Dec 02, 2022
The Finding
Posted by Nicky Charles

[PDF] The Finding | by ✓ Nicky Charles, The Finding, Nicky Charles, The Finding She discovered a dark secret witnessed a murder and fled into the night fearing for her life Three years later Cassie is still hiding from her past haunted by a dream lover and fighting to control a terrifying beast that seems to grow stronger each day When Bryan pack Beta appears to claim her Cassie is forced to face the truth of her existence Innocence betraya She discovered a [PDF] The Finding | by ✓ Nicky Charles - The Finding, The Finding She discovered a dark secret witnessed a murder and fled into the night fearing for her life Three years later Cassie is still hiding from her past haunted by a dream lover and fighting to control

  • Title: The Finding
  • Author: Nicky Charles
  • ISBN: 2940011191213
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Nook
[PDF] The Finding | by ✓ Nicky Charles, The Finding, Nicky Charles, The Finding She discovered a dark secret witnessed a murder and fled into the night fearing for her life Three years later Cassie is still hiding from her past haunted by a dream lover and fighting to control a terrifying beast that seems to grow stronger each day When Bryan pack Beta appears to claim her Cassie is forced to face the truth of her existence Innocence betraya She discovered a

[PDF] The Finding | by ✓ Nicky Charles - The Finding, The Finding She discovered a dark secret witnessed a murder and fled into the night fearing for her life Three years later Cassie is still hiding from her past haunted by a dream lover and fighting to control


This was a whopper of a book and well worth the time reading it The Finding, is the 3rd book in the Law of the Lycans series by Nicky Charles This book picks up where 2 left off I love the fact that the author pulled in all the couples and characters from the other books and wrapped them up in The Finding I don t think it would have been as complete without them Cassandra Greyson had witnessed her Uncle being shot, his lawyer being attacked by a werewolf and before that happened heard her uncle [...]


This is kind of a review of the series There are dozens of reviews of this book that explain the plot, so I m not going to go into the actual plot of the book, either.I read all three of these books because they were free on BN for the Nook I m a sucker for free, and once I started I really did want to know how it ended So I read all three, even though I really really didn t like the second book.The conclusion I ve come to is that Nicky Charles desperately needs an editor not a copy editor thou [...]

Kami Dodson-Perry

Nicky Charles did it againother great book Book 3 in the Lycan Law series was well written SPOILER ALERT It is about Cassie who was in part of Book 2 Cassie ran away from home after seeing her uncle killed, a werewolf attacked killed his trusted lawyer, finding out that werewolves kill any who know their secret She was terrified needed to start over She ended up in a hotel in some small town from a long bus ride, went to bed woke up in Las Vegas in an alley with only her clothes thank goodness h [...]


I finished this a few days ago but haven t been able to find the time to write a review And really, this book deserves the time it takes to write an honest and thoughtful review.I m already a fan of Nicky Charles I think she is a great story teller and has very interesting stories to tell I don t really understand what she s about though She writes very gripping and detailed tales but I don t think she does it professionally Her books are posted and accessible for free and all she asks for is a [...]


This was a giant book Even though I know it was a formatting error, 1120 pages is slightly fear inducing It probably didn t help that I read it in two sittings, so consider that as you read my review.This book was longgggg I feel like some of the multiple viewpoints storylines could have been shortened or eliminated, and I feel that at times it detracted from the main story I found myself flipping the page and hoping that it was about Bryan and Cassie.The only other thing that bothered me beside [...]


The Finding by Nicky Charles Law of the Lycons Book 3A great paranormal series And this third book is packed full We see of what is going on in the minds of characters from previous books along with the main characters, Cassandra Greyson and Bryan Cooper Nicky has a unique way of having the person and the wolf as two separate entities and yet one Cassie ran off three years ago after hearing her Uncle Anthony Greyson say she was a werewolf and than seeing a man change into a wolf and attack Mr A [...]

Tori Carmon

This book was alright it was kind of repetitive, but over all it was an ok book When i mean repetative it feels almost as if i read the same chapter over and over But i never got tired of reading it This book is of teen or young adult werewolves or finding and accepting your true self like Cassy had to do I like it because her mate, or stalker in the beggining ended up helping her find her way I liked this.In this book, p.s, yes this is my quick overview spoilers may be included this girl named [...]


