Jan 28, 2022
Ruthless Game
Posted by Christine Feehan Tom Stechschulte

[PDF] Download ☆ Ruthless Game : by Christine Feehan Tom Stechschulte, Ruthless Game, Christine Feehan Tom Stechschulte, Ruthless Game hours minutes A woman on the run with to live for than she imagined collides with a danger lethal than she feared in the all new Ghostwalker scorcher by New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan Ghostwalker Kane Cannon is pure male animalistic sexual protective instinctive and his past missions have prepared him for anything But his newes hours minutes A [PDF] Download ☆ Ruthless Game : by Christine Feehan Tom Stechschulte - Ruthless Game, Ruthless Game hours minutes A woman on the run with to live for than she imagined collides with a danger lethal than she feared in the all new Ghostwalker scorcher by New York Times bestselling author Ch

  • Title: Ruthless Game
  • Author: Christine Feehan Tom Stechschulte
  • ISBN: 9781101461914
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Audio
[PDF] Download ☆ Ruthless Game : by Christine Feehan Tom Stechschulte, Ruthless Game, Christine Feehan Tom Stechschulte, Ruthless Game hours minutes A woman on the run with to live for than she imagined collides with a danger lethal than she feared in the all new Ghostwalker scorcher by New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan Ghostwalker Kane Cannon is pure male animalistic sexual protective instinctive and his past missions have prepared him for anything But his newes hours minutes A

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[PDF] Download ☆ Ruthless Game : by Christine Feehan Tom Stechschulte - Ruthless Game, Ruthless Game hours minutes A woman on the run with to live for than she imagined collides with a danger lethal than she feared in the all new Ghostwalker scorcher by New York Times bestselling author Ch

Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession

5 Super baby Stars some spoilers I ll just have to sit here, fantasizing about taking a long, wild ride on your very enormous hard on OMG I love this book Ruthless Game is the 9th book in the Ghostwalker series, and this series is just as strong as ever I am such a sucker when it comes to babies in love stories, and this book gave me tons of swoon worthy moments This series rocks, and I am a huge Christine Feehan Fan girl I was there I saw what he was doing I risked my career, my life, to expose [...]

Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

Reread August to September, 2017Gosh, hard to believe it s been five years since I reread this I love this series, but this is definitely one of my favorites I love Kane and Rose together Kane is such a sweet guy, but he s also really tough and dangerous too Rose is sweet, but she s equally lethal I loved seeing of Team Three It s great how the team embraced Rose Rose was suspicious of them because of the ordeal she suffered in Whitney s camp It took time for her to learn to trust I liked seein [...]


Re read via audible I think I enjoyed this one on re read I am leaning my original comments below but am rounding my rating up to 4 stars 3.5 stars This book was hard for me to rate and review I was expecting to really have a problem with Kane because of how he and Rose originally got together in Deadly Game But I loved Kane He was a gruff and grumpy doll Sweet and funny and totally alpha But not in control of his woman, who had a mind of her own I also really liked Rose She was brave and a tot [...]


This review turned into much of a rant than I intended Sorry But here it is There might be a few spoilers.This was a decent entry in the series but I think I m getting tired of it I really loved the first 4 or 5 books in the series but nothing seems really new and fresh here This book seemed to go on too long These two DNA paired lovers are reuniting and it doesn t take long before they admit that they love each other and belong to each other They escape to the desert, the baby is born, they es [...]

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish

Wow Another fabulous installment of the GhostWalker series.Our Hero and Heroine, Kane and Rose, met in the labs when they were part of Peter Whitney s experimental breeding program, but even before they were paired, they were drawn to one another When the opportunity arose, Kane helped Rose escape the labs, but then lost track of her Now, 8 months later, he s found her, pregnant with his child, and he s not about to lose her again.Ruthless Game is the 9th book in the series, and has all the same [...]

Varied Books

Re readIncreasing to 4.25 stars The writing was good I really loved the H h I wanted sex One of my favorite couples in the series Very happy the H wasn t an Asshole.


