Jan 23, 2022
The War Of The Flowers
Posted by Tad Williams

[PDF] The War Of The Flowers | by ↠ Tad Williams, The War Of The Flowers, Tad Williams, The War Of The Flowers Theo Vilmos life is about to take a real turn for the worse He is drawn from his home in Northern California into the parallel world of Faerie for unknown to him he is a pivotal figure in a war between certain of Faerie s powerful lords and the rest of the strange creatures who live in this exotic realm [PDF] The War Of The Flowers | by ↠ Tad Williams - The War Of The Flowers, The War Of The Flowers Theo Vilmos life is about to take a real turn for the worse He is drawn from his home in Northern California into the parallel world of Faerie for unknown to him he is a pivotal figure in a war bet

  • Title: The War Of The Flowers
  • Author: Tad Williams
  • ISBN: 9781841491288
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover
[PDF] The War Of The Flowers | by ↠ Tad Williams, The War Of The Flowers, Tad Williams, The War Of The Flowers Theo Vilmos life is about to take a real turn for the worse He is drawn from his home in Northern California into the parallel world of Faerie for unknown to him he is a pivotal figure in a war between certain of Faerie s powerful lords and the rest of the strange creatures who live in this exotic realm

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[PDF] The War Of The Flowers | by ↠ Tad Williams - The War Of The Flowers, The War Of The Flowers Theo Vilmos life is about to take a real turn for the worse He is drawn from his home in Northern California into the parallel world of Faerie for unknown to him he is a pivotal figure in a war bet


Derivative Reminds me rather unfortunately of Christopher Golden s the Veil trilogy, and Terry Brooks Landover series, neither of which I enjoyed Bear with my summation, so that I may explain the multitude of ways in which this book alternately irritated and bored me.30 something Theo is lead singer in a garage band, contemplating changing his life as his girlfriend has a baby on the way Except, of course, he s not going to change it tonight, despite generally disliking his bandmates he s going [...]


I read this book a long time ago it was the first book by Tad Williams that I read but never wrote a proper review for it Both times I ve read it I ate it up in about two days The writing was pretty good or it tasted good, anyway, from a synaesthete s point of view and the plot was interesting enough to draw me on and make me read it in great big chunks There was something unmemorable about it, though I have a pretty good memory, like my dad, and my dad is one of those guys who can tell you what [...]

Ahdam Rana

WOW this was a good oneI ve only read 2 of his books but Tad Williams is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors I m amazed how he can make the world in his books so magical and breath taking, it just amazes me what he can do and I haven t read many books about fairies but this one really sets the bar for fairy related books for me With a great story, an amazing world and some great characters Applecore is officially on my favourite female characters list However, what stops this from getti [...]

William Bentrim

The War of The Flowers by Tad WilliamsThis is a unique perspective on a Faerie that sadly emulates or mirrors our own society You can depend on Tad Williams for both a good story and a skewed perception of normalcy Normalcy in regards to how we see and perceive the land of Faerie is one of the lynch pins of the plot Williams provided a story whose protagonist wasn t the classic anti hero but of a wimpy hero Theo had it all, good looks, great voice and loads of potential that he totally ignored [...]

A Bookish ✧ Fable

I couldn t for the love of god finish this book Nontheless begin the sequel.I ve heard that the authors other books are amazing but this book I couldn t read past 100 pages which is my limit of books i dont like, i can force myself through 100 but then it s just a waste of time Sorry Not Sorry.

Masha Toit

What if Faery had an industrial revolution Class warfare and an energy crisis Theo Vilmos is a musician, a bit of a loser, passively drifting through life and apt to blame others for his troubles Tad Williams takes this unlikely hero and places him in the middle of a developing crisis between our world and Faery This is a dark book, filled with vivid and strange places the Faery realm is a warped reflection of our world There are trains, but they don t work quite like they do in our world, the t [...]

Connie Jasperson

Today I am revisiting one of my favorite books of the last twenty years, The War of the Flowers by Tad Williams Originally published in 2003, I first bought this book the day it was released as a paperback I ve often said I will always buy a book for its cover, and I liked the art so much that I bought the book despite the rather lackluster blurb The REAL reason I bought this book Tad Williams has an incredible ability to write a tale that grips the reader and drags them in, blurring the lines b [...]

