Jan 28, 2022
Eric: A Novel of Discworld
Posted by Terry Pratchett

[PDF] Eric: A Novel of Discworld | by ☆ Terry Pratchett, Eric: A Novel of Discworld, Terry Pratchett, Eric A Novel of Discworld Discworld s only demonology hacker Eric is about to make life very difficult for the rest of Ankh Morpork s denizens This would be Faust is very bad his work that is All he wants is to fulfill three little wishes to live forever to be master of the universe and to have a stylin hot babe But Eric isn t even good at getting his own way Instead of a powerful demDiscwor [PDF] Eric: A Novel of Discworld | by ☆ Terry Pratchett - Eric: A Novel of Discworld, Eric A Novel of Discworld Discworld s only demonology hacker Eric is about to make life very difficult for the rest of Ankh Morpork s denizens This would be Faust is very bad his work that is All he wants is to fulfill thre

  • Title: Eric: A Novel of Discworld
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
  • ISBN: 9780061807039
  • Page: 174
  • Format: ebook
[PDF] Eric: A Novel of Discworld | by ☆ Terry Pratchett, Eric: A Novel of Discworld, Terry Pratchett, Eric A Novel of Discworld Discworld s only demonology hacker Eric is about to make life very difficult for the rest of Ankh Morpork s denizens This would be Faust is very bad his work that is All he wants is to fulfill three little wishes to live forever to be master of the universe and to have a stylin hot babe But Eric isn t even good at getting his own way Instead of a powerful demDiscwor

[PDF] Eric: A Novel of Discworld | by ☆ Terry Pratchett - Eric: A Novel of Discworld, Eric A Novel of Discworld Discworld s only demonology hacker Eric is about to make life very difficult for the rest of Ankh Morpork s denizens This would be Faust is very bad his work that is All he wants is to fulfill thre


I felt surprisingly lukewarm about this book, given that it s written by one of my favorite authors of all time Part of this was the fact that it s some of his earlier work It s odd to think of an author s 9th book in a series as early work In my opinion his later stuff was much, much stronger Also, I feel I should mention here that this isn t my first time reading Eric Not my second time, either It was, however, my first time reading this particular version, the illustrated version.And honestly [...]


This is my second read and my reaction is pretty much the same as the first time.Rincewind is funny.Or rather, the situations he always gets into showcases the Discworld in awesomely epic ways and we always get vast adventures Usually with some kind of weird sidekick and a healthy dose of Death.All true, sure, but what if Rincewind was mistaken for a demon, summoned by a nerdy kid who insists that he is, because, after all, Rincewind came at his demon summoning Or how about Discworld s version o [...]


What a romp And I mean that in the best possible way The last book featuring Rincewind wasn t too much to my liking but this much shorter novel was perfect from start to finish.It s about the titular Eric, who is a teenager who dabbles in the art of summoning demons like his grandfather For some reason unknown at the beginning, the demon he summons is the wizard Rincewind, who was left in the Dungeon Dimensions in the 5th Discworld novel However, the 13 year old isn t well isn t the brightest ca [...]


Technically I ve read Eric out of sequence, but as anyone who has been following my reread of the greatest sequence of fantasy novels ever written will know, I ve been reading the audiobooks whilst running around in circles and at 126 pages Eric is certainly not suited to such a thing Especially when I am lucky enough to have a first edition paperback complete with beautiful Josh Kirby full colour illustrations My rating will certainly reflect an extra star for being able to enjoy such lovelines [...]


Sir Terry Pratchett s 1990 Discworld offering and 9th in the series sees a return of Rincewind in this most Douglas Adamsesque of his books.A subtle parody of Goethe s Faust, we find a young Ankh Morpork demonologist, Eric, who has drawn a magic circle to summon a demon and instead brings Rincewind to his home Discworld fans and readers may recall that Pratchett left Rincewind in the dungeon dimensions at the end of his 1988 novel Sourcery.I have to concede that the Rincewind novels have not bee [...]


Eric is an oddity Although it s the ninth Discworld novel to be published, it feels curiously scrappy and unfinished, like a fragment of juvenilia It s set up as a parody of Faust it feels like there s a lot that could have been done with the novel based on this premise In fact, it feels like there is a lot set up to happen from this premise, but it never comes about Eric is one of the most barely sketched in of all of the Discworld characters, for all that he is the person whose actions get t [...]


Part of the Pratchett reread with the SpecFic Buddy Reads group For me this is the second time I ve read this, and the first time as a purely text book Back in the day I had a copy of this edition Eric with the Josh Kirby illustrations.Rincewind, last seen in dire peril as always in Sourcery, is summoned from Hell by a teenage demonologist What follows is a typical Rincewind travelogue from ridiculous situation to ridiculous situation all with deeply witty and sarcastic commentary, both around w [...]