Meh, I think I m done with this series I fully expect a Feehan novel to be overwrought and overwritten and, while I usually find them entertaining, you could easily edit out 10 20% of this one without noticing Also, the subtitle of this particular book could be when inconsistencies become plot holes.Plot While I appreciate the Feehan spends a lot of effort on getting the fight scenes right, I wish she s spend some of that energy on the actual romance The genetic engineering pregnancy baby insta [...]


Awesome awesome awesome My favorite from this series And there s a baby in it, yup A premie baby Who is quite but alert while mummy and daddy run away from the bad guys


Loved it Loved it 0 If you have been following this series at all, then you know that this whole time Whitney has been pairing up his female soldiers with his male soldiers Sometimes with their consent and sometimes without All in the name of gaining that first Superbaby With Rose it was Kane she choose, she thought and Kane thought he choose her But once Rose realized that her baby was going to be taken from her, she escaped Now she is on the run in a little border town at the end of her rope K [...]

Penny Watson

Review for Ruthless Games by Christine FeehanThis is a solid showing for Feehan, not my favorite Ghostwalker story, but still a good addition to the series I found the relationship between Rose and Kane not quite as intense as the other couples One of the things I love about this series is the fact that the alpha Ghostwalker boys are sooooo over the top Over the top alpha warrior kick ass sexual dynamos hot for their gals will kill anyone who gets in their way, etc etc You get the picture Kane a [...]


4.25 stars


I keep having high hopes for Feehan s newest novels, only to be disappointed While the GhostWalker series have been steps above the Dark series for the past several years, I felt this one was a step backwards The story revolves around Kane and Rose They d been part of Whitney s breeding program and then escaped, but somehow got separated and no, Feehan never told us how that happened Also, I would have liked to see their first meeting, in flashbacks or something, instead of the vague description [...]

Jorgen Schäfer

Christine Feehan s Ruthless Game starts out with Kane Cannon and his team of psychic supersoldiers infiltrating a drug cartel owned town to liberate some hostages During the mission, Kane finds out that the love of his life, Rose, is in the town She is pregnant with his child which she got when the evil Dr Whitney forced them to copulate to produce supersoldier offspring Kane and Rose escape together and start a difficult path in discovering whether their love is genuine or just faked by the evi [...]


Ghostwalker Kane Cannon is pure male animalistic, sexual, protective, instinctive and his past missions have prepared him for anything But his newest assignment, to rescue hostages in Mexico, plunges him into a hot zone he never anticipated Mexico is the hiding place of Rose Patterson, fugitive, ex lover, a fellow Ghostwalker pregnant with his child Rose is in flight from the insidious experiments that still live in her dreams, and from the madman who d do anything to take her child Of all the G [...]


As per usual, the newest Ghost Walker book just makes me even excited about the series and in suspense for what will happen next and who the couple will be I liked that this book was a little different than the previous books We have actually seen the main couple before, and they had a previous relationship if that is what you can call being in the breeding program together They know that the other is a Ghost Walker, and already have a bond and trust that previous couples other than in Street G [...]


Grrr I had a spectacular review written and lost it So.LOVED Revisiting with Mack and the team They are truly a self made family and it shows Kane is a stand up guy, going to be a great father and definitely one of the Alpha males I ve read lately Loved him Sebastian is such a cutie As long as he doesn t start speaking in sentences before he s a year old, I m fine with his special abilities LOLJavier s chemistry with Rihanna is HOT HOT HOT Can t wait for this story to play out Paul this man des [...]


The ninth installment in the sci fi romance GhostWalkers series and it did not disappoint This Reader The main character s story Rose and Kane began in an earlier book, and I questioned how the author was going to redeem Kane s character Redeem him she did and with gusto Started with a bang, had some intense action packed scenes, hot love scenes, and minor updates on past characters Brief mentions of Flame and Gator Night Game , Lily Shadow Game , and a few others Felt the first half of the stor [...]