Philip Grace

Ever wonder how the Fairy world was impacted by the Industrial Revolution Well, they also had an Industrial RevolutionThat s not a spoiler that s just the world generating premise I found the invented cultures, imagery, and even plot normally the least of my concerns to be innovative and compelling Also, plus ten points for a deeply chilling allusion to Goodnight Moon.

Anne Petty

Every now and then I love to sink my teeth into an epic fantasy of many pages that will sweep me off to somewhere that temporarily seems real than the world I live in I read Tad Williams Tailchaser s Song years ago and have dipped in and out of his monumental Otherland series, so I expected to enjoy this standalone novel kind of rare in fantasy publishing these days and wasn t disappointed Let me just say, I was not prepared for this vision of fairyland as Dorothy Parker reputedly exclaimed, Wh [...]

Joshua Palmatier

I felt that this book was a good read, but had a few parts that were a little too slow It took me a while to get through the first 300 pages or so, simply because what occurs at first is rather grim, followed by a section once the main character travels to Faerie that just needed faster pacing However, once the dragon arrives on the scene the pace picked up tremendously The second half of the book is much better by far, with some rather cool and interesting ideas which I don t want to spoil An i [...]


It s slow, boring and than a little bit depressing, but the worst thing about it is main character, Theo He whines his way through the entire book and gives not a single care about the people around him.I really disliked him and I can t understand Poppy falling for him He thinks about her like she s a spoiled rich kid, and he treats her that way too Despite not giving a damn about other people himself he condemns Poppy because without getting to know her he decides that she is like that too But [...]

Jeffery Moulton

The War of the Flowers was a frustrating book for me I read it after finishing Tad Williams amazing Otherland series and, in many ways I was not disappointed The world in War is rich, detailed, and fascinating The character motivations feel real and are not rushed, and the descriptions were incredible Honestly, the only thing I didn t like was the main character, who whined way too much and was thoroughly unlikeable.War takes Theo, a musician in our world, and sends him to that mysterious land w [...]

Jennifer Stevenson

I am not usually a sci fi fantasy fan, but this book is so beautiful I ve read it again and again I love that it s a self contained story Sci fi seems notorious for series, and this author, Tad Williams, has done a few, I think I read his Otherland series about disparate groups of people that find themselves inside the internet in various virtual worlds and it was really cool and mostly well paced, but this book to me is magical Very vivid details of characters and surroundings add to the experi [...]


I ve wanted to read a Tad Williams novel for a long time, and this was not a disappointment His command of language is amazing, and he s a pleasure to read, much like Neil Gaiman.I wish he valued brevity a bit , however While they were wonderful words, there sure were a lot of them, and at times I just wanted to move on with the story It s not that was boring, in fact the story was very well told with surprising outcomes to what occasionally seemed like standard setups It simply took too long to [...]

Rob Berry

The beginning is slow and depressing I can t help think of Lovecraft as the main character discovers a special relative that kept a journal of a strange world he had visited Then it s sort of an Alice in Wonderland fantasy set in Faerie land with 1 dimensional characters and a pat, last heir to an important political power type of plot, with no explanations as to motives until the very end Sappy and should be a children s book.

Valjeanne Jeffers

Wonderful imagery and creation of a world just outside our own.

Dalibor Dado Ivanovic

Mnogo lijepa knjiga, iako je pocela dosta tmurno i tesko pa sam se bojao da ce ici u tom tonu , cim se Theo susretne sa Jabucnicom koja mi je omiljeni lik, zbog mnogo cega , krene u pozitivnom smjeru Knjigu sam poceo citati u jednom planinarskom domu, okruzen snijegom i sumama, stoga je to sve davalo vise cari ovoj knjizi Za sve one koji vjeruju da postoje ovakvi svjetovi i ovakva zanimljiva bica topla preporuka za citanje.


Read ages ago Remembered enjoying it.

Ана Хелс

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A 30 year old good for nothing musician finds his uncle s diary and gets sucked into fairytale world where all sorts of magical creatures are real and flower named elves wage war with each other err, something like that anyway.Doesn t sound good.I actually don t remember why I bought this book It doesn t sound like my type of thing Someone must have recommended it but then, I remember one of my friends saying that it took her a year to finish this book Tad Williams is the only author whose book [...]