This short Discworld book is Pratchett s take on Faust and I m very happy to have a Rincewind story to follow Sourcery Demonology is always interesting and applying this concept to Discworld makes for very witty and excellent writing It s very funny, and I enjoyed the character of Eric It lacks a bit of substance, being such a short book considering most of them are twice as long, but I really enjoyed it It s a nice, light, in between read I can t less than love any Discworld book


3.5A diferencia de otros libros de la saga esta es una historia lineal y completa con su inicio, desarrollo y cierre Tenemos el esperado regreso de Rincewind que esta vez acompa ara a Eric un demonologo adolescente que tiene tres deseos, los deseos que todo hombre, ejem, ejem,todo adolescente var n quiere, iremos viendo como el obtendr sus deseos pero nada de lo que quer a No le doy mas estrellas porque es muy corto y no tan gracioso Creo que lo que me hace continuar la saga es el personaje de R [...]


If Eric were a food, it d be a hot dog It feels like Pratchett took random bits of humor that weren t good enough to make it in other books, and mushed them all together Eric is the lips and assholes of Pratchett s storytelling.Eric seems to exist soley to resolve the cliffhanger ending of Sourcery, and it does so with a moderately amusing Deus Ex Machina The rest of the book is like a Family Guy episode than a coherent novel.

Gary Sundell

Rincewind, eveyone s favorite wizard is back in Pratchett s take on Faust Eric a very young demonologIist summons a demon What he gets is Rincewind The Luggage is not far behind Shorter than most Discworld books, but every bit as funny.


Be careful what you wish foror you may find yourself tripping through time with an incompetent wizard and a ferocious suitcase.You might even wind up in Haitch E Double Hockey Sticks the one only Pratchett could invent.Good fun, but not up to the usual Discworld standards.

David Sarkies

Rincewind goes to Hell9 February 2013 Eric seems to be that Discworld book that was written after Guards Guards and before Moving Pictures that nobody ever mentions In fact having a glance over the comments on it seems that it is not all that liked, and when I asked my friend who loves anything that Terry Pratchett writes, he simply said that it was okay, it has its moments, but not one of his best Mind you we both agreed that the part where they travel to Discworld s version of the Trojan War w [...]

Molly Billygoat

What a nice man, said Eric after awhile Um What are quantum mechanics I dunno People who repair quantums I suppose Eric, book nine in Terry Pratchett s Discworld series, is a riot It stars a pimply, highly intelligent and pompous teenager who is determined to summon a demon so that he might demand riches, glory, and the most beautiful woman alive What he manages to summon instead is the lovable but luckless Rincewind, well known by all Pratchett enthusiasts Eric refuses to accept that Rincewind, [...]


There s a door Where does it go It stays where it is, I think Not nearly as funny or eventful following Guards Guards , but short and thoroughly entertaining Rincewind may not be everyone s favourite character, but I like the shenanigans he gets involved with.This is only my ninth Terry Pratchett book and I already feel like this is one of the most important series in my life You know when you look back on a series wishing you could read it all over again for the first time I feel oddly aware an [...]

Silvia Kay

I was expecting this book to be a lot worse than it actually turned out to be i.e pretty awesome based on a few people s lukewarm reactions I really, REALLY enjoyed the portrayal of the Demon King as a pedantic if slighly burned out corporate CEO The social commentary was spot on, and as for the humour, it was its usual fantastic self 4 stars.

Noa Velasco

Leerlo en ingl s fue una mala idea No puedo hacer una valoraci n a fondo porque, no nos vamos a enga ar, a veces me perd a.Sin duda es un t tulo Pratchett 100%, hilarante, preciso, mordaz y con alusiones constantes a cultura cl sica y popular Fausto, La Divina Comedia, La Odisea, religiones precolombinas y burocracia contempor nea, entre otras.Adjunto unas citas Then there was silence, the special kind that you get after a really unpleasant noise Even wizards thought demonologists were odd they [...]

Sam Quixote

Multiple exclamation marks, he went on, shaking his head are a sure sign of a diseased mind I LOVE TERRY PRATCHETT DISCWORLD RINCEWIND Ahem I aten t crazy Like a lot of people I first read Pratchett when I was a teenager and have stuck with him well into adulthood So, going through a dry spell in reading where everything I picked up seemed to, well, suck, I was immediately drawn to a small paperback that d fallen off my shelf Eric , a book I haven t read since I was 12 I m now 28 Coming to a bel [...]


