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Live Wire
Posted by Harlan Coben

Free Read Live Wire - by Harlan Coben, Live Wire, Harlan Coben, Live Wire The inimitable Myron Bolitar is back and he s about to find out that the ugliest truth is better than the prettiest of lies as a secret from his family s past suddenly emerges Myron s mysterious estranged younger brother Brad disapears only to leave Myron with his son a teenaged boy that Myron didn t even know existed Free Read Live Wire - by Harlan Coben - Live Wire, Live Wire The inimitable Myron Bolitar is back and he s about to find out that the ugliest truth is better than the prettiest of lies as a secret from his family s past suddenly emerges Myron s mysterious est

  • Title: Live Wire
  • Author: Harlan Coben
  • ISBN: 9781409112525
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Hardcover
Free Read Live Wire - by Harlan Coben, Live Wire, Harlan Coben, Live Wire The inimitable Myron Bolitar is back and he s about to find out that the ugliest truth is better than the prettiest of lies as a secret from his family s past suddenly emerges Myron s mysterious estranged younger brother Brad disapears only to leave Myron with his son a teenaged boy that Myron didn t even know existed

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Free Read Live Wire - by Harlan Coben - Live Wire, Live Wire The inimitable Myron Bolitar is back and he s about to find out that the ugliest truth is better than the prettiest of lies as a secret from his family s past suddenly emerges Myron s mysterious est


Live Wire by Harlan Coben is a 2011 Dutton publication After book nine disappointed me, I approached this tenth installment with a note of weariness However, despite a few minor complaints, it looks like the series righted itself and is back on track When a tennis star Myron represented, begs him to locate her rock star husband who went off grid after a Facebook post insinuated he was not the father of their unborn child, the last thing Myron anticipated was running into his sister in law, Kitty [...]


Number 10 in the series and the last for a while until the new one comes out At least I know there is another one coming This instalment was easily as good as all the earlier ones although it started off a little slowly Then it steadily became and unputdownable and galloped to a very satisfying conclusion Win is the real hero in this book especially towards the end when he takes charge and solves all the problems in his usual inimicable manner.I guess this must also be the start of the YA Mick [...]


Harlan Coben is one of my favorite authors I like his prose, I like his characters and the way he brings them to life and he always says something I like to think about and save This is one of his Myron Bolitar books I think they should make a movie and cast Alexander Skarsgard as Winn The plot keeps you guessing to the end A couple of things he said that I want to save Myron is thinking about his brother and says, Their estrangement worked a bit like grief We are often told during times of bere [...]


When Myron Bolitar s professional basketball career crashed almost before it began, he turned himself into a sports agent Myron provides a special brand of personal service that has won him many clients for whom he will do almost anything By this book, 10, Myron has expanded his clientele to include entertainment as well as athletic clients Because he truly cares about his clients, he is on call 24 7 He now has a group of associates to help him He has become a problem solver and, sometimes an in [...]

James Thane

Myron Bolitar returns here in his tenth outing Formerly a struggling sports agent, Myron has blossomed over a period of seventeen years into a super agent who represents not only sports figures but a wide variety of entertainment stars as well As is usually the case in a Harlan Coben novel, families take a major role, and in this case Myron s family is center stage both his regular family and his extended family which consists of his best friend Win and Esperanza and Big Cyndi, the two women who [...]


5 10The completionist in me required that I read this novel, the final outing in the Myron Bolitar series Having read the previous 9 I needed to tie things off, it makes sense, however I was less than thrilled about picking this up Harlan Coben used to be one of my favourite authors about 10 years ago and I m unsure whether it s my tastes that have changed or his quality has dropped Whichever it is, Coben is no longer in my top ten authors after a number of disappointing reads over the last few [...]

Evangeline Jennings

After six or seven books in the Myron Bolitar series, Harlan Coben either ran out of ideas or got some new ideas beyond his station Either way, his subsequent standalone thrillers have been largely disappointing Compare and contrast with Dennis Lehane Also Robert Crais.So it was no big surprise that after three of them, he returned to Myron Bolitar and his interesting friend Windsor Horne Lockwood III AKA Win Coben has alternated between the two styles of late but this, the most recent Myron Bo [...]

