Jan 28, 2022
The Dead Won't Sleep
Posted by Anna Smith

✓ The Dead Won't Sleep ½ Anna Smith, The Dead Won't Sleep, Anna Smith, The Dead Won t Sleep The body of a young teenage hooker is found washed up on a beach near Glasgow This is Glasgow in the s she s just another dead heroin addict But Tracey Eadie was only years old came from a children s home in Glasgow One of Tracey s friends contacts Rosie Gilmour a tabloid journalist she can t ignore the story ✓ The Dead Won't Sleep ½ Anna Smith - The Dead Won't Sleep, The Dead Won t Sleep The body of a young teenage hooker is found washed up on a beach near Glasgow This is Glasgow in the s she s just another dead heroin addict But Tracey Eadie was only years old came from a chil

  • Title: The Dead Won't Sleep
  • Author: Anna Smith
  • ISBN: 9780857382955
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
✓ The Dead Won't Sleep ½ Anna Smith, The Dead Won't Sleep, Anna Smith, The Dead Won t Sleep The body of a young teenage hooker is found washed up on a beach near Glasgow This is Glasgow in the s she s just another dead heroin addict But Tracey Eadie was only years old came from a children s home in Glasgow One of Tracey s friends contacts Rosie Gilmour a tabloid journalist she can t ignore the story

✓ The Dead Won't Sleep ½ Anna Smith - The Dead Won't Sleep, The Dead Won t Sleep The body of a young teenage hooker is found washed up on a beach near Glasgow This is Glasgow in the s she s just another dead heroin addict But Tracey Eadie was only years old came from a chil


Okay, okay, this one was good very good indeed.I have been to Glasgow once To a concert Didn t stay the night Headed back to Edinburgh that night It has a bit of reputation of being a rough town And, perchance, the night we were there, some fucking wanker murdered a trainee Irish nurse and tried to dispose of her body in a quite horrifying way So my preconceived notions about Glasgow are not that goodSon who is studying in Edinburgh, visits there regularly for concerts, football, etc He thinks i [...]

Rachel Hall

3.5 starsAuthor Anna Smith had a twenty five year career as a journalist for the Daily Record, a Scottish tabloid newspaper based in Glasgow prior to becoming a novelist, so I expected plenty of grit and realism in her debut novel featuring intrepid reporter, Rosie Gilmour The Dead Won t Sleep is set in 1998 when the body of a teenage prostitute is discovered washed up on the beach at Troon Ordinarily given the late 1990 s culture another druggie hooker wouldn t draw too much interest from the r [...]

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I keep getting told by FB followers that I MUST read Anna Smith and that her books are brilliant Sadly, my to read list is stupidly long which means authors whose books I have on my Kindle, can sometimes sit there undiscovered for months Anna Smith is one such author What an idiot I felt once I d finished this book, her debut novel As soon as I was finished, I immediately downloaded her second book, and have her third release firmly in the calendar 31st Jan 2013 for anybody interested.The synops [...]


5 Rosie Gilmour Your A StarWhen a young girl is found washed up at sea it starts to become apparent that there is a lot about this girls death than the police are keen to admit.Rosie Gilmour is good at her job, a journalist for a newspaper in she knows how to get a her story Mag s is a friend of the dead girl, she comes to Rosie with some information, little does Rosie know what type a story she is going to break and the danger she is now under.Whilst her investigation may still need evidence [...]

Cora ☕ Tea Party Princess

5 Words Brutal, shocking, corruption, murder, journalismDIOBOOKThis was a bit different for me When it comes to crime it s usually police procedurals or private investigators, so to have the story coming from a journalist was a new experience from me But I loved it.This story was harsh and brutal and shocking.I think if I d read this it would have been a different experience altogether Sarah Barron does a magnificent job of narrating the story, putting such life into the characters There were ev [...]


Yessssss I have found another fave investigator to follow Rosie Gilmour is a journalist seeking to expose some corrupt individuals in Glasgow She is fab and the story is gritty, exciting and compellingn t wait to listen to of these Scottish accent double yesssssss

Bev Taylor

a decomposed body is washed up on the shores of a beach in glasgow she is a 14 year old girl who went missing 6 months ago a junkie and a prostitute already not much attention is paid, especially as she was living in a home h e journalist rosie receives a call from her friend telling her she knows what happens and agrees to meet what she has to say would blow a hole in the police force and expose 3 top officers in web of corruption, prostitution and also murder she has the bit between her teeth [...]


Yay, I m racing to the finish line here, my reviews are up to November now, almost up to date.3.5 stars for this one This book ended up quite gripping although it took a while to get there Rosie Gilmour is a Glasgow journalist who is approached by a prostitute with information about the death of a 14 year old girl whose body was washed up six months after she died The information opens up a whole can of worms about police corruption so Rosie needs to tread carefully and be able to back up her st [...]


3.5 starsStrong first book in a series set in Glasgow featuring investigative reporter Rosie Gilmour The author herself is an award winning journalist, giving her fictional character a credible base The second book already is on my TBR list.

Sue G

This is Anna Smith s debut crime novel after a career as an award winning crime reporter in Scotland, and she sticks to the subject she knows best.The book is the first in a series featuring journalist Rosie Gilmour, and is set in Glasgow, somewhat oddly, in 1998 A 14 year old prostitute has been taken on a boat by three high ranking policemen when one of them discovers that she has died In the hope that they can remain undiscovered they tip the girl s body overboard, but 6 months later her deco [...]

Jo Barton

This fast and furious crime novel has been compared to the novels of Martina Cole, and even offers to refund your money if you are disappointed with the contents.Believe me you won t be disappointed, nor will you want your money back.From the opening chapter the story draws you in, and the action keeps you turning the pages for I read the book in one sitting as I couldn t put it down s dark, gritty and totally believable.As this is the first book in a proposed series of stories about news repor [...]


