Jan 23, 2022
The Kill Artist
Posted by Daniel Silva

✓ The Kill Artist ☆ Daniel Silva, The Kill Artist, Daniel Silva, The Kill Artist The bestselling author of The Unlikely Spy and The Mark of the Assassin returns with a new hero and a thrilling story of Middle East political intrigue and terrorism that covers three continents and shows the peace process in jeopardy The story by an author who was praised by Newsday for bringing new life to the international thriller features a colorful supportThe bestselling a ✓ The Kill Artist ☆ Daniel Silva - The Kill Artist, The Kill Artist The bestselling author of The Unlikely Spy and The Mark of the Assassin returns with a new hero and a thrilling story of Middle East political intrigue and terrorism that covers three continents and s

  • Title: The Kill Artist
  • Author: Daniel Silva
  • ISBN: 9780375500909
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
✓ The Kill Artist ☆ Daniel Silva, The Kill Artist, Daniel Silva, The Kill Artist The bestselling author of The Unlikely Spy and The Mark of the Assassin returns with a new hero and a thrilling story of Middle East political intrigue and terrorism that covers three continents and shows the peace process in jeopardy The story by an author who was praised by Newsday for bringing new life to the international thriller features a colorful supportThe bestselling a

✓ The Kill Artist ☆ Daniel Silva - The Kill Artist, The Kill Artist The bestselling author of The Unlikely Spy and The Mark of the Assassin returns with a new hero and a thrilling story of Middle East political intrigue and terrorism that covers three continents and s

Tea Jovanović

MUST READ autor i serijal Svaki put se knjiga sa aljenjem zatvara posle poslednje pro itane strane i nestrpljivo eka juli slede e godine da iza e novi nastavak U Srbiji je prevodi sjajna ermen Filipovi dobar poznavalac Izraela


I read the Rembrandt Affair a year ago and really enjoyed Gabriel Allon, the Israeli spy and assassin who just can t quit his job I expect spies to have a lot of personal baggage why else would they gravitate to a profession that requires isolation, deception, moral ambiguity and high ideals whether it s for a country, a religious belief, or personal gain He had a rich background and I slipped very easily into the story, enjoying every moment And then I found out it was the eleventh in the serie [...]

Maria João Fernandes

Se estivermos a vigiar um alvo a partir de um caf , n o devemos fazer coisas que nos fa am parecer estar a vigiar um alvo a partir do caf , tais como ficarmos sentados sozinhos durante horas, a fingir estarmos a ler um jornal Daniel Silva introduziu me, da forma mais extraordin ria, o mundo da espionagem Pela primeira vez, este tema afigurou se aos meus olhos, surpreendentemente sedutor, envolvente e enigm tico Cada vez que tive de interromper a leitura, para responder s minhas necessidades mais [...]


Eh Kind of an ordinary spy thriller, one I might have appreciated had I read it 15 20 years ago when I was less jaded.Like many of this genre, you have a good and troubled guy who works for Israeli intelligence working with his stunningly beautiful and capable heroine with whom he has a complicated of course relationship And of course, you have the bad guys who are always one step ahead of the good guys, but then the good guys catch up, but then the bad guys catch on, etc etc This book was surp [...]


I ve read than half of the 14 in this series and decided to go to the beginning and get caught up in all This first shows an insecure and hesitant Gabriel before his maturation into a confident, and self assured hero of Isreal and that s the Gabriel I prefer 5 of 10 stars

Shuk Pakhi

Jane Stewart

Felt like things had been done before Nothing grabbed me.The story was ok but several minor things bothered me, so I ll list them below.When I finished this I thought huh, the hero didn t do anything heroic and he did not solve the bad guy problem The good action was done by another Ok, but that kind of let me down not much hero development here.Throughout the book the good guys were not doing smart things which made it less fun to root for them In a few scenes the bad guys came out ahead due to [...]

Lisa (Harmonybites)

I think what may have killed this book for me was I read this just after reading John Le Carre s The Spy Who Came in from the Cold and after having recently read Alan Furst and Eric Ambler while working through a recommendation list that included Silva among this number I got spoiled and after reading the best in the espionage genre this struck me as nothing than a generic pulp thriller with all the writing skill, complexity of characterization and plotting of a blow m up rat tat tat of a popco [...]