Kane may officially be my favorite ghostwalker I loved this book so much, and the relationship between Kane and Rose was so sweet I know Kane was all lethal just like every other Ghostwalker, but he was just a big teddy bear when it came to Rose and Sebastian I found him less controlling and demanding on his woman, and he really listened to her and cared about HER needs This is a little bit different from some of the other Ghostwalkersey tend to think of themselves first They were both concerned [...]


Loved this one one of my favorites of the Ghostwalker series Ruthless Game, the ninth book in Christine Feehan s GhostWalker series, is filled with high octane suspense, friendship, loyalty, and love With hostage rescues, drug cartels, a redoubtable and loyal group of fellow GhostWalkers, a courageous and loving hero and a heroine who can shoot an Uzi with the best of them and also happens to be pregnant, well, you have the makings of hold on to your seats, exciting romantic suspense I have to s [...]


AWESOME addition to the GhostWalker series These books just keep getting better and better Rose and Kane were two amazing characters I love that there wasn t a struggle between them about wanting to be together They both knew right from the start that they wanted to be together Very refreshing


Kane is a member of Team 3 and Rose is one of the Orphans that escaped from the compound in Deadly Game GhostWalkers, 5 by Kane s help The mission was perfection.


Another really great Ghostwalker tale.


4.5 stars.I do think this one was my favorite Ghostwalker book or tied with my favorite ghostwalker bookSE KANE Kane was a member of Ghostwalker Team 3 He had volunteered to be a part of Dr Whitney s breeding program and Rose chose him after Dr Whitney kept trying to foster his unhinged male experiments on her for breeding purposes.Kane helped Rose and her sister s in captivity flee and later he found out she was pregnant Now Kane was tasked with protecting Rose and their unborn child, while als [...]

Tyra Berger

When Kane Cannon s team goes on a misson to Mexico to save the lives of, El Presidente s kidnapped family members, he finds the last person he ever expected to see, but has spent the last 8 months looking for Rose Patterson.Kane is a member of the third Ghostwalker team that volunteered for Dr Whitney s psychic enhancements and met Rose when he was assigned to base where Dr Whitney implemented his breeding program Kane is immediately attracted to Rose and asks to be paired with her in the hopes [...]

BJ Rose

Rose has been on the run from Whitney and his breeding program for 8 months, and Kane has been searching unsuccessfully for her Then Kane s GhostWalker team is assigned to rescue some cartel hostages, and it turns out that Rose is the informer who provided the information about where they were The hostages are successfully rescued, but Kane and Rose don t make it to the helicopter in time, and now they re on the run from Whitney and from the cartel And Rose s baby decides that now is a good time [...]


I m glad we finally got to Kane and Rose s story We ve met rose and Kane in previous book involving the breeding facility Kane was assigned there supposedly to protect it as a guard but as soon as he got there he realised what the facility was really about It s was instant attraction between rose and Kane When the chance to escape came about Kane helped but as soon as rose had the opportunity to get away she did Eventually Kane found her and all the months hoping she was pregnant I like that the [...]


The one thing about the Ghostwalker series is that it is very male eccentric The men are tough and somewhat chauvinistic, but that s the beauty of the series The series is entertaining and usually packs a punch.This installment featuring Team Three is an excellent addition to the series A big selling point of the book is it showcases some serious feminine kick ass scenes It s about time the female Ghostwalkers get to play.

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I wasn t sure how she could pull off the baby being born in the middle of the book But she did it wonderfully.I really, really, really liked Ruthless Game Kane is Alpha with such a soft side and I love the way Rose is written Do NOT pass up reading this book if Street Game didn t grab you, this book will excite you


I loved the beginning but they lost me towards the end Maybe it was me but I couldn t finish it I got bored Perhaps I ll come back to this We ll see


I don t know why i had not read this one.Am a sucker for conspiracy theories, so yeah it was an nice read.

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Ruthless Game