Jason Mills

This is the least impressive of Tad Williams books I ve read so far Theo, our hero, is yanked through into the world of Faerie, but it s a world corrupted by power hungry Flower Lords who have reshaped it into something very like our own And herein lies the problem there is little colour in showing us that, ooh look, the fairies have trains too, only theirs are magical When I read a fantasy, I m kinda hoping to see a world that is different.Our hero is a loser in the mortal world, a washed up mu [...]


You know that thing where you get this great idea for a novel, and you start writing it, and then you pick up a book one day and discover that someone else has already written the novel you wanted to only MUCH BETTER, the bastard Yeah, that.This is a flipping wonderful book The whole premise is thoroughly worked out and the world is entire and real in a way that made me feel I was returning to a place instead of the setting of a story every time I picked the book up again to continue.The charact [...]


This was an interesting story with a fairly unique view into the world of Faerie The journey from earth to Faerie is one that has sparked many a tale, working off the Gaelic myths of old This book does the same, taking an out of work rock band singer and thrusting him unwillingly into the beautiful enigmatic land of the elves There things are not all they seem, plots and intrigues abound The descriptions are great, the intrigues interesting The twist of the idea of changelings was nice The plot [...]


I absolutely adored this book, it was delicious in every sense of the word, and I couldn t wait to get home from work each day to spend time with it Though I found it a bit slow at the beginning, the pace picked up quickly, and I finished it in a few days because I had to know what was going to happen next.I liked the fact that the Faerie World wasn t typically Fairy Fantasy all pixie dust and light , but had a huge undercurrent the dystopian and political, and drawing on issues that have plague [...]


A mixture of two worldsIt is OKeishIf you have read all the books on your ASAP list and you are looking for something short and different, you might give this book a try It is easy going one with a good sense of humor By no means it was boring I enjoyed it to a certain degree and I deem it worthy of my time However, it is definitely not epic fantasy It is a blend of our world and a world of fairies It never works for me Maybe I am just a fan of Epic Fantasy, like Memory, Sorrow Thorn with elves, [...]


I am so sad I did not like this book Tad Williams is one of my favorite authors, so I was doubly disappointed But I just do not much care for this book I did not care much for any of the characters I did not feel connected to any of them which is almost opposite of all of his other books, whether I liked them or not Theo especially bugged me as he dragged his feet for almost the entire book, his comments were annoying, and his thick headedness was annoying as well He was a frustrating hero There [...]


MILD SPOILERS I loved the world building That is the strongest part of this book The beginning was good what with the miscarriage and the undead disgusting creature that shows up to kill Theo Applecore is cute and sassy with an Irish accent which I always go for and there are cars in this fairyland Cool My biggest issue Everything happened TO Theo and he just got dragged around Fairyland like driftwood on a raging tide I didn t think he actually did anything unless he was forced to do something [...]


Eines Nachts ver ndert sich alles im Leben des notorischen Pechvogels Theo Eine winzige Elfe erscheint ihm und nimmt ihn mit in ein m rchenhaftes Reich Ein Reich, dessen Schicksal eng mit der Welt der Menschen verbunden ist Ein Reich, in dem Theo das gr sste Abenteuer aller Zeiten erlebtEine zauberhafte Welt in die man hier gef hrt wird mit teilweise berraschenden Wendungen in der Handlung Besonders gut hat mir gefallen, dass der bergang der Menschenwelt in die Elfenwelt ausf hrlich und auch f r [...]

Kitvaria Sarene

It did take me quite a while to get into this book I bought it because I ve heard Tad Williams reading from it, and fell completely in love with that part When I got the books in my hands, it started off a bit slow for my taste, but I kept going, waiting for that great scene I ve heard before And before I noticed it, he got me hooked after all This story has such extremely funny parts that I shed some tears while reading If you like fantasy, that hasn t have to be action from the first page, and [...]


I am not someone who is a book snob The only things that I m interested in when reading is a good story that grips you from the start and keeps you interested till the end Having said that this book was not interesting enough for me The concept and the plot are quite imaginative and I give Tad Williams the credit for that but I just could not find myself wanting to read any or want to know what happens to the characters The only character I found remotely interesting was Applecore beyond that I [...]

  • [PDF] The War Of The Flowers | by ↠ Tad Williams
    455 Tad Williams
The War Of The Flowers