Jan 28, 2022
She Said/She Saw
Posted by Norah McClintock

[PDF] She Said/She Saw | by ↠ Norah McClintock, She Said/She Saw, Norah McClintock, She Said She Saw Tegan was in the backseat when her two best friends were gunned down in front of her Was it an argument over drugs An ongoing feud Or something random Tegan says she didn t see who did it Or know why Nobody will believe her Not the police not her friends not the families of the victims and not even Kelly her own sister Is she afraid that the killer will coTegan was in the backsea [PDF] She Said/She Saw | by ↠ Norah McClintock - She Said/She Saw, She Said She Saw Tegan was in the backseat when her two best friends were gunned down in front of her Was it an argument over drugs An ongoing feud Or something random Tegan says she didn t see who did it Or know why

  • Title: She Said/She Saw
  • Author: Norah McClintock
  • ISBN: 9781554693351
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] She Said/She Saw | by ↠ Norah McClintock, She Said/She Saw, Norah McClintock, She Said She Saw Tegan was in the backseat when her two best friends were gunned down in front of her Was it an argument over drugs An ongoing feud Or something random Tegan says she didn t see who did it Or know why Nobody will believe her Not the police not her friends not the families of the victims and not even Kelly her own sister Is she afraid that the killer will coTegan was in the backsea

[PDF] She Said/She Saw | by ↠ Norah McClintock - She Said/She Saw, She Said She Saw Tegan was in the backseat when her two best friends were gunned down in front of her Was it an argument over drugs An ongoing feud Or something random Tegan says she didn t see who did it Or know why

Krista (CubicleBlindness Reviews)

My thoughts through most of this book were why is she not seeing a therapist and what about hypnosis Although only one of these questions I had were touched upon, I spent most of this book thinking that her going back to school almost immediately after witnessing a double murder,and her mother and sister mostly exhibiting an uncaring attitude towards the situation was somewhat unrealistic The interesting part of this book is that it switches perspectives between the sisters in rotating chapters [...]

Abby Wheaton

Personal Response Overall, I thought the book was pretty good There were points where the book got boring, because the main character kept repeating the same saying The best part of the book was the ending where I refused to put the book down Plot Teagan was a sweet girl who had two best friends, Clark and Martin She decided to go to a party with her two best friends where drugs and alcohol were involved None of them saw that as a problem, but as they were about to leave the party Martin and Cla [...]

Amanda L.

She Said She Saw was a captivating book Tegan, the main character, was in a car with her friends, Clark and Martin, when someone shot at the car Martin and Clark were shot and killed Tegan was in the backseat and claimed to have seen nothing She didn t see the who the shooter was or what they were wearing The police think that she is just afraid to tell them what she saw, so they interrogate her over and over In school, her classmates and teachers treat her differently They will stare at her as [...]

Marissa Hanneman

Personal Response I personally liked this book because it made you have to think in between the lines and was a mystery However, I didn t like it because it kept dragging on the same subject, the author could have made it a bit interesting I like how it was formatted, it kept switching off between scenes and characters in the book Plot There was this girl named Tegan with her two best friends Martin and Clark They did almost everything together including smoking weed and partying Martin wanted [...]

Sydney Bartel

Personal Response I thought that this book was okay It was very slow moving and was written really weird I was confused as to why they kept referring to a camera throughout the story and why they had it written like it was a movie script I thought it was interesting to see who actually murdered the main character s friends, but otherwise this story was slow moving.Plot This book was about two sisters named Tegan and Kelly Tegan had witnessed her two best friends get shot in a car while she was i [...]

Harley Graham

Plot The plot of this book is always telling the truth Tegan is one of the main characters in this book, she witnessed her to best friends, Clark and Martin, being murdered No one really knows whether she is telling the truth or not, she said she is but no one believes her Throughout the book she tells cops, parents, family members, siblings, friends, enemies, school faculty, and students she was telling the truth be still no one believed her.Personal response I enjoyed this book because it was [...]

Ash McKenna

I d been wanting to read this for a while, and once I d read the first few chapters I decided I d read the whole thing The premise was perfect for me, but that was all this book had going for it, in my opinion I didn t like it I actually read it all in one setting, so there was something good about it perhaps the script part But, honestly, it didn t jump out of me.I felt like it had so much potential that hadn t been addressed properly It needed fleshier characters, background, everything real [...]