3.5 starsThis had a lot of really great scenes, and of course I loved seeing Rincewind and Luggage again But I didn t enjoy it as much as many of the other books in the series up to now I may rate this higher upon a reread, however I believe I was a bit distracted while reading this as it took me much longer to read than it should have given the short length.


Hell needed horribly bright, self centered people like Eric They were much better at being nasty than demons could ever manage I really love the Discworld in general Terry Pratchett created a unique world, full of quirks and the absolute unexpected.So, this semester I took a class on Goethe s Faust at university It was an intensify reading class and it was fun to get deeper into the material and look at one of the ultimate German classics in a different way The semester is almost over now and I [...]


Oh, Eric Where do I even begin Even though it s probably the shortest Discworld novel 197 pages in large font , it took me weeks to read This might have had something to do with the obscene amount of schoolwork my teachers decided to heap on me at the time, but usually I will willingly give up homework, television and social life for a new Pratchett book, and I will do it with a grateful and reverent smile on my face.This one, however not so much.For one thing I think I may be the only person o [...]


I picked this up at a used bookstore on Bainbridge Island while on vacation for two reasons I really like Sir Terry Pratchett, and this particular novel shares my name So it seemed like fate I should pick it up It was so short that I read it mostly in one sitting while still on vacation.Being the ninth Discworld book, this may sound odd, but you can still tell this is early Pratchett, when he was still feeling out the world and the characters It s still good, solid work, and it has some great co [...]

Mamen B.

3 5 Debo de ser de las pocas, pero me gusta la saga de los magos de Mundodisco La mayor a de la gente dice que es la m s floja, pero yo disfruto con ellos un mont n Rincewind tiene un humor que sale impregnando su cobard a y que hace que me parta de risa en los momentos m s inesperados.En este libro volvemos a tener a nuestro mago metido en aventuras sin l buscarlas, como siempre, y esta vez acompa ado de un joven demon logo obsesionado con las mujeres y lleno de acn y un loro con un vocabulario [...]

Alfred Haplo

Pretty fun and not horrid were my concluding thoughts upon reading Eric Tipping over 200 pages, this is a mercifully short story giving Rincewind just enough leeway to play his hapless, cowardly wizard with the kind heart but not too many opportunities to irritate As the very first main character in the very first DiscWorld book , Rincewind occupies a sentimental spot with fans so I do try hard to see why Though iconic, Rincewind has never quite struck me as a particularly compelling character M [...]


No hay mejor psiquiatra que te ayude en momentos de necesidad que un buen libro de Mundo Disco


Complete Discworld RereadPay attention, there is a lot going on and less than two hundred pages of large type to get it all in Rincewind needs out of the Dungeon Dimensions, a young demonologist wants some wishes granted and needs a cold shower , and several different demons have their own ideas of what should be done So watch closely, and you will see how the trick is set Young Eric calls on a demon, Rincewind slips through into the occult circle, and something unknown makes sure Eric gets ever [...]


Executive Summary This was a quick read, even for a Discworld book, but not one of my favorites, especially following the excellent Guards Guards.Full ReviewIt seems apparent that the Rincewind books are my least favorite sub series of Discworld So far I ve only really enjoyed The Light Fantastic It s not that they are bad exactly, they just aren t nearly as good as the City Watch, Death or Witches books have been so far.I m not particularly fond of Rincewind either The best part of his books se [...]

Cristina Boncea

Terry trebuie s fie la fel de magic ca vr jitorii din c r ile lui Finalul aproape c a salvat cartea care nu mi a pl cut nota ar fi 2,4999999999999999 9.Cred c ar fi trebuit s citesc Faust nainte dar tiu n mare despre ce era vorba.Eric e un pu ti de 13 ani care l invoc pe V nturache, un fost vr jitor acum fantom sau chiar demon V nturache pocne te din degete i cei doi sunt transporta i n diferite perioade de timp Eric i pusese 3 dorin e s conduc lumea, s tr iasc ve nic i s aib cea mai frumoas fem [...]


A lot of people want to compare this book to the entire series of Discworld books, which is a natural sort of thing to do since Pratchett s popularity is overwhelming these days and he s got a long back catalog to go through for newcomers.So This was written at a time when he was on fairly good grips with parody, but not yet satire When a series of small adventures were easier to string together than, say, an engrossing novel length plot Rincewind and his Luggage are stock characters, and thus p [...]


This was a very short book Novella Bookella in the Discworld universe, featuring Rincewind My Kindle edition said it was 149 pages, and it felt even shorter Apparently it was originally published with illustrations, but I read a non illustrated version People had told me the illustrations weren t necessary to the story, and I agree with them It was perfectly coherent on its own Well, as coherent as the Discworld ever is, I guess The basic story is that Rincewind, for reasons not worth trying to [...]

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