Dec 02, 2022
Double Dexter
Posted by Jeff Lindsay

[PDF] Unlimited Ö Double Dexter : by Jeff Lindsay, Double Dexter, Jeff Lindsay, Double Dexter The dark and witty New York Times bestselling seriesThe inspiration for Showtime s critically acclaimed showDouble Dexter is Jeff Lindsay s completely new wickedly entertaining novel A witness Such a simple concept and yet for Dexter Morgan the perfectly well disguised monster the possibility of a witness is unthinkable But when Dexter is on a very private veThe dark and witty Ne [PDF] Unlimited Ö Double Dexter : by Jeff Lindsay - Double Dexter, Double Dexter The dark and witty New York Times bestselling seriesThe inspiration for Showtime s critically acclaimed showDouble Dexter is Jeff Lindsay s completely new wickedly entertaining novel A witness Such a

  • Title: Double Dexter
  • Author: Jeff Lindsay
  • ISBN: 9780385532372
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover
[PDF] Unlimited Ö Double Dexter : by Jeff Lindsay, Double Dexter, Jeff Lindsay, Double Dexter The dark and witty New York Times bestselling seriesThe inspiration for Showtime s critically acclaimed showDouble Dexter is Jeff Lindsay s completely new wickedly entertaining novel A witness Such a simple concept and yet for Dexter Morgan the perfectly well disguised monster the possibility of a witness is unthinkable But when Dexter is on a very private veThe dark and witty Ne

[PDF] Unlimited Ö Double Dexter : by Jeff Lindsay - Double Dexter, Double Dexter The dark and witty New York Times bestselling seriesThe inspiration for Showtime s critically acclaimed showDouble Dexter is Jeff Lindsay s completely new wickedly entertaining novel A witness Such a


After six novels and six seasons, it might be nice to compare where Dexter is as related to its two media universes I should say there are spoilers for those who never read or seen Dexter but no spoilers for Double Dexter but anyone who has not read or seen Dexter and is reading this review of the sixth novel deserves to be spoiled.So here we are with the various characters that make up DexterLand.Lt Guerta TV alive and kicking as one of the major characters BOOK Murdered by Dexter s brother Bri [...]

Oliviu Craznic

Un calculatorist ratat l surprinde pe Dexter n exerci iul func iunii i decide nu doar s l imite, ci i s i pun n c rc crimele pe care el, imitatorul, le va comite, ceea ce pare s i reu easc de minune Ocazie excelent pentru sergentul Doakes s re nceap v n toarea vechiului s u inamicDac nu erau Doakes i rechinul de la final, i a fi dat o singur stea c r ii Intriga este plin de g uri , personajele sunt ataraxico autiste i, cel mai important, Dexter renun , n sf r it n serial renun ase nc de la seria [...]

Edward Lorn

Alternate titles for this book Dexter Doesn t Do Dinner, Dexter Gets a Cold, Dexter Joins Boy Scouts, and Dexter Meets Jaws.Let me get the really horrible shit out of the way I get the fact that Rita has always been the house wifey sort I dig that she enjoys cooking and cleaning and raising her kids I get that My wife and I have been together for fifteen years She hasn t applied for a job since 2005 I would never say she hasn t had a job since 2005 because being a stay at home Mom is probably on [...]

Brit Mandelo

Normally, I find these books to be fun, fast, reads a bit goofy, but entertaining.So, where the hell did all of this misogyny come from Was I reading with half of my brain for the past several books The answer must be yes At least, before, I found Astor and Deb to both be well developed and interesting women This book has Astor transformed into a stereotypical flighty, bitchy teenage girl there s a memorable scene of her turning into her mother as they try to pack for a trip and throw identical [...]

Rhiannon Ryder

Oh Dexter Let me count the ways I love you First off, you are so slick and hopeless at the same time, I adore the messes you get into Secondly, if you have to have side kicks to your story then who better than your potty mouth sister, difficult stepchildren and flighty but lovely wife Thirdly you are a funny, funny man, twisted, but funny Fourthly, your stance on criminals, now who can argue with that Fifthly you re a club scout participant, who doesn t love a serial killer cub scout Reason the [...]

Alisa Kester

I m Doubly Despondent to Discourse about this, but the beginning 3 4 pages of this book are so Despairingly Dreadful that if this had been my first Dexter novel I would have stopped reading and never picked up another Here s the first couple of lines Of course there are clouds They take over the sky and hide that pulsing swollen moon that is clearing its throat above them Clearing its throat Seriously And it only gets worse from there It is the most floridly purple few pages I have ever read in [...]