Tim The Enchanter

An Average Read Until the End This marks the first book I have read by Daniel Silva The Kill Artist, the first in the Gabriel Allon Series was first published in 2000 and it is starting to feel its age The story resolves around Israeli and Palestinian conflict There is a cast of a villain and an anti hero and retaliation is the word of the day The plot feels tired Granted, had I read it first in 2000, I may have not felt this way.As in many books that are the first in a series, the story starts [...]


I enjoyed this book so much I now intend to read the rest of the series Not really sure how I came across this author but I am so glad I did The story is exciting, fast paced and informative The characters are well developed and you can easily picture them in your mind which makes the read easier and enjoyable The subject matter is not entirely my genre and not an obvious choice for me but I quickly got into it and read it over two days.


3.0 stars A good, solid international thriller centering on Israeli operative art restorer Gabriel Allon attempting to track down a Palestinian terrorist This is the first of the Gabriel Allon books and I thought he was an interesting character and will certainly read the next book in the series.

Elisha Condie

I m always surprised when a premise of a book sounds so good a perfect swish, and then the book itself is like a big old airball Meet Gabriel Allon super spy, art restorerer, tortured soul, handsome, ruthless, boring Daniel Silva s book sounds great A spy who restores masterpieces, who is out for revenge for his murdered family but doesn t really like to kill people He s recruited from retirement by a ruthless Israeli agent who wants to stop an equally ruthless Palestinian terrorist Ruthless is [...]


The Kill Artist is the first book out of 17 as of today that follows the exploits of Israeli agent Gabriel Allon I had previously read the 16th book in the series, The Black Widow , and enjoyed it very much So much so that I went back to the beginning of the series I am glad that I did not begin at the beginning.This novel is okay, not great Unlike my previous experience while reading a book of Mr Silva s I found I could easily put it down That is not to say that I did not enjoy reading it, I di [...]


The methodology of the art restoration expert is the same as that of the professional assassin study the target, become like him, do the job, slip away without a trace Just as retired Israeli agent Gabriel Allon must study the artist Vecellio in order to resurrect and restore The Adoration of the Shepherd, to make the painting just like the original so he must study again the work of his old nemesis Tariq, agent of the PLO wing that is angry and upset with Arafat s peace initiatives Tariq is als [...]


3,5 stars It was a nice read, good start of a series, but there s room for improvement.


As personagens Gabriel Allon a personagem principal deste livro e dos restantes da serie Antes de se dedicar exclusivamente ao restauro de quadros, foi um agente secreto israelita e respons vel por v rios assassinatos, tendo sido considerado um dos melhores agentes do seu tempo de actividade um homem justo, perspicaz mas de certo modo ainda atormentado pelo seu passado e de um momento para o outro v se de novo no activo.O enredo Inicialmente tive bastante dificuldade com o avan ar da ac o, senti [...]

Alex is The Romance Fox

This is the 1st book in the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva.Gabriel Allon, former Israeli super spy agent is now a restorer of old art masterpieces, living an isolated life in a remote English seaside village Persuaded out of retirement by his former boss, Ari Shamron to track down the deadly Palestinian assassin, threatening to derail the peace talks between the Israeli Prime Minister and Arafat after assassinating the Israeli Ambassador in Paris, and who is also responsible for his wife a [...]


Strong introduction to the series, specially setting up the background of Gabriel Allon As the book progressed, however, I found the set up with Allon as surveillance detail, felt sluggish and bored me I was expecting a Mitch Rapp or Jason Bourne, but instead got neither There are still over 10 Gabriel Allon books, I ll give Mr Silva another chance simply for his unique and engaging writing style 3stars.

Scott Rhee

The Kill Artist is the first novel in the popular Daniel Silva series to feature his Israeli spy art restorer extraordinaire, Gabriel Allon In this novel, readers are given a glimpse at the tragic backstory of Allon his son was killed in a car bomb explosion meant for him, while his wife survived only to live in a vegetative coma like state and introduced to Allon s arch nemesis, a Palestinian terrorist named Tariq.Among the other important characters are Jacqueline Delacroix, a beautiful French [...]