Norah McClintock is the reigning queen of YA mystery in Canada This book is a pretty good addition to the genre Tegan is a high school party girl and after midterms finds herself in the back seat of a car while her two best friends are gunned down in front of her eyes But, perhaps notTegan insists that she did not see anything But no one will believe her the police, the parents of the victims, her own sister and mother, her friends and non friends at school who declare her invisible, a non entit [...]


I did enjoy the way the dialogue was set up with the script thing That was interesting But what bothered me was that there was almost no suspense It was basically a book where you get to watch two girls wallow around in the aftermath of something and eventually figure out what the hell is going on Not a book I will remember, not one that changed anything about my life or how I think, not one that provoked any thought.

Rylie Clark

Plot summaryKelly and Tegan are sisters that are total opposites Kelly would rather stay at home with a couple close friends or a book, and Tegan would rather go out and party with her friends One night Tegan was out with two of her guy friends, and her friends got shot Tegan claims she didn t see the killer, but everyone doubts her, and thinks she isn t telling anyone to protect herself She becomes an outcast around the school and is desperate to stop the hate she s getting from the people at s [...]


Tegan was in the back seat when her two best friends, Clark and Martin, were shot and killed It all happened so fast she saw nothing But no one believes her, not their families, her friends, or even her sister Kelly Kelly actually isn t sure what to believe Tegan can be a drama queen and Martin was going to ask Kelly out Tegan had a big crush on him Could she be holding something back Everyone else thinks so, even the police So Tegan decides to take matters into her own hands and lay a trap for [...]


Overall, this was a pretty good book It did get boring at certain points because the main character, Tegan, kept saying the same things over and over again Tegan was in the backseat of a car when her two best friends were killed in the front seats Nobody knows who the murderer is, not even Tegan, but nobody believes her Not even her sister, Anna, or even her own mother I really liked this book because it was a mixture of romance, mystery and drug abuse all in one This book has taught me great le [...]


I really liked this book it was very mysterious, but also kind of sad I totally recommend this book, I would have to say it is one of my favorites I kinda wish it wouldn t be so confusing but this would be for mature people to read There is also some bad language but it goes with the story.

Diamond Wray

it was a great book and nit kept me guessing and gasping no spoilers

Breanna A

The book she said she saw by Norah McClintock, is actually a pretty good book because its about a girl who has this normal teenage life in high school until one night it all changes.Tegan, was the teenage girl where she was living an everyday teenage life just going to school and hanging with friends and parties on the weekends here and there But that all changed one night when she was basically at the wrong place at the wrong time At a party full of drunks and people getting high While Tegan wa [...]


Disclaimer I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.My Summary Tegan and Kelly are sisters Born in the same year, the girls are often referred to as the Twins in reality, they couldn t be different Tegan is popular and a gifted student, while Kelly is not Tegan likes to party, while Kelly won t go near any of the stuff her sister dabbles with Neither sister is particularly fond of the otherBut when word gets out that Tegan was in the backseat of thei [...]


The premise to She Said She Saw is what originally drew me to the book, so I was a little disappointed by how soon you figure out whether or not Tegan saw anything I won t spoil that part of the story for you here, but I do think it impacts the novel, since knowing this information takes much of the suspense out of the plot.I enjoyed how the novel is told in alternating points of view between Tegan and her sister Kelly, something I wasn t aware of before starting the book I thought that was a ve [...]

Erin Laidley

The dual POVs in She Said She Saw are represented in quite an interesting manner Kelley s narration is presented in the form of a screenplay, and Tegan s narration is presented in the typical novel format These alternating perspectives also create a complete picture of the crime and its effects on the community, and also paint Tegan as an unreliable narrator.Tegan and Kelly weren t the easiest characters to like I sympathized with their situations, but the way that they treated one another was [...]


The sisters viewed their life in different ways Kelly s point of view is written as if it s a movie script and Tegan s point of view is just her narrating These two girls are often referred to as twins just because they were born in the same year , even though they are nothing alike Tegan is the girl who likes to party and does drugs while Kelly is the girl that doesn t want to be involved with any of that So when Tegan witnesses her friends being shot dead, rumours start flying that the only re [...]


