Nov 29, 2022
Death in Kashmir
Posted by M.M. Kaye

☆ Death in Kashmir ☆ M.M. Kaye, Death in Kashmir, M.M. Kaye, Death in Kashmir Written by celebrated author M M Kaye Death in Kashmir is a wonderfully evocative mystery When young Sarah Parrish takes a skiing vacation to Gulmarg a resort nestled in the mountains above the fabled Vale of Kashmir she anticipates an entertaining but uneventful stay But when she discovers that the deaths of two in her party are the result of foul play she findsWritten by cel ☆ Death in Kashmir ☆ M.M. Kaye - Death in Kashmir, Death in Kashmir Written by celebrated author M M Kaye Death in Kashmir is a wonderfully evocative mystery When young Sarah Parrish takes a skiing vacation to Gulmarg a resort nestled in the mountains above the fabl

  • Title: Death in Kashmir
  • Author: M.M. Kaye
  • ISBN: 9780312263102
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
☆ Death in Kashmir ☆ M.M. Kaye, Death in Kashmir, M.M. Kaye, Death in Kashmir Written by celebrated author M M Kaye Death in Kashmir is a wonderfully evocative mystery When young Sarah Parrish takes a skiing vacation to Gulmarg a resort nestled in the mountains above the fabled Vale of Kashmir she anticipates an entertaining but uneventful stay But when she discovers that the deaths of two in her party are the result of foul play she findsWritten by cel

☆ Death in Kashmir ☆ M.M. Kaye - Death in Kashmir, Death in Kashmir Written by celebrated author M M Kaye Death in Kashmir is a wonderfully evocative mystery When young Sarah Parrish takes a skiing vacation to Gulmarg a resort nestled in the mountains above the fabl


Years ago I fell in love with M.M Kaye s writing, having read her epic tomes The Far Pavilions, Shadow of the Moon and Trade Wind I felt there couldn t be anything exotic and exciting then traveling with her to these faraway places and dreaming of the day when I would certainly experience such adventures myself Unfortunately, those dreams never came to fruition, but I am thankful that I can continue to enjoy such journeys second hand.Death in Kashmir is one of six mysteries in Kaye s Death in s [...]

Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

This was a fun, old fashioned whodunnit, complete with exotic location, intrepid heroine and steely eyed hero And now I really want to visit Kashmir.Gulmarg ski resortThey fanned out on the crest of Slalom Hill and each took their own line, swooping down over the crisp shimmering surface like a flight of swallows, dipping, swaying, turning in a swish of flung crystals, and leaving behind them clear curving tracks on the sparkling snow.Dal LakeAs the heart shaped paddles rose and fell in unison, [...]


An excellent thriller to read on vacation I may be a little biased, since I ve been a fan of the author for a long time, but I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to this exotic and romantic part of the world under the guidance of M M Kaye I read this on the plane going home and I had trouble keeping a straight face and not chuckling Death in Kashmir may be considered one of her lesser works when compared with the monumental historical epics The Far Pavilions or Shadow of the Moon it is in fact her debu [...]

mark monday

3 Things about Death in Kashmir 1 beautiful opening chapter wonderfully suspenseful and eerie a moonlit place in a foreign land full of empty spaces briskly evocative of an off kilter period, a time and place that is fading away and being changed into something new 2 that time and place is 1947 Kashmir, as the British raj is preparing to get up go for a lightweight mystery, it is impressive that Kaye does justice to such a murkily complex period of time the reason i picked this one up is because [...]


Spooky So glad I read this in daylight I finished it one day, the joys of having the flu I have to say, of all the wonderful suspense authors, M.M Kaye is my favorite, surpassing Mary Stewart, even don t get mad at me, Mary Stewart fans Up at a ski resort in Kashmir, things are going down hill On a still, moonlight night Sarah sees someone sawing through a window latch and goes to warn her fellow skier What she learns from this one night of watchfulness in Kashmir will follow her to The Waterwit [...]


Another brilliant mystery by M M Kaye, one that kept me biting my fingernails from start to finish.What could be suspenseful than a dark and stormy skiing vacation in the hills of Kashmir, where skiers are meeting with mysterious accidents on the slopesAnd when the scene shifts to a lake at the base of the mountains and our heroine takes over the lease of a murder victim s houseboat, little does she know what deadly riddle is hidden in those roomsI loved this I loved the edge of your seat suspe [...]