Cathy DuPont

Well, giving this book the benefit of the doubt because it was an audio that I listened to in the car, I ll bump it up from two stars to three I like Myron but this wasn t his best story And besides Myron and Dad there wasn t anyone to like I like to like characters.


Now that I have read Book 10, Book 11 makes much sense A long time ago, Myron Bolitar almost made it in the NBA, until he blew out his knee in the first pre season game of his career with the Celtics He went to Harvard Law School, got a J.D and became a sports rep, but that morphed into a career representing many different types, including rock stars One of his stars, former tennis pro, Suzze T, who is eight months pregnant, shows up at his office asking Myron to find her rock star husband, Lex [...]


LIVE WIRE was my fifth Harlan Coben read and my favorite so far Myron Bolitar really comes alive as a character as he struggles to find answers to what happened to his 15 yrs gone brother, and inadvertanently stumbles across the answer to what happened to the elusive rockstar, Gabriel Wire When one of his former client s is murdered, he quickly learns the answers he s seeking have become dynamite to everyone in his life, including himself.What I liked best about the book is what most people like [...]


First Sentence The ugliest truth, a friend once told Myron, is still better than the prettiest of lies.Sports and celebrity representative Myron Bolitar s life has undergone changes His business, MB Reps, now handles than sports figures A very pregnant ex tennis star client asks Myron to find her musician husband who left her after he sees a Facebook post saying Not His The search leads Myron and his team into a search for missing members of Myron s family and into the world of drugs and murder [...]


From Howard Hughes to JD Salinger to Harper Lee to Greta Garbo, the story of a celebrity hiding out as a recluse intrigues us Why has she disappeared Can we see him Harlan Coben s new Myron Bolitar novel takes the familiar famous recluse story, adds a little family mystery and angst and mixes it together to pen the 10th addition to his Bolitar canon Its a diverting tale.Myron Bolitar is the half owner of MB Reps, a sports and entertainment agency that caters to the stars Bolitar is a former bask [...]

Giovanni Gelati

I believe it was around this time last year I wrote about another Harlan Coben novel and it turned out that it was one of my top picks of the year This, I think is going to be no different Live Wire is just that, from the first paragraph to the very end I am not going to go on and on about this novel it would just sound like me smooching the man s Gluteus Maximus way too much Needless to say he makes the mundane amazing, the funny funnier and the viewpoint and characters are just too spot on to [...]


Beginning to exhaust my hunt for the loner, the hunter as a singular and main heroa new trend seems to be emerging, the disassociation of the hunter and conscientious hero into two separate characters the main character and his loner side kick Several authors embrace this genre motif Robert Crais s Elvis Cole and his side kick Joe Pike and of course Harlan Coben s Mylor Bolitar and his elitist side kick Win.Of this genre, Coben is probably the most adept at creating complex and winning character [...]


A thriller that s good enough with the usual characters the hero who cannot help himself, the mysterious rockstar recluse, the tough side kick etc etc The plot is as usual than a little implausible but definitely fun enough What kicks it all up a notch is the dialogue which is both funny and fresh Many thriller writers seem to be stuck in the late eighties and so it s a relief to find one that actually can write in a way that doesn t seem to be some weird tv rerun I do hope it s not just that I [...]


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In this entry in the series, all readers who ve read the previous books will notice big changes in Live Wire, Myron and Win are getting older, technology is expanding, many changes, but Myron and Win never change Sports Agent Myron Bolitar is approached by one of his former Clients Suzze T, who is married to her Rock Star Husband Lex, and is 8 months pregnant Suzze has received an anonymous Facebook message regarding her unborn child, 2 words, Not His, meaning Lex Suzze asks for Myron s help to [...]


Another great read in this series, of which unfortunately this is the last book There were a number of sad elements to the end of this book I hope Harlan Coben writes as I would like to know what happens next This is one series I almost want to start back at the beginning Update November 2016Now reading this again prior to reading the new book in the series that I am happy to see Harlan Coben has written Enjoyed this as much second time around as the first time, now interested to see where Harl [...]