The way this story is represented is rather interesting When it s Kelly s point of view, it s written as if it s a screenplay With Tegan, it s just through her perspective and her narration It s different although it took a bit to get used to Kelly s style I felt for Tegan, although she got a little tiresome at times I thought the way she was treated at school was horrible, and Kelly wasn t really much help either You can certainly feel the isolation and the feeling of being ostracized when Tega [...]

Jaelyn Reeck

Personal Response I really enjoyed this book, although it was kind of confusing at some points It was a very interesting book and kept me wanting every time I closed it This book was very good,and once i started reading it, and getting farther into it, i could not out it down.Plot Summary This book was about a girl who had witnessed a murder of her two really close friends She was in the back seat of the car when the gunman had walked up to the drivers side window and shot Martin, the guy in th [...]

Leeah George

One night, while in the backseat of her best bud but potential boyfriend Martin s car, Martin and their friend Clark are shot dead in front of her What did Tegen see that night Is it possible that she s telling the truth and she honestly didn t see what happened, or is there to the story that she s not telling What Tegen said vs what she saw makes up the title of this book, and it s the basis for the mystery I picked this book because the first book I read from this author was Taken It was supe [...]

Star Frasier

personal response I loved this book she said she saw, because of the crime and mystery that is in this book.Plot This book started out with a girl named Tegan being at a party with two her friends Then she found out that one of the boys their had liked her Later when they where getting ready to leave there was a shooting and two of the boys at the party had died Next the police questioned Tegan on what she saw and her answer was always nothing then her sister Kelly kept trying to figure out what [...]


She Said She Saw is a book about two sisters, Kelly and Tegan, and what happens after Tegan s two friends are shot in a car with her in the backseat The book is written in alternating POVs, Tegan s in a traditional novel format, and Kelly s are written as movie scripts The movie script chapters did take some time to get used to and were annoying at first, but I did get used to them after a while.Even though Kelly spent some of her parts complaining about her sister, I found that Kelley was the [...]

Kristen Osborne

I have no idea why the average rating is only 3.32 because I loved this book Absolutely loved it It was a really great story that kept me intrigued the entire time i felt really stupid when I found out who did it because it was so obvious, yet I thought it was so unexpected, probably because I m stupid Just kidding, but I felt stupid after I read this Anyway, the writing is pretty good I loved how the Kelly part was written in screenplay I dont know a lot about screenplay, but I think it was wri [...]

Kelsy Ketchum

I had a lot of issues with She Said She Saw Although the story idea was interesting and the mystery was compelling, I wanted to kill every single character Tegan and Kelly were mean to each other, and even though they were siblings, it seemed like they despised each other Also, the fact that every single person in the novel decided to yell at Tegan and tell her she was wrong when she was the only witness to the crime was infuriating I didn t find any redeeming qualities in most of the main chara [...]


I thought this book was a very exciting out standing book It got so bad that it was hard to but it down after i started reading it What i thought was most surprising was that Tegans little sitter knew who the killer was the whole time she just didn t know it It must be hard to realize that your two best friends are gone after spending so much time with them and knowing that they could be out of your life so fast.And the pain and suffering she was going through with people asking her left and rig [...]


I got this book for free through LibraryThing s early reviewers program.A decent enough murder mystery, told partly in the increasingly popular cinematic style, with two narrators Tegan was in the backseat of a car and her two friends were in the front seat when someone shot them to death She swears she saw nothing and knows nothing, but no one believes her not even her sister, Kelly, who is the second narrator in the story There are your requisite twists and turns and red herrings and so on, an [...]


She Said She Saw is my first Norah McClintock novel, but I am now confident it will not be my last This book had a great mystery to it, and the storyline was very interesting.About three quarters through the book, I figured out who comitted the crime very easily However, I m okay with that, because the majority of the novel was very suspenseful for me It s kind of hard to adjust to Kelly s narrative type, but I think it s very interesting, and so I was willing to put up with it until I got used [...]

Rachel Seigel

This was a really interesting and riveting read What did Tegen see, and is she hiding something I especially liked the way Tegen s sister Kelly s perspective was written as a film The proverbial camera exposes a great deal, and the alternating perspectives form a complete picture This is also an excellent example of the unreliable narrator, as readers don t really know until the end what Tegaen knows The only part that bothered me was the ending, and how neatly tied up it was It felt like the a [...]

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