Ok, Ok was better than I expected Still, a good 50 pages can be cut out with all the inner monologue, ruminations of sweat, traffic and food But I suppose those things make Dexter Dexter I still don t like the story line involving the kids Especially Astor It just doesn t fit But the Brian storyline He s just in her for a few suspicious glimpses slight spoilers, ye be warned Why do I torture myself Why am I reading another Dexter book after I swore them off than a year ago Because I wanted to m [...]


To be honest, I ve only read the first three books in the Dexter series prior to reading this one, which, having read those first three books, I probably never would have read if I hadn t won it in an online giveaway I don t remember Rita being as IMMENSELY ANNOYING in the first three books as she is in this one Maybe she lost her ability to complete a sentence thought somewhere in the fourth and fifth books, I m not sure I also remember Dexter having some amount of depth and problem solving ski [...]

James Gonzalez

I d have to say this is one of my least favorite Dexter books While it was nice to have a villain who knew Dexter s identity and was always one step ahead of him, that came at the expensive of dumbing down Dexter himself There were times where I was yelling at the book about how much of an idiot he was being, that the answer was too obvious That was very disappointing.Also, I know that Rita often talks in half sentences, but it seems like it went overboard this time I swear she said maybe 6 comp [...]


Jeff Lindsay is getting lazy.The story had potential, and Lindsay s witty style was spot on, but I spent most of the book frustrated by glaring plot holes and flaws in character reasoning a real problem when your protagonist is supposed to be exceptionally intelligent I ve been noticing the same problems with recent Sookie Stackhouse books Methinks both authors are suffering from Do I really need to be doing this since the TV shows spawned from my novels are making me enough cash to never ever w [...]

Fabián Tapia

Me mato o me matan

Сибин Майналовски

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Book Info Genre Thriller Police ProceduralReading Level AdultRecommended for twisted peopleTrigger Warnings murderMy Thoughts Okay, this is my first read of this book, so it s all fresh and new and unknown How exciting To make things fun, I did a sort of informal buddy read with Chuck from Bookworm Buddies over on.I was immediately struck by how strangely everyone is acting in this book Rita is behaving very oddly, and Camilla Figg always in the background, never any details is also acting in a [...]

Kristin Shafel

My husband and I enjoy the Dexter TV series, and we had a long drive for Thanksgiving last week, so we borrowed the audiobook Double Dexter from the library thinking it would be something we d both like I m glad the Dexter book world deviates from the TV show some, to spice things up from what we know in that world, but I think this probably isn t the best Dexter book to start with, if you re seriously interested in the series I hated to give it just a 2 star rating on , but that s where I am wi [...]


The opening sequence of DOUBLE DEXTER reads as good as any purist noir written It s moody, evocative, harrowing, and dark with a sense of foreboding and dread a calm before the perfect storm The opening chapter ties in nicely with Dexter s Dark Passenger persona In fact, the opening sequences are so good that I couldn t help but draw comparisons to Cornell Woolrich vastly different authors yet sharing the same thematic quality early in this Dexter novel Yet, this being dutiful domestic bliss Dex [...]

Tasha Robinson

I keep reading the Dexter books, much as I previously kept watching the Dexter TV show, because the inherent idea has so much potential, and the character is, at his best drawn, very interesting And unlike some of the fans, I actually enjoyed it when the book series took a weird fantasy turn and we found out that Dexter s Dark Passenger the internal awareness and hunger that makes him a serial killing predator was a literal presence, a fragment of an ancient god That said, the books can be fairl [...]


Oh my god I hate Rita with a fiery passion I like TV Rita I was shocked and saddened when they killed her off.Book Rita, I want to bludgeon to death myself She is so freaking annoying And Jeff, REAL people do not talk like that Even the most absent minded people can and occasionally do finish at least ONE entire sentence.This one was narrated by Jeff Lindsay himself and he did a HORRIBLE job at it The worst offense was his Astor voice Apparently he thinks that a preteen girl only speaks through [...]


This book is a fall from twisted grace for this series The standard arc is present Miami serial killer to catch, someone finds out Dexter s killer identity, then it s a game of cat and mouse to see which killer finds the other one first.This arc however seems lazy in comparison Deb finds the Miami serial killer bad guy all by herself in the first 1 3 of the book Dexter is not present for any of the police work but is instead cast in the role of baby sitter for Deb s son The game if cat and mouse [...]