I really enjoyed the first two books in this series The Mating and The Keeping and this book was okay as well but it really did fall a little flat and it s clear why The author tired to write the book from too many pov s Point of Views The main characters of the book were Bryan and Cassie The book would of been much better written from their point of views and perhaps that of the Villains Though I honestly think Marla shouldn t have even been in this book and it would of been much cooler to give [...]

Colleen M

There was a lot of coincidence in this book, sometimes I just dropped it and looked up at the sky and said REALLY it was that bad I wanted to beat Cassandra over the head for being stubborn and closed minded, I wanted to wring Bryan s neck for not thinking that Aldrich would think Cassandra was a werewolf, and really kill the author for dragging out Mel s issues with her biological father Besides all those issues though, there was a great story interwoven between them Or maybe despite them Cassa [...]


Very good story and nicely told As always Nicky Charles words flow effortlessly, and she is exceptionally descriptive I missed the dialogue and passion that were so prominent in the first two books, but the story took a different direction, suspense than romance I always love it when you get to revisit with the main characters from previous books, and they were all present throughout the story Her other books had of a steam factor, and this one was lacking in that respect Being this is a story [...]

♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡

I gave it a 5 The story had a ton of detail, which is great in this case because, you know she exists before this book, but know nothing about her yet It is a long book via electronics I make my font bigger because I can, then I read slower Not to mention I read 2other books at the same time I love this author, and I would pay for the books if I had to She puts them out there for free I get the first book, but she could charge, for the subsequent books I love the Canadian English she uses I feel [...]

Sia McKye

This story has a great premise and world building and for that the author deserves 3.5 stars This story could have been an excellent 4 or 4.5 starred story with the help of a good story content editor I was really looking forward to reading this story The story has a lot of potential of being a solid series The shifter world has an original twist, the characters are, for the most part, well thought out with a distinct voice, and I can see their goals, motivation, and conflict The plot bones are [...]

Jennifer Monzon

This is the third book to the series by Nicky Charles and I downloaded it for free from IBook s I absolutely loved this story I loved the way the author incorporated all the character s in the past stories into this plot The book was very well written and I felt every emotion that the author described in the story as if I was living it myself The author stated that it might be the last book in the series However, I hope it s not because her writing makes you feel as if you are living the story O [...]


I think this book might have just passed the first book the Mating into first place for me Again like The Keeping it was a little slow to get started, but one we got about 30% in it just started to pick up There was so much of Kane, Elise and Ryne and Mel, it was great to see them play a big role in this book as they are my favourites I initially didn t like Cassie Cassandra She was a real pain in the arse I think she treated Bryan appalingly which made me like her even less Bryan is so sweet an [...]

★Moonrise Books

After a devastating event, Cassie runs away from home to start a new life She has always struggled with unusual symptoms However, lately she has been waking up in strange places One day, a young man shows up, Brian, and tries to abduct her Cassie doesn t understand his messages, and manages to escape.Brian, the beta for a new Lycan Pack, is trailing Cassie, when it is discovered that she is a link to an ancient line of Lycans But what exactly her link entails is to be determined And what will he [...]

Maria Mercedes The Oracle Reviews

Law of the Lycan s Series ReviewBy Nicky CharlesThe Mating Published Feb 23, 2010 Pages 216Elise had no idea when she came home that day that she d end up mated to a complete stranger A new Alpha and the need for an alliance between packs have made her a pawn.The Keeping Published July 1 2010, Pages 1048 Ryne Taylor was a sexy bad ass Alpha set on establishing a new pack Melody Greene was a journalism student researching his work as a photographer or so she said But could Mel really be trusted o [...]

Melissa Levine

Thankfully I am done with this seriesr a bit anyways I still have the 2.5 story to read Strangely, those kind of stories are normally short but I think that one is like 400 pages too Don t feel like reading that now though.Anyways, again like the last book, I only found this one to be okay I don t feel like Cassie and Brian had as much story time togetherness as the Kane and Elise and then Ryne and Mel There were too many characters going on in this one too.Again, a few questions comments I have [...]


4.5stars reallyBryan has been haunted of dreams of a female wolf that just may be his mate Cassie is having the same dreams as her wolf becomes harder for her to control and her only contact with werewolves has been the large black one that killed her uncle three years ago For this installment Marla Matthews makes her dastardly re appearance as she is still seeking revenge on Kane s pack and has manipulated her way into a position with Leon Aldrich who has proof of werewolves Marla Aldrich have [...]