As the first book in the series, this effort does not measure up to later stories This is understandable because Silva had to cover a lot of ground in order to set the series on its way The later books in the series keep getting better and better.Gabriel Allon, the protagonist, is an art restorer, who at one time worked for a secret Israeli intelligence agency He, in fact, was one of the assassins, Golda Meir dispatched to take revenge for the Munich Olympics massacre of Israeli athletes Allon s [...]

Filipe Miguel

Cometi o erro de come ar a ler Daniel Silva pelo fim Regras de Moscovo e a sua sequela O Desertor.S depois resolvi comprar os restantes livros da saga Allon para ler pela ordem correcta.Em compara o, e tendo lido duas das suas ltimas obras e a primeira, considero o Artista da Morte bem menos conseguido.Presumo que a introdu o a esta nova personagem Gabriel Allon , tenha levado Silva a tentar uma abrang ncia de temas que, no final, n o cobriu como desejaria conflito israelo palestiniano, servi os [...]


I came to this book after reading the later story Moscow Rules, which may have been a mistake because the later story is much gripping than the first On the other hand, had I read this one first, I might not have found it compelling enough to get me to read on in the series Silva s first Gabriel Allon book is enjoyable, but it is not a gripping page turner Some have compared Silva to John LeCarre I think that s overstating the case Silva is, at this point at least, a good, entertaining writer, [...]


Gabriel Allon is an art restorer brought back from retirement to be a secret agent for Ari Shamron and to restore The Office by capturing Tariq Gabriel agrees because he is seeking revenge on Tariq Severla years beofre, Tariq planted a bomb in the car which Gabriel s wife and son were in thereby killing his young son and physicaly and mentally scarring his wife Tariq is part of a terrorist network who is planning to kill the Palestinian prime minister and disrupt the Isreali Palestinian peace pr [...]

Maria Carmo

A relentless thriller that makes one hold one s breath A lesson to be taken into account once in never out Gabriel Allon tried to break free from his previous life as a member of Mossad being an exquisite artist of restoration of ancient paintings, he becomes one of very few who really can be trusted to bring back all the beauty and splendor of an old painting of a great master But, his old boss Shamron has different ideas and whenever he needs Gabriel, his now quiet life in Cornwall is perturbe [...]

Gwen (The Gwendolyn Reading Method)

Eh Not my thing The twist at the end was somewhat diverting, but, otherwise view spoiler One of my major issues with books like this is the fact that to have a new girl every book, it requires finding ways to get rid of the girls without the hero looking like a bad guy In this case, she s like, don t feel bad, I got almost everything I wanted and someone else was like, Gabriel, you saved her Which can t be met literally because she saved herself and then also saved him, he never saves her And if [...]

Barbara (The Bibliophage)

Daniel Silva s gripping thriller, The Kill Artist, is exactly what I want from this type of book Silva takes multiple perspective and locations, and weaves them together into a story I couldn t put down I listened to the last 90 minutes of the audio very late at night, because I had to know the final twists before sleeping Full review at TheBibliophage.

Blaine DeSantis

My first ever read of a Daniel Silva book and I want some I found this a very good action adventure book dealing with terrorists, counter terrorists and the protagonist is an art restoration expert The book is a bit dated since it was written a while back but the saga is quite engaging and moves us around the world quite deftly as a Palestinian terrorist tries to complete a mission and Israeli counter terrorist Gabriel Allon tries to prevent it from happening The books plot is driven by dialogu [...]


Sometimes I think I am so disconnected from my peers i.e other readers I like spy movies, and have enjoyed some thriller spy novels So why does the first Gabriel Allon novel fall so short for me and not everyone else For myself I know the answer Two dimensional characters at best, and with 420 pages Silva should have done than just do the small character development bits that he did Yes, I get it that Gabriel is damaged for many reasons, but really none of them are explored Especially the early [...]

Linda Appelbaum

My husband suggested this book to me and it is not the typical story I like to read, however, I am passionate about art and I m Jewish This book incorporated both in the storyabout terrorist activity, the PLO, Israel, and spies The main character, an assasin, is also an art restorer that is his cover and he is good at it as well The book is well written and concisely constructed I m going to be reading from Daniel Silva


Esperava um pouco mais, mas depois lembrei me que este o 1 livro H partes desnecess rias e chatas, mas vou continuar a ler a s rie Gabriel Allon.

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The Kill Artist