Two haiku review Myron s SILIs here, not abroad as thoughtWhere is his brother Bad to keep secretsBut revealing can cause painAnd even murder


Live Wire is the tenth book in the Myron Bolitar series Familiar characters are back Myron former professional basketball player injured in his first pro game and owner of MB Reps an agency representing stars , Windsor Horne Lockwood III Win rich and very dangerous , Esperanza Diaz Myron s business partner, lawyer, new mom, and retired professional wrestler known as Little Pocahontas and Big Cindi Esperanza s retired tag team wrestling partner and receptionist extraordinaire at MP Reps The reade [...]

Kelly Hager

This is the latest in Harlan Coben s Myron Bolitar series In this one, Myron meets with one of his clients, who s upset because her husband s left her As backstory, she is pregnant and someone left a comment on her Facebook page saying that the baby s not her husband s child So the husband took off and she wants Myron to a find her husband and get him to come back and b find out who posted it and why Of course, it turns out to be a lot complicated than anyone could ve planned.I m not as familia [...]

Gail Mchugh

I have loved every one of Mr Coben s, Myron Bolitar, novels, up to this one Live Wire was really good until he introduced the nephew Mickey I find Mickey an obnoxious character I do not care if he is only fifteen or whatever age he is I do not care about his background He is spoiled and obnoxious I would not even care to start the new novel with him in it I will be so sorry if this has to be the last of my favourite characters i have read all the Myron Bolitar books in the past month and have co [...]

Nancy Ellis

Myron Bolitar is hired by a former client, a very pregnant former tennis star, whose rock star husband has disappeared since hearing the rumor that the baby is not his While searching for the husband, Myron sees his sister in law completing a drug deal at a club This SIL had run away with Myron s brother 16 years ago after several lies caused a major family rupture Now the brother is missing, and Kitty is running for her life, along with her son This is our introduction to Mickey Bolitar, Myron [...]


finished this one this evening, before nine pee em, 2 may 2017 i liked it i even really liked it and in the end, i dunno, it s just that frontier justice doesn t ring my bell maybe it s a sign of the times sanctuary cities hell, like that is new read that non fiction from john de doctor who killed his wife, florida, turned out that wife was only the secondd that footnote, that s what it was, a footnotee average life sentence in florida this was the 60s is eight years or was it six i forget life [...]

Richard White

Another good one from Coben.


This is the 10th and final book in the series I had read the first 8 books and then this one out of order which I hate to do If you have not read any of the series, they center around Myron Bolitar who had a very short NBA career with the Boston Celtics His career ended after a severe knee injury during his first pro game Now he owns MB Reps and he is an agent for primarily athletes, but also represents actors and other artists In each book, one of his clients or someone he knows seem to be in t [...]

Lukasz Pruski

For once, I am happy that I occasionally suffer from insomnia If I had to read Harlan Coben s Live Wire during my waking hours, it would be a waste of time The novel suffers from the n th book in a series syndrome It is a Myron Bolitar novel, featuring the usual colorful characters like Esperanza, Big Cyndi, and Win If one does not know the previous books in the series, these characters make little sense What s worse, if one does know the previous books, there is no point in reading this one It [...]


Myron Bolitar is back but this time in third person, which kind of threw me One of the things I enjoy most about Coben s series is Myron s wise cracking voice That still comes through here but in a slightly muted way The story, like all good mystery stories, brings up issues from the past Myron s past It turns out that Myron has a younger brother, Brad, whom he lost touch with after a bitter fight 15 years ago Myron tried to keep his brother from making a mistake with a woman but it turned out t [...]


If I were an author, I don t think I would be a fan of having a recurring character I m sure the publishers push hard for them since they sell books, but they don t make for very interesting reading after a while After several episodes, a certain amount of disbelief sets in that such noteworthy events could keep happening to a single individual Such is the case with Myron Bolitar I enjoy Myron and the other characters in his world, but they re starting to wear a little thin, and it just doesn t [...]

Don Sparrow

This is 10 in the Myron Bolitar series of books and I ve read them all as well as all of Coben s other novels He is absolutely one of my favorite authors and this effort did not disappoint with the usual suspense, action and ass kicking in abundance Bolitar the former basketball jock turned sport s agent private eye along with his best friend Windsor Horne Lockwood III better known to those who fear him as Win along with Esperanza and Big Cyndi return in this latest adventure.Coben characters co [...]

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