Jan 19, 2022
The Blue Sword
Posted by Robin McKinley

[PDF] The Blue Sword | by ç Robin McKinley, The Blue Sword, Robin McKinley, The Blue Sword From the New York Times bestselling author of Sunshine and The Outlaws of Sherwood now in trade paperback This is the story of Harry Crewe the Homelander orphan girl who became Harimad sol King s Rider and heir to the Blue Sword Gonturan that no woman had wielded since the Lady Aerin herself bore it into battle [PDF] The Blue Sword | by ç Robin McKinley - The Blue Sword, The Blue Sword From the New York Times bestselling author of Sunshine and The Outlaws of Sherwood now in trade paperback This is the story of Harry Crewe the Homelander orphan girl who became Harimad sol King s Ri

  • Title: The Blue Sword
  • Author: Robin McKinley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] The Blue Sword | by ç Robin McKinley, The Blue Sword, Robin McKinley, The Blue Sword From the New York Times bestselling author of Sunshine and The Outlaws of Sherwood now in trade paperback This is the story of Harry Crewe the Homelander orphan girl who became Harimad sol King s Rider and heir to the Blue Sword Gonturan that no woman had wielded since the Lady Aerin herself bore it into battle

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[PDF] The Blue Sword | by ç Robin McKinley - The Blue Sword, The Blue Sword From the New York Times bestselling author of Sunshine and The Outlaws of Sherwood now in trade paperback This is the story of Harry Crewe the Homelander orphan girl who became Harimad sol King s Ri

Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

Feb 2018 reread for the umpteenth time with my real life book club One of my all time favorite comfort reads If you re wondering why YA fantasy lovers praise Robin McKinley and based on her recent novels that s a fair question , this book is one of the reasons.The Blue Sword is one of those magical fantasies that I ve read times than I can count, and love beyond reason I also think this 1982 book has been a little bit forgotten over the years, at least if you re not a Robin McKinley fan, and t [...]


This book proves once that standards for YA fiction have gone significantly down over the last 10 years You just rarely come by this kind of writing any The Blue Sword is an age old story of a young woman who after years feeling not belonging, invisible, and insignificant, finds her strength after being kidnapped by a mysterious Hill king who possesses magic powers Gradually she discovers an ancient magic inside herself, comes to terms with her abilities, acquires friends and love and a place [...]


Added at the bottom the perfect song for this book Seriously, if it s ever made into a movie, this song should be in the trailer.The description on this book s GR page is not my favorite synopsis I think my little well loved paperback says it better This is the story of Corlath, golden eyed king of the Free Hillfolk, son of the sons of the Lady Aerin.And this is the story of Harry Crewe, the Homelander orphan girl who became Harimad sol, King s Rider, and heir to the Blue Sword, Gonturan, that n [...]


I ve read this book so many times over the year that this time I went out and bought a new copy because my cover is in tatters But I reread it again and loved it again, unsurprisingly McKinley still amazes me with how fully realized Damar is as a place, how familiar the Homeland and its desire to civilise feels, and how freaking scary the Northerners are Seriously, y all Motherfuckers are SCARY This is the perfect escapism book, partially because that s what Harry, our delightful heroine, ends u [...]

Gail Carriger

There are many out there who think The Hero and the Crown the better book, but I read The Blue Sword first and Harry is my one true love That s part of it I always liked the romance line better in The Blue Sword And there s something remarkable in that, because for most of this book the two are separated Yet I believe in their match unquestionably Alanna was my first girl with a sword and magic, Harry was the first one I felt was like me.

mark monday

a pleasure to read.wonderful heroine reminded me a bit of Brienne from ASOIF although quite a different character overall I loved her nonchalant displays of bravery and independence, her easy acceptance of her own difference from others, her drama free perspective on the world s around her, her quiet and her calm.opening chapters felt distinctly like an alternate version of colonial era Britain interesting path into a high fantasy novelst kidnapping ever I never feared for her safety and I liked [...]

Althea Ann

Re read for book club.I got this book when I was eleven, I believe, and that was the perfect age I have read this book so many times that picking it up again, after many years, was like hearing an old favorite song come onto the radio each phrase resonating clearly in memory, bringing with it emotional associations.So I can t claim to be wholly objective about the book I can say that if I has read it for the first time now, it would not have been as meaningful to me Interestingly, I re read the [...]


