apart from most romance novels I ve read For certain it s the first one set in either Sweden or China that I can recall reading Jessamijn van Sandt has returned from a year s exile and arrives home to find things have not changed Her beloved father is still dead, her mother not interested in her at all, and her hated step father still making decisions for her that seem wrong Killian Kinross is the hated bastard son of an Irish noblewoman and the so [...]

Goddess Of Blah

If you ve read The Scarlet Kimono by Christina Courtenay then you will immediately become a fan There s also a few other of her books which I ve enjoyed such as The Silent Touch of Shadows But that book is by far her best Its an epic adventure that sweeps you into a world that only a good author knows how I m a huge fan after that book however, unfortunately now I have huge expectations when I open a book by this author.Trade Winds may have been a good book but it was like too many of that ilk A [...]


I knew I had to read this book as soon as I saw its gorgeous cover It promised the irresistible lure of adventure on the high seas and than delivered on that Set in 1732, Trade Winds tells the story of roguish and handsome Killian Kinross who is forced to leave his native Scotland and forge a new career in Sweden There he meets and is able to help out Jess van Sandt, the spirited step daughter of his new employer, by entering into a marriage of convenience with her Shortly afterwards, he sets s [...]


Trade Winds is set in 1732 where the delectable Scotsman Killian Kinross is disinherited and sent to Sweden by his rather harsh grandfather Lord Rosyth This banishment is much to the delight of his awful cousin Farquhar who Killian hasn t heard the last of.Killian s path is destined to cross with Jess van Sandt, a headstrong and determined young lady who has been exiled by her step father for some 12 months and only just allowed to return home Jess is certain that her step father s business deal [...]


It s 1731 and Killian Kinross a professional gambler and ladies man throws the dice for the last time Amazed by his own luck in a make or break game of chance, his win is set to change his life forever and dispatch him on a venture he never envisaged with a woman he s never met He trades Scotland for Sweden and once there, aims for a new and honest life devoid of gambling, and a good way to escape his dark past Whilst keen to learn the art of trading and of sailing the South China Seas, he encou [...]

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