Incepe sa se strice seria.Pasagerul supranatural a lui Dexter nu mai face nici cat o ceapa degerata Familia e doar de decor Cody si Astor, copiii ucigasi, marea dezvaluire senzationala din serie, nu au aproape nicio legatura cu Dexter El se ocupa de bunele lor maniere , dar de fapt nu face nimic.Brian si copiii omoara intr o seara un caine vagabond si cam atat.Dexter, Justitiarul Intunecat, care pedepseste criminalii ce evita legea, nu are probleme in a imparti aceasi camera cu Brian, cel care d [...]


In my opinion, the best book of the series thus far.As I have stated in my prior reviews, Lindsay s Dexter books are best when it s about Dexter and his family, because the books that are heavier on police procedural aren t as interesting to me Double Dexter is focused on Dexter, his marriage and whether Dexter the serial killer will be discovered I can t really say much else without spoilers, but this book was worth wading through the couple of others before it.I also really enjoyed this book [...]


As I ve said before, I do love Dexter I really enjoyed this book, it s just typical Dexter funny and exciting As much as I like the books, seeing the tv series has changed it for me I actually prefer watching it on tv.

Asghar Abbas

Meh Obviously Meh If you have read this series after the show, it is pretty much ruined Goes without saying.


There is really only one rule that all criminals must follow Don t Get Caught In the latest Dexter novel by author Jeff Lindsay, Dexter finds himself in this exact situation.For those who are not familiar with the novels or the hit television show based off of the characters, Dexter Morgan seems like a normal guy He has a solid job working as a blood splatter analyst at the Miami Police Department He has a wife, Rita, a new born baby girl, two step kids, and a sister, Deborah, who is his only li [...]


Well.This was very disappointing.I stayed up until the wee hours to finish this Not because it was compelling, but because I just wanted to finish the damn thing.Normally, if I m disliking a book I ll just stop reading it But when it is part of a series I have liked in the past, I ll give it a chance to pick up Sadly, Double Dexter did no such thing.It needed lots of editing Filling in some of the plot holes would have improved it, also.Dexter has a set of rules that were developed for him by hi [...]

Midnight Muldoon

This book made me mad Not angry, MAD Foaming at the mouth, red faced, growling, grinding my teeth MAD I listened to this while I work in an office doing data entry and I went on a rage fueled 10 minute monologue about this book during lunch What the hell is wrong with Dexter Some dude who just learned he likes to kill because he spotted Dexter is now suddenly outwitting someone who has successfully killed over 40 people without getting caught Some amateur newbie can get the drop on him just like [...]


4.75 stars Cochrane stumbled to a stop, as if he wasn t sure what the correct word might be in report ese but the cop beside him supplied the missing word He hurled the other cop said Totally lost his lunch I came, I saw, I blew chunks, Vince Masuoka muttered beside me, but happily for his health Sargent Deborah didn t hear him.This is the funniest book so far Can I say that about a serial killer Lindsey fills this book with laugh out loud cleverly written, lines that burst across the page makin [...]


Definitely not my favorite book in the series I enjoyed it and am glad I read it, but I was disappointed with the overall feel This was the first book in the series that I was able to read without squirming and feeling disgusted or disturbed throughout The reason I enjoy the books so much is this exact feeling of unease I missed that with Double Dexter Again, I am series loyal and will continue to read all of Jeff Lindsay s Dexter books as they are released, plus Double Dexter was entertaining, [...]


I ve been a fan of the Dexter series since the beginning, though not all of them are, in my opinion, of equal quality The first two were brilliant, the third was a real letdown, and the two after that were better than Dexter in the Dark, but not as good as Darkly Dreaming Dexter or Dearly Devoted Dexter.This one, in my opinion, returns to the best of Dexter s form Putting Dexter into a position in which he has to deal with a witness to his dark deeds, someone who is probably as warped as he is b [...]


Throughout his career as the friendly neighbourhood serial killer, Dexter has avoided being noticed However, all good things must come to an end and upon being seen Dexter is pulled into a dark and deadly game with an individual who is now out to get him.Another book filled with Dexter s wit and our favourite characters, this one follows Dexter as his seemingly perfect life becomes dangerous for him and those closest to him With all eyes focused upon him, Dexter soon finds himself in a predicam [...]


I ve always loved the Dexter books, so I was really excited when I won this one from the giveaways section on this site However Having now read the book, I am a bit confused about a couple of things.Firstly, was Rita always that annoying Maybe it s because she was featured in this book, I don t know, but the way she speaks began to grate on my nerves really quickly.Secondly, what has happened to Dexter s problem solving skills I mean, seriously He biologically becomes a father, acquires emotion [...]

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