My very favorite of M.M Kaye s 6 Death in murder mysteries, and quite possibly my favorite whodunit of all time While her mysteries haven t the same scope and reach of her 3 masterpieces The Far Pavillions, Shadow of the Moon and Trade Wind , they are nonetheless well researched, beautifully described, and endowed with snippets of Kaye s own experiences in the countries that she lived in during her childhood and or her married life.This outing takes the reader to Kashmir, 1947 British raj rule i [...]


One of those oldies but goodies, and could M.M Kaye write them.This one has glorious locale of Kashmir for its situations and travel within placements to a grass filled bowl between mountains But water too as several of the important scenes occur on a houseboat in the summer location We have a dozen or so possible suspects The whodunit is well served but what was superior upon this novel, far than the plot was the tension It came out of the gate, and because Sarah is sleeping alone there are se [...]

Moonlight Reader

I read M.M Kaye when I was in my teens, first picking up The Far Pavilions, and then stumbling on these mysteries later I can t remember which of the mysteries I read perhaps all of them, perhaps only a few, but it has been long enough that they are basically new to me I had actually been wanting to pick these up, and when I saw that Minotaur Books had finally released a kindle edition on December 1, 2015, I was delighted I love the mystery genre, especially the golden age mysteries by Christie [...]


This was a very well put together mystery with the added bonus of an exotic setting as we re used to getting from MM Kaye Beginning at the ski trip where two women die under mysterious circumstances that end up with a heroine involved all kinds of mystery and intrigue Added bonus for the author s notes and how she included a tiny mention of herself while her family was living in Kashmir.

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Retro Read Group BOTM April 15 May 15, 2017.This story takes place in the last gasp of the British Raj and is my first read of M.M Kaye s, 7 or 8 mysteries All of these take place in exotic locations, this one in Kashmir.Two murders take place when a ski club comprised of British expat s take a trip to enjoy the slopes.M.M Kaye S powers of description are amazing I can feel the clean cold air in my face, the glare of the sun bouncing off snowy great outdoors and other scenic touches that the aut [...]

Diane Lynn

Really 4.5 starsThis book, by one of my favorite authors, takes the reader to India at the very end of the British Raj It takes place in 1947 just before partition Sarah Parrish travels to Gulmarg in Kashmir for a ski holiday There are many interesting characters at the hotel where she is staying One night she is woken from her sleep by a sound Upon investigation, she discovers someone trying to break into the bathroom window of her neighbor This starts a wonderful mystery Murder, intrigue and j [...]

Christopher Bunn

M M Kaye certainly knows how to write, and her upbringing in India lends legitimacy to how she paints her scenes in this one There s a very short list of authors women, mostly who wrote excellent books grouped mostly in the thriller suspense murder mystery mild romance genre M M Kaye, Mary Stewart Moonspinners, Touch not the Cat, etc , Helen MacInnesI ve run out of names I think there s two , but they escape me at the moment Anyway, M M Kaye is in good company I need to read her other books I th [...]

Erika Nerdypants

This is one of my most loved books It s true that I have read deeper books with substance, even in the mystery genre But M.M Kaye wrote a top notch mystery for her time She truly transports the reader to Kashmir, I could feel the house boat rocking as I was turning the pages The ending came as a complete surprise and was absolutely stunning Yes, it is a light novel, but hey, isn t it entertainment we want from mysteries


Just the right level of suspense Didn t guess the villain ahead of time Really enjoyed the writing style and pacing of the book, that is until the wrap up I felt like too much time was spent on explaining the motive and highlighting the evils of certain political ideologies I would have liked of that time spent on what happened to all characters outside of just who was guilty and who was innocent.


This book originally put Kashmir on my bucket list Kaye is an excellent writer and this book is a solid mystery with some real moments of terror It also recalls a forgotten period in history namely the last days of the British Raj.


Death in Kashmir originally published as Death Walked in Kashmir, 1953 takes place in a region now under Indian control with other portions of the Kashmir area controlled by Pakistan and China The time is 1947 and Britain is preparing to leave India and lose part of her empire Sarah Parrish is one of many British subjects taking advantage of one last chance to visit the skiing playground in the mountains near the Vale of Kashmir Little does she know that among her fellow vacationers are spies an [...]