Robin McKinley s The Blue Sword blue me away What can I do for swords I don t know how to handle the feeling in a review I m in it to the hilt It s sheathed in my memory No, I got nothing Blue words Stop it, Mar Reading that someone likes world building and atmospherics doesn t really convey why I thought this was awesome so I won t try and be a normal reviewer for once McKinley knows what she s doing She s a master sword bater This is not a glorified fanfic All of those things are true I m not [...]


This is my first Robin McKinley book, though I do have a couple others in my possession that need to be read I wasn t really thrilled with this one though Up until about 50% I was liking it quite a bit, though I couldn t tell you why, because nothing at all had happened But it didn t take long or, rather, it took too long and I started to feel like the story would never actually start, and now that I ve finished, all I can say is that it didn t really do anything for me It seemed that everything [...]

Melissa McShane

Re read 6 26 17 See below, plus the audiobook version was really good despite a couple of odd mispronunciations by the reader There is so much I didn t get about the relationship between Harry and Corlath from the initial abduction on when I was young that I appreciate better now.Read 6 23 13 Back when I was twelve or thirteen and tearing through the YA shelves at the library, I picked this book up and immediately set it aside because the first paragraph seemed boring I did that at least six tim [...]


I don t get it I just don t Robin McKinley sThe Blue Swordhas been acclaimed as one of the most remarkable fantasy novels of our age, but I am unable to see why I suppose the best way I can describeThe Blue Swordis to tell you that it is similar to a camp fire story entertaining, filled with action and heroes, a rather under developed romance, and ultimately, a story that needs to be told again and again with and details filled in every time In fact, I would go so far as to say that while I lo [...]


Partly through reading this book I began a list of Things you must have in your typical girly adventure novel 1 Main character must acquire godlike combat skills in a matter of weeks even if she has never demonstrated any previous ability Check.2 Main character must have cool sword with cool name Check.3 Main character must have animal companions In this case, stallion and giant cat Animals must be prettier, smarter, and useful than anyone else s Check.4 Strange and interesting culture, which i [...]


Effusion warning the following is not a review it s like a wordy shrine to Robin McKinley.This is one of my favorite books of all time One of the many reasons is that I discovered it all by myself well, not quite by myself a librarian put it on the shelf where I could find it thank you, librarian.I was browsing the shelves at the Lee Library, and I think it was the title that first caught my attention If I remember correctly, I took it down and flipped through it I wasn t completely sure about [...]

C.E. Murphy

I had a hard time reading this for purely physical reason my copy of THE BLUE SWORD is very probably 30 years old, and the fragile yellowed pages are losing their tenuous grip on the broken spine I was afraid it would fall apart in my hands, and thus was weirdly careful with not only the book but the reading of it I believe I ll seek out Robin McKinley at the nearest possible opportunity, ask her to sign my beloved and battered book, and retire it with honors alongside my equally ancient and bea [...]

Carrie Vaughn

Probably my favorite book This is coming with me to my desert island.


Also lots of love So much love I loved Aerin s story, and I think The Hero and the Crown is very complete, but I would happily read books about Harry and Corlath, I really, really would


This book is better than it ought to be, and I m honestly a bit bamboozled why I received it as well as I did or why it has such a good rating here on Let me break it down, then, into the Good, the Bad, and the My Theory On Its High Rating, starting withThe Bad1 Many technical aspects of this book are just bizarre There are point of view switches MID PARAGRAPH Much of the story is told in a third person limited focusing on Harry Crewe, a girl sent to the wild and uncivilized Darian steppes where [...]


I missed my Robin McKinley window by about thirty years If I had had the good fortune to come across this novel when I was fourteen, I m sure I would have sought out of her work and enjoyed them to the same extent as I enjoyed authors such as Andre Norton or Lloyd Alexander whom I did have the luck to meet around this time in my life As it happens, I m too experienced a reader and, mayhap, too cynical to fully appreciate the spirit in which the book is written There were too many niggling off t [...]