So, knowing that this book would be about Bryan and Cassie it threw me for a loop when finding that not only are werewolves shapeshifters but some can even teleport and can have telekenesis Well, it is a fictional paranormal book so I guess Anyways, this series by far was one of the best erotic, down to earth even though its werewolf based book I ve read so far I could honestly love to see this book as a movie in the future, however, I would be doubtful that the wolves in the movie can compare [...]

✿ℎazℯℓ - thℯ ℛock Cℎick ℱairy✿

I found this book as well as the first two in the series to be a highly satisfying read Left me wondering again why it s for free The plot again is connected to the first two and i was glad to have read about the first two couples, saw how they were doing and all At first, i found Cassie to be highly annoying She was so afraid of being a werewolf that she was damaging her system by taking in KO drugs But the i understood her point Her character lived a fully sheltered life and she did see a trau [...]

Angie ~aka Reading Machine~

Cassie Greyson has been in hiding for the past three years under the name of Sandy Grant Sandy s only friend is named Kellen Anderson living in Las Vegas Sandy hides in secret afraid to let any one including Kellen Kellen has a problem with gambling and knows that Sandy doesn t like it at all For the last three years, Bryan Cooper, Beta of the Stump River Pack, has been haunted by the same dream since he started searching for Cassie Greyson She disappeared without a trace on the night her Uncle [...]


Still another suprise and the third book is just as good as the first and second if not even better, and besides all that it was another free book for my Nook Color from Barnes Noble.Cassie is young, naive and has been sheltered from the outside world all of her life She is left alone now after witnessing the murder of her so called uncle, and she has fled the city and is hiding out fearing for her own life Her friend has gotten himself into some trouble and now she is experiencing some personal [...]


I seem to be in the minority as opposed to other reviewers I liked Nicky Charles s other books, even with their grammatical errors, and I was looking forward to reading Bryan s story, but this just fell flat for me I didn t care for Cassie, at all She was annoying She s a werewolf but didn t find out until recently And yeah she was inducted into the life rather abruptly, but come on Its not like she can change anything now can she Suck it up and move on Get to know your true self If my true natu [...]


Please Nicky write I want to know about Daniel and Tess and Read about Sam and Damien


I found this book just engrossing as the first book I read in this series I was pulled into the story from the very beginning because I was about to get a chance to catch up with some old favorites The characters are so well written and have managed to make me think of them as real when I open a book and start to read about them The story here is a little complicated than what we get normally as it brings to a conclusion several stories which have been ongoing and initiates a new one.Cassandra [...]


Cassandra Cassie, Sandy Greyson lives very humbly in Las Vegas with Kellen Cassie left the Chicago area mansion in which she was raised after the death of her uncle and after years spent hiding from both the public eye and her inner werewolf She still hides the latter Kellen doesn t know but a werewolf lycan pack has official permission to find Cassie and bring her into their fold Kellen s gambling addiction brings complications into their lives, and the werewolf Bryan, seeking Cassie, adds of [...]

Once Upon a Twilight

The story begins with Cassie who has witnessed a murder and a has discovered her true identity She s fled in fear for her life and questionable things have been happening to her in which she can t explain She s met someone in which she s began a new life with but when that person gets into a huge problem, she finds herself fleeing again but with no where to go.Bryan is a Beta in his pack and has been searching for a woman for several years with no lead as to where she is Under The Finding law sh [...]


Bryan and Cassie are the main characters in this book, even though Kane Elise and Ryne Melody also appear We also see a return of Marla.In the last book Cassie finds out she is a werewolf just before her uncle is killed by Aldrich She then runs away and finds herself in Las Vegas and rescued by Kellen The story begins 3 years after Cassie runs away, her name now is Sandy.Aldrich continues to search for Cassie as she is the heiress to her uncle s estate and he has plans to get his hands on the es [...]


So this is the last in her series for now It was slow going for me for some reason I just wanted it to get going ya know I did like this book, but not as much as the first 2 I think the main reason being the lack of romance I was so happy about in the first 2 books There was sweet nothings and dreams, but not like the first 2 There was lots of info and action going on in this one once I got past the slow beginning So that held my attention very well But it is one I suggest to read if you have re [...]

Adrienne Campbell

The third and final so far in the series by Nicky Charles By far the best and the longest of the three Once again, you really need to read the first two books in the series before taking on this one or you will be completely lost.This book is about a young heiress who has run away to hide from her past life because she has a secret that could cause her to lose everything including her life She moves to Vegas and takes up with a young man with a gambling addiction Her life is a struggle at best a [...]

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