I wish I could see Kashmir as this book puts it down Not to mention all the strange British types lurking about The book was begun in Detroit Metro Airport, finished on CalTrain somewhere between San Francisco and Palo Alto A great 6 hour read, now on to MM Kaye, and back to revisit some Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes, that I have neglected for too long Thank you, Lucy D

Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson

M.M Kaye was born in India and spent much of her life traveling the world with her husband who was with the British Embassy She is best known for The Far Pavilions and wrote a number of mysteries set in exotic locales The descriptions of the settings in this mystery are one of the highlights The action takes place during the time of the British Raj, which Kaye knew well The young heroine is a sophisticated version of Nancy Drew There is the requisite handsome man should he be trusted or not The [...]

Sarah Ryburn

Delightful As M M Kaye s writing invariably is delightful, this does not surprise The dialogue is smart and witty, the hero and heroine glamorous, the murder mystery spine chilling, and the setting a feast for the senses Sarah Parrish and Charles Mallory are are not my favorites among Kaye s characters as they are less fully realized than others still, there are some rather smashing moments of dialogue, particularly between Sarah and the villain, and there is wonderful sexual tension between Sar [...]


I really liked this mystery set in India at the end of British Raj In addition to being a suspenseful murder mystery with an ending I didn t predict, it is an all around well written book The author spent much of her life in India, and it shows in the vivid descriptions of the scenery, which I found to be captivating They made me wish I could see the places I was reading about The characters are well drawn, and there is a touch of romance as well, though not so much as to be overbearing All in a [...]

Jannah (Cloud Child)

Ah a very nice read The humour of Hugo was impeccable M M Kaye has a mix of Mary Stewart and Agatha Christie ishness with a flavour all of her own I guessed the baddie early on, but it was played out very nicely Though I wasn t a big fan of the ending the journey was enjoyable The descriptions of Kashmir make me want to visit it one day I like the authors postscript explaining her own experiences in Kashmir and what elements of it were in the story 4 5


The storyline is a bit ponderous and the characters are rather stereotypical Set in Kashmir towards the end of the British rule in India, this is a book which demonstrates the arrogance and elitist attitudes of the time There were some enchanting descriptive passages and overall it was readable but for me it was rather disappointing.


Scary but interesting When I think of this I think of the skiing and I see the still night with moon light creating dark shadows and someone scratching at the back window next door REading about the British Empire as it was fading is also interesting.


Good job on the suspense And on keeping the villain under wraps till the big reveal I was wrong in my suspicion of whom it was I am happy to report that it wasn t as obvious as I thought it was going to be.


Sarah thinks she is on an ordinary ski trip in Kashmir However, her idea of her vacation is about to change almost as much as her views of the people around her, when she s awakened in the middle of the night by someone filing through the lock on her neighbor s window When she goes to warn the young lady, she is brusquely pulled into the room, checked for weapons and eventually told a story of spies that she doesn t know whether to believe or not This is very much in the style of classic, period [...]


What an enchanting little book, an old favourite from this author It was a reread at quite some years distance from the first time, and, in its original language, it charmed me even .Having grown up devouring Dame Agatha Christie s bibliography, I find M.M Kaye a joy to read for lovers of whodunit mysteries And hitting two birds with one stone, we get authentic history from the author s very background as a stage for the developing action.The author is very skillful in not betraying her hand eve [...]


I really enjoy how well M.M Kaye can write dialogue The conversations between her characters are vivacious and sparkling, and they are a lot of fun to read She can set scenes and moods like nobody s business, and her mysteries are smart and not all that easy to solve They are full of twists and turns and surprises.I didn t like Death in Kashmir as much as I liked Death in the Andamans, but it was still entertaining Although, as is typical of books of its time, a man still had to come in and save [...]


M.M Kaye s mysteries, all set in locations she herself lived in during her husband s varied military career, are all enjoyable, if typical of their era I happen to enjoy typical mysteries of that era, and Kaye s certainly rate near Christie s on that score What sets this one apart from the others I have read is the setting Kaye obviously has a good deal of feeling for all of her assorted foreign homes, and has a wonderful eye for detail that evokes time and place, but it s obvious that her true [...]


I m not a fan of spy novels as a rule and don t care for the romance genre This book has strong elements of both The thing that saves it for me is the incredible ability of M M Kaye to put you in a place and time She had an almost magical descriptive ability That is what I remember and loved about The Far Pavilions as well.

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Death in Kashmir