I loved this book With all my heart It starts with a girl who doesn t quite fit, then builds from there There are demons and heroes and enchanted swords and true love Also legends and big loving cats and semi supernatural archers Did I mention evil Oh, and kings and proto British cavalry And horses from the fever dreams of Alec Ramsey Palatial tents The best kinds of friendship, the kinds which transcend rank and sex and age.The plot is classic, the story arc undeniably satisfying, and the writi [...]


I think I liked this book better when I was a young adult I enjoyed the story a girl, going by the unusual nickname of Harry, gets kidnapped by natives called Hillmen , learns their ways and effectively becomes a native, discovers she has magic, and becomes the key to saving her new people from the big, bad, nonhuman Northerners It s a fun, if not totally original, adventure And the writing is overall pretty good.My biggest complaint was that there hardly seemed to be any conflict in the story N [...]


2.5 Stars, but I rounded up because of the world building.This is a story about a girl named Harry who goes to stay with a nice childless couple in a desert after the death of her father Her brother is stationed at the little outpost there, and unlike most of the people, Harry finds that she really loves the desert After hearing some rumors about the people who live in the Hills being magical, Harry chances across their king one day and everything changes She is taken by the king and becomes one [...]

Sarah Anne

I m on the fence about this book It had some major flaws, mostly that it was so focused on the main story that it lacked some depth The character gets abducted and becomes this warrior with little passing thought to what she s actually experiencing She goes with the flow but doesn t really stop to question that flow It s actually really weird The Hillfolk appear to be a highly romanticized and idealized version of the Ottoman Turks, with the Outlanders appearing to be basically English, includin [...]


3.5 stars It is somewhat slow, there is a Chosen One and it s a bit predictable, a classic fantasy tale Still the story flows beautifully and I liked it very much The narration is in third person with occasional first person touches, and it adds a lot to the allure of the places described The female lead reminded me a little of the one of Mordant s Need and that was a good thing I flew through this book She is a true friend, but a friend with thoughts of her own, and the thoughts of others are d [...]


McKinley writes well, but I found the book quite slow at times, especially the beginning where she is setting the stage for Harry s kidnapping by Colrath, the king of the Hillpeople Strangely, Colrath cannot figure out what has compelled him to perpetrate this heinous act However, Harry seems to adapt well to her changed circumstances and eventually thrives following adoption by her new comrades Not only does she join the battle against the non human Northerners, but gathers a loyal group of all [...]


My suspicion of all silver medallion marked books remains unshaken.I really don t know what went wrong here Clearly the main audience of this book female thinks it is a childhood classic Therefore a I must be the incorrect gender, b missed the age window, c was born in the incorrect era to enjoy it It really, really makes me wonder if the people who love it were born in a certain period, are of a certain gender, and were a certain age when they first read it.The story did not capture me at all M [...]


With a girl named Harry, you can t go wrong The Blue Sword is one of those gems you ll find on a pile of forgotten books Books with smelly, yellow tinted pages in a secondhand bookstore I had never heard of Robin McKinley And unfortunately, neither did my dad back in the days when he read me bedtime stories.What we have here is a classic high fantasy tale, very much in the tradition of Tolkien s work, in which an orphaned girl, Angharad Crewe it s not hard to get why she insists on being called [...]


I m actually rounding this up from what I expect would be a 3.5 star rating The heroic story was great, with an excellent story of a newcomer to an exotic culture who adapts, then excels, complete with training montage and heroic battle But this is on top of a really problematic setting that makes me reluctant to recommend it to people.Angharad Harry Crewe s father passes away and she is sent from Homeland to her brother in colonial Daria on the borders of the northern desert power of ancient Da [...]


1 29 18 1.99 for Kindle.

Stephen Richter

Do you have a teenager who loves horses and cats This is the book for them This tale is a very readable fantasy with a likable heroine named Harry Looking for a summer family read Add this to the list.

Erica (daydreamer)

Robin Mckinley s books, simply put, are scrumptious There is something so compelling about her writing, the flow of it, words carefully chosen, written so as to lull you quietly into the magical world she created You become slowly embedded deep within the characters minds until their thoughts resonate inside you, and you just curl into the lyrical prose, and you become part of the story, and the land rises vividly in your mind, and you feel the kelar just as surely as Harry does.To me, The Blue [...]

  • [PDF] The Blue Sword | by ç Robin McKinley
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The Blue Sword