I really enjoyed this book, its one of those that makes you want to read on and on Its the story of an investigative journalist, and corruption within high ranks Its also about the seedier side of glasgow, a few good murders added And some really heartwrenching things too, its one of those books where you cant wait for the next one from this Author I have looked and Anna Smith has her next one coming out next February which i cant wait to get my hands on


I loved this book, quite a different perspective reading a crime novel from a journalists view, but it really worked, was gripping from start to finish and a great book Started the next book in the series already and only a few chapters in, but can see it will be a great sequel Glad this author was recommended to me.

~ Cariad ~

LOVED So much that I ve just bought the entire Audible series


A really gritty novel of corruption and paedophilia which made for uncomfortable reading at times It was interesting for a crime novel to reveal the guilty characters at the very beginning so there is no police procedure in this book, rather the uncovering of the shocking story by Rosie, a local journalist The writing felt a little dated to me, I felt as if it was the 1970s rather than late 1990s but this did not detract from the powerful plot I stayed up until the early hours to finish this and [...]


What can I say about this book I read it as monthly selection for the Kindle English Mystery Book Club and I wouldn t have chosen it myself, only because of the nature of the crimes How good it is to be taken out of our comfort zones at times and introduced to the new This is not a typical mystery crime novel because we know the villains from the outset and we follow the investigations of our journalist heroine to ensure that they are held to account.The subject matter is quite hard to deal with [...]


I was lucky enough to win a copy of this from the publisher s Facebook page and was really looking forward to reading it I love crime novels and as a Scot myself particularly enjoy those set in Scotland and those written by female authors.However, I must admit to being disappointed with The Dead Won t Sleep mainly because of the subject matter Around 5 years ago it seemed like every crime novel, TV series and film was about child abuse carried out by those in positions of power I found this them [...]

Joey Paul

THE DEAD WON T SLEEP is a great story that follows the tale of police corruption and a journalist who wishes to expose them Starting with the death of an under age prostitute dying in the company of three top level police officers in Glasgow, the story takes you through the disposal of her body and then the aftermath The writing is superb and the story is fast paced and very easy to get wrapped up in I hated having to put it down when it was time to sleep Very well constructed and loved the path [...]

Amy Cockram

For a detailed review of this novel, please visit my blog at cornishamy 2012This isn t a whodunnit instead Smith s plot hinges on the efforts of dogged, dedicated journalist Rosie Gilmour to expose the corruption behind the crime and on the lengths the perpetrators go to in order to conceal their role in her fate.I primarily enjoyed this novel because I liked Rosie Smith s main character is engaging, vulnerable yet determined, and I cared what happened to her There is a fragile, burgeoning roma [...]

Leanne Keenoo

Not bad but rubbish ending and not exciting enough for me to want to keep picking it up Rosie is a journalist who is well known for her hard hitting story lines from the streets of Glasgow.She gets involved on a case involving some dodgy goings on between top ranking police officers and a young prostitute who ends up dead and thrown in a river Throw in some kind of child abuse involving well known judges and Rosie finds herself in all kinds of trouble So so disappointed with the abrupt ending th [...]


The Plot Crime journalist Rosie Gilmour is onto the story of a lifetime She s uncovered corruption amongst a group of very high up policemen She s determined to expose them but in doing so, she puts her own life in grave danger And then she stumbles upon an even shocking scandalMy Verdict Rosie Gilmour is an immensely likeable character She s flawed, like everyone else, and buries herself in her work so she doesn t have to face painful realities The Dead Won t Sleep would have been a good book [...]

Vicki - I Love Reading

listening to this refreshing myself ready for the new book.just as good 2nd time around.I read this book a few years ago, then bought it again for my kindle so I have just Re read it Just as good the 2nd time around.Rosie Gilmour, tabloid journalist and crusader for justice, What a great character I liked Rosie right from the start, Gut s and determination with a vulnerable side to her.What will the future hold for Rosie I guess I ll have to read the next one to find out.I will certainly be read [...]

Michelle Douglas

What an absolute belter of a book.I picked this book up for 1 so didn t have many expectations.It was set at a really great pace and is a well developed and rounded story, written in an easy to read way.It s a very modern story of police corruption and child abuse,murder,drug taking and falling in love.It s set in Glasgow so that held resonance with me as I was born there.I am now off to see if Anna Smith has written any other books

Wilde Sky

A young prostitute s body is washed up on a beach near Glasgow and an investigative journalist starts to examine the young girl s death and finds a web of police judicial corruption.I found this book to be very simplistic the journalist starts investigating and a few weeks later police corruption that has been taking place for 20 years is uncovered But this book is still reasonably entertaining.


An absorbing, well written read from a new author Being unfamiliar with Martina Cole s work I cannot fairly compare the the two.However if you like your crime books gritty, thought provoking and authentic feeling then I think you ll enjoy this book.A great debut, which will encourage me to seek out of her work.


Rosie Gilmour my new favourite sleuth She is not however a detective but an investigative journalist who won t give up or be intimidated This story involves corrupt police and prostitution of young children.The narrator is excellent.I also liked the beginning of the romance it does take a back seat so this is not romantic crime


Enjoyed this book, reminded me of books by Mandasue Helier and others Set in Glasgow and took a bit to get use to some of the writing style but overall thoroughly enjoyed this and would recommend.

Roy McDine

What a cracking novel could not put this down, right to the last page.

Suzanne Kay

Not bad, looking forward to seeing what her follow up book is like, to see how the character develops


I really enjoyed this book,it had me on the edge of my seat.Once I started it I didn t